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Violence in Gaza Today Captures the Attention of…No One | The American Conservative

Posted by M. C. on April 6, 2018

That two state solution just around the corner – NOT. Never was.


More than 1,400 have been wounded in clashes between Palestinian protesters and the Israeli military. The media has barely noticed…

Gaza today is a prison, bound to its north by Israel and its south and east by Egypt, both of which for their own reasons are conspiring to continue its penury and isolation. To the west lies the Mediterranean, deceptively open but just as impenetrable. In a faraway time Gaza was once an entrepot—a thriving seaport on the Mediterranean linking the west with the Arab heartland to the east. Its location along the hotly contested Mediterranean coast, where an abundance of natural gas has recently been discovered, is a cruel reminder of what Gaza—which the World Bank warns will be uninhabitable by 2020 if current policies continue—could be.

In recent days 17 Palestinians have been shot and killed by Israeli forces positioned along the 32-mile fortified border separating Israel from the impoverished enclave. An extraordinary 1,416 have been wounded in clashes between Palestinian protesters and the military, including 750 injured by live fire…

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon startled many when he ordered the removal of all settlements and troops from Gaza in September 2005, not least PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who never believed until Israeli forces locked the gate at the Karni crossing that Sharon would make good on his promise.

Abbas and most everyone else did not understand that Sharon was not leaving Gaza. He was unilaterally redefining Israel’s relationship with it. Israel, notwithstanding its historic 1993 deal with the PLO, remained an occupying power constrained by its international obligations to safeguard the welfare of the local population. After the Gaza disengagement, Israel unilaterally redefined Gaza as enemy territory, where the rules of war, rather than the obligations of occupation, apply. But for Israel’s retreat, the draconian restrictions on Palestinian movement, production, and commerce, the continuing “siege” on Gazans heartlessly described as a “diet” by a Sharon confidante, would have been all but impossible…

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