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Pennsylvania’s Budget Struggle-Lost Cause-A Letter to The Erie Times-News

Posted by M. C. Fox on October 22, 2017

Pennsylvania’s great hope Governor Wolf remains hopelessly hogtied by the legislature. His plan is to borrow against PA agencies and property. This just adds red to the PA balance sheet. What about next year when PA is in the same position?

People and business are leaving PA in droves due to an unfriendly business climate that includes taxes and regulation. There is a great rib place in Geneva Ohio that cooks ribs outdoors on grills. They told us PA regs would not allow them to cook on a grill. Who else has the legal backing to strong arm kids running the black market lemonade and hot dog stands?

Washington and Harrisburg are too big, too imposing, too expensive. They need to get out of businesses that they have turned into disasters, like healthcare.

The only solution is to make government smaller. That is not in the interests of legislatures and employees. There are too many entities that thrive on taxpayer wallets. That is why they fear people with viable solutions such as Ron Paul, Walter Block and other Libertarians and call them crazy.

Our current form of government is far too corrupt to save itself (apart from the deep state) let alone the citizenry.

I see bankruptcy, federal taxpayer funded bailout, reneging on debt and pensions in PA’s future. Get ready.

Be seeing you


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