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Declaration against mass immigration: The Political Tide is Turning in Germany

Posted by M. C. on April 6, 2018

Instead, he said, “95 percent are coming to migrate into our welfare system.” 

No kidding! Hope springs eternal. Let’s hope things have not already gone too far.

France, UK and Belgium (EU’s lair) will take a lot longer to wake up, if ever.

Can Germany stand alone?

Against the postmodernist, multiculturalist establishment

Since September 2015 Germany has been in a weird state. It started with Chancellor Merkel’s unilateral and unconstitutional opening of borders to mostly uneducated young men from rather violent societies, without proper checks, sometimes without any checks. That state has continued unabated since then – only mitigated due to other countries further south, most notably Hungary, closing their borders very firmly. All the while crime and violence committed by migrants have risen sharply, including rapes and murders, with a few actual, deadly terror attacks mixed in for good measure…

However, despite all the funds and thuggery, and all the media support Merkel receives, the tide of public opinion is now beginning to turn in Germany.

A group of intellectuals, publicists and authors have published a declaration. Its wording is brief and to the point. And it has hit a nerve. This is what it says:

“We are increasingly disconcerted to observe how Germany is being damaged by illegal mass immigration. We express our solidarity with those who peacefully demonstrate for the restoration of the rule of law at the borders of our country.”

What is remarkable about this declaration is, first, that it implicitly demands something that until recently was taken for granted in any western nation: the rule of law and the right to peacefully demonstrate. In effect this right has almost been abolished for some people in Germany, especially those who are “increasingly disconcerted” by official German policies. In the small town of Kandel “increasingly disconcerted” people demonstrate against Merkel’s politics on a monthly basis. On December 27, a 15-year old German girl was stabbed to death there by a migrant from Afghanistan whom she had jilted, who claimed to be 15 himself but more likely was already over 20. A recent counterdemonstration was attended by the federal state governor – and by a contingent of antifa thugs…

But the most remarkable development is this: the declaration did not get shouted down by the media. There was an early sign that the tide was turning, shortly before the declaration was published. Uwe Tellkamp, a novelist, claimed in a public panel discussion in Dresden in early March that most of the recent migrants are not refugees from war and persecution. Instead, he said, “95 percent are coming to migrate into our welfare system.”

Be seeing you

be seeing you


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