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At Least 1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Shooting at Douglas HS

Posted by M. C. on February 14, 2018

Update:  Another FBI Epic Fail – If this is the best we have, we are cooked.

This was handed to the government on a silver platter and they blew it. Everyone from the janitor to the FIB knew Nikolas Cruz was time bomb.

Too much DOJ time spent entrapping half-wit Muslims, worshiping Hillary, keeping their boss out of jail and meeting with husbands of presidential candidates under possible indictment. Crooked as a dog’s hind leg and people are made to suffer.

What is different now from the the early 70’s when we could drive to school and leave rifles and shotguns in the trunk to hunt before or after school?

The comments tell the story.

A suspect is in custody after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, left at least one person dead and multiple people injured Wednesday afternoon…

Rebecca Forbes Hammonds · 

Works at At Home

My daughter’s school here in GA has 4 sheriffs in each high school in this county. And there are others that rotate days with those 4. They have their own office with tinted windows right when you walk into the school. So their presence is known.

We STILL get notices and automated calls about bomb threats and incidents where students bring weapons to school. Every week there is a student being arrested for threatening to shoot or harm in some way or another. There are fights daily. Unfortunately there is no fool proof way to guard against this. My daughter’s school has right around 2500 students and so do the other 3 high schools in the county.

I just heard the superintendent of Broward county schools say there are SEVERAL fatalities. I fear for my daughter every day when she leaves the house. It’s bad enough we as parents have to worry about so much with keeping our children safe. This is just another issue to worry about. So sad. 😦

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Russel Messick

The hollywood liberals with their violent movies and tech Cos with thier violent vidoe games are producing those wtih a screw loose to possilby become violent and kill. Too much violence in movies. People should boycot violent movies.
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William Brauer · 

Works at Retired
Why would federal ATF be involved? Why do we even need an ATF in the first place. Why not consolidate with the FBI?
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Allen G. Caballero

Where are all the hundreds of cell phone video footage of the mayham? Over 3k students, and no footage of the “actual” event?
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Sean Atkins · 

Glad the gun free school zone laws work so well.
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Russel Messick

In CA teacher are restricted from even posssing pepper spray to protect themselves or their students. I have one teacher friends who had a student brake his arm and another their finger.
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Rocco Gugliotti · 

This never happened in the 1950’s. What has changed?
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Palin Smith · 

Liberalism is a mental disorder.
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Scot Michael Walker

Psych meds and $4 billion a year in Big Pharma ad buys so no media outlet will talk about it.
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Art Leinen

The break down of the family…
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Steve L Hampton · 

The guy is in custody, the cops screwed up.
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Brent Crandll

I hate how the Senator plays it up trying to make it a lot worse than it already is. Seriously? – Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., told MSNBC just before 4 p.m. that “there were a number of fatalities,” How about we start getting our facts together before we start reporting on everything? I would hate to be the parent to hear that. An honest politician.. yeah right. Like finding a rattle snake that won’t bite you. Sure, you can hear the lies as he rattles on, but the poison of what was said spreads.
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Ron K Martin · 

Bill Nelson was the walking dead back in 1988 when I ran against him. Blame Floridians who keep returning this empty-suit zombie to congress. It’s easier to understand why we have miscreants like Nelson and Obama than understand those who vote for such as these.
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James Hammond · 

Of Course. All teachers m ust teach with a ruler in their right hands and an uzi in their left. After all cops are well armed and are well trained and they never get shot right ?
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Joe Carter · 

have you ever seen pictures of Israeli teachers? They are armed, best pics come from when they take elementry kids on field trips and they have M1 carbine slung on their backs
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Robert Stephens · 

Joe Carter Maybe you should explain yourself a little better than a blanket statement like that. You have some inside info that no one else has?
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William Frank

There has always been a percentage of of the population that is loony tunes. As the population has grown and grown, so has the number of loonies who are willing and capable of committing such crimes. This is not going to get better. Society is on a downward gradient and eventually Jesus will return to set things right. Until then, everything prophesied in the Bible will take place. No one will ever make a liar of God. So study your Bible and watch for the signs. It’s going to become a rough ride for those of that last generation.
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Donald Hanson · 

One of the issues is every crazy who comes along wants to out do the last crazy.
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David Grimes · 

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it’s sure a good thing this was a gun free zone. Otherwise someone might have gotten hurt.

For about the bazillionth time – there is one way, and ONLY one way to stop a bad guy with a gun and that is a good guy with a gun.

My heart goes out to the parents of these kids, it really does.

But this blood is NOT on my hands.

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Scott Book

The only thing I know for certain is that Politics on Gun Control will dominate the news coverage.
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Ginger Ludtke

I was just reading about a teacher charged with assault for making a kid stand for the pledge of alligence. No morals, no devotion to country, no God and these kids aren’t even sure what their gender is! Anyone wonder why they snap and do evil things like this?? Arm all school staff and start teaching the kids basic values and respect like we were taught- this liberal crap isn’t working!
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Joel Harmon · 

Dollars to donuts he and/or his parents are snowflake Democrats, like most criminals…

Be seeing you

prison bars




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