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2017 Was a Banner Year for the Arms Industry – Original

Posted by M. C. on December 21, 2017

Every day is Christmas at the pentagram! It makes sure of that!

When all that armament ends up in “enemy” hands it will just keeping arms trade pot stirred.

Drugs, poverty, terrorism-it is no accident all our wars just keep on going.

Half of Pentagon spending goes to contractors, the military budget is set to skyrocket, and the Trump administration is peddling arms all over the world

$110 billion from Saudi Arabia, $2.4 billion from austerity-ravaged Greece, $1.4 billion from Taiwan – all these deals have been set in motion by the Trump White House. Even if they’re not completely fulfilled, as can often be the case in such an opaque and unpredictable market, the financial outlook for America’s arms companies will keep making other (less lethal) industries look like mom-and-pop stores.

“Last time I checked they were on our side”

But the real victory is political. One voice at the top of the Pentagon is, in the long run, far more valuable than a big, new F-35 contract – and this is where President Trump has been so useful to the makers and sellers of weapons.

Well before the Thanksgiving break, the Senate had already confirmed that the new No.2 at the Pentagon will come from the executive council of Boeing; and the new Army undersecretary from the vice presidency of Lockheed Martins F-35 sustainment program.

The new undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics – a central role in deciding what the Pentagon purchases and from whom –comes from the very top job at Textron Systems, the 16th largest arms company in the world. On November 15, Raytheon didn’t miss out on the action, with its vice president of governmental relations confirmed as Army Secretary…

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2 Responses to “2017 Was a Banner Year for the Arms Industry – Original”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    Depressing post, even to me here in Florida.

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