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Pentagon Admits Billions of US Dollars Disappeared in Afghanistan

Posted by M. C. on March 29, 2018

95,000 vehicles! How much of this ended up in Al Qaeda and ISIS hands?  How much armament was “lost” (to Al Qaeda and ISIS)? On purpose depending the enemy du jour (Syria, Iran, the wrong variety Kurds).

How can you lose track of 95,000 vehicles without it being part of the plan? We always leave equipment in place for use by our “friends”. This makes it easier to come back when plans go haywire, which they usually do.

If the Afghan military is anything like the Iraqi military most of the recruits bail with their weapons and sell them or take their equipment and training and join ISIS.

Are you getting an inkling on why Afghanistan is worse than when we started after 15 years? If they only hadn’t attacked US…oh wait…they didn’t. If Iraq hadn’t…oh ya…they didn’t attack US either.

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A new report from the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD IG) exposes even more fraud, waste and/or corruption in America’s ongoing war in Afghanistan. This latest report reveals that more than $3.1 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds provided to the Afghan Armed Forces from 2014 through 2017 was grossly mismanaged.

According to the DoD IG, U.S. military leaders overseeing operations in Afghanistan “failed to accurately record” some 95,000 vehicles transferred to Afghan Armed Forces, along with fuel expenses and maintenance costs to keep the vehicles operational. The report issued last Wednesday was the last in a series of DoD IG audits that examined the Pentagon for “systemic challenges” in how senior officials oversee U.S. direct funding to the Afghan Armed Forces said the Military Times...

In other words, just over $3 billion may have been stolen…

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