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BUSTED: New reports shows FBI hacked computers in Russia, China and Iran

Posted by M. C. on November 10, 2017

I am sure it was an accident. I am sure the FIB stopped when they discovered their ‘error’.

I mean really, ‘they’ are the bad guys, we are the good guys. We don’t do bad things…although we will overthrow your government if you don’t do as you are told.

While running an investigation into a global child pornography network, the FBI blindly hacked into computers in Russia, China and Iran.

The Daily Beast reports…

During a hacking operation in which U.S. authorities broke into thousands of computers around the world to investigate child pornography, the FBI hacked a number of targets in Russia, China, and Iran, The Daily Beast has learned.

The news signals the bold future of policing on the so-called dark web, where investigators are increasingly deploying malware without first knowing which country their suspect is located in. Legal experts and commentators say the approach of blindly kicking down digital doors in countries not allied with the U.S. could lead to geopolitical fallout.

According to Zerohedge, the case centers around the FBI’s 2015 Operation Pacifier investigation into a website called Playpen.

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