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Posted by M. C. on December 27, 2017

Chronicles magazine gives The House of Saud a one-two punch.


(Two is Taki’s column “Throw in the Towel” which is subscription blocked. I sent my paper edition payment in late so I am “suspended” and can’t offer a cut and paste nor URL but I will offer the last line) “Uncle Sam should be ashamed of himself. To be allied with such scum makes us all look pretty scummy.”

When a massive clan, galvanized by Sunni/Wahhabi Islam and asabiyyah (cohesive loyalty), gains control of the world’s second-largest oil reserves, you get the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Today, the Kingdom is a bloated welfare state whose population includes 5,000 “princes” who consume (according to Barron’s) up to $50 billion per year enjoying ridiculously opulent lifestyles; a class of wealthy “noble” families loyal to the “royals” (e.g,, the late Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, multibillionaire Saudi construction magnate and father of 56 children, including the late Osama); and some 20 million Saudi nationals, two thirds of whom work for the government and are, to varying degrees, on the royal dole…

Meanwhile, MBS is hanging his rivals by their heels at the Ritz (literally, in the case of “Prince” Alwaleed bin Talal, billionaire playboy who “owns major stakes in Twitter and Citigroup,” according to CNBC), until the coins fall out of their thobes.  Insiders have accused MBS of using U.S.-based Blackwater contractors (famous for their clandestine killings in Iraq) to shake the princes down, according to the British press, although Blackwater denies this, on account of the fact that it is now called Academi, and Academi merely provides training services to its paying customers.  Reportedly, at least one prince has already coughed up a billion bucks, to purchase his freedom.

American foreign policy has degenerated into a bettor’s game of picking ponies at the track, and “Iron Prince” Salman, age 32, is our pony.  Yes, a blood-thirsty Arab Wahhabi Muslim is Our Guy.  Why?

Oil, of course is an obvious answer…

But again, our “friend” Prince MBS is running low on funds, and he knows that business-as-usual in the Kingdom is unsustainable.  With that in mind, he is accelerating the process of “Saudization” (Nitaqat), which seeks to replace the foreign nationals (including a large group of Filipinos, thought to be clandestine Christians) who dominate the Kingdom’s languishing private sector with native-born Saudis.  Saudization has been a goal of the “royals” for some time, because social welfarism bleeds their coffers, but Prince MBS is kicking the program into high gear, raising quotas for Saudis in various private-sector fields.  Thus, before we nominate Salman for a Nobel Peace Prize for liberating women in their automotive capacity, we must consider that allowing Saudi women to drive means allowing Saudi women to drive to work, at the jobs now being opened to them under Saudization.  It is evidence not of liberalism but of the Kingdom’s plan to Make Arabia Great Again…

At minimum there is one thing we ought to be willing to admit, no matter what it costs us: It is wrong to support and befriend a prince who bombs civilians, starves infants, and would crucify one of his own people for becoming a Christian.

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