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How Uncle Sam Hosed Gun Retailers – Bearing Arms

Posted by M. C. on December 21, 2017

If the government is incompetent or purposefully negligent, tough.  But if you get can’t drive your un-inspected car because of the grand it would cost for sensors and a catalytic converter, that is your problem.  To quote Mel Brooks-It’s great to be king.

Gun stores have a difficult job. While it sounds like a heck of an awesome way to make a living, surrounded by firearms, but that’s before you take into account the reams of paperwork required by the federal government just to be legal. One screw up can have some nasty ramifications on your livelihood and possibly your freedom.

To make matters worse, however, is that the same federal government can screw your business over just by not doing anything….

Here’s the kicker, though. You know who will get in trouble for this? No one. Not a soul.

One retailer alone lost out on $70,000 in sales. It doesn’t take long before you’re talking millions in lost revenue for just a two-day outage.  Now, I get that these are gross receipts we’re talking about here, rather than what goes in the dealers’ pockets, but even so, I don’t imagine too many are able to just shrug off $70,000 in lost sales.

But no one in the government seems inclined to step up and try and make sure business have the means to operate in accordance with the law.


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