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Watch: U.S.-Trained Afghan Air Force Drops Laser-Guided Bomb on Taliban for First Time

Posted by M. C. on March 29, 2018

The comments tell the story. Below are samples.

The military always lies about laser guided bomb success rates…come think of it the military always lies, especially to US. How many tries did it take? How many civilians died to get this one success? Is the building really a Taliban “compound” or some poor family’s (used to be) home?

The Taliban attacked US when?



      No.Spending 17 years training one pilot to drop a bomb – makes really good sense. And for only $75 billion, not counting the cost of the planes, we’re well on our way to victory. Thank God we had a lot “dumber” people back in WW2, as we didn’t have a “minute to spare”, in order to start “winning a war”. I guess the only good news we’ve learned, is that we could take a real long nap, before having to wake up and fight back against a “Muslim Military”.


    Afghanistan used to be a mix of Hindus and Buddhists living peacefully together with some Zoroastrians thrown onto the mix.
    The history of islam is the slaughter of around 100 million Hindus and we don’t know how many Buddhists and Zoroastrians they’ve murdered.


    This stopped me in my tracks. We gave them technology and training. At the end of the day, they are muslims first. I fear Afghans will either attack our military or give the technology and training to our enemies, or both.


    Does anyone else recall how we trained militants a few decades back, and then they became our enemies and used those tactics against us?

    Why the hell are we training other countries? Let them sort their own problems. If they can’t win and become a threat to us, they won’t have the training to fight back and we can bomb them back to the stone age. That’s a policy that actually makes sense, and saves money at the same time. Two birds with one stone.


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