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Slavery: The Inconvenient Truth – Taki’s Magazine

Posted by M. C. on April 16, 2018

This all brings me to the exposé recently aired by CNN on the modern-day slave trade that appears to be running out of Libya.

You remember Libya, the land that Hillary freed.

by Hannes Wessels

As a father of two impressionable teenage girls, I am having a tough and at times frustrating time trying to undo the damage done at school in the course of their history studies, where they seem to be learning little about European civilization other than that we “palefaces” should be remembered primarily as the masters of the slave trade and as avaricious colonialists who enjoyed being beastly brutes making life miserable for Africans.

They are not told that a form of indentured labor that would be classified as slavery in any European country is widely prevalent in South Asia, especially in India, to this day. They are also not told that virtually every dominant society in history has at one time or another compelled people to work under conditions of slavery.

Also, nothing taught about the fact that in the 17th and 18th centuries, hundreds of thousands of Europeans were shipped to America against their will and into forced labor. Waifs and strays were swept off the streets of London and shipped to the tobacco fields of the Carolinas. White convicts were paraded for sale like cattle, and prostitutes were dragged from their brothels and shipped west against their will. Hundreds of thousands of Irishmen and -women were sold by decree to labor in the fields of America.

No mention of the fact that through the 17th century, over a million European slaves were abducted by Barbary pirates in raids on ships and coastal towns from Italy to the Netherlands and as far north as Iceland. In his book Economic Facts and Fallacies, Thomas Sowell (who is black) reports from references in the Library of Congress that more people were carried into slavery from Europe into North Africa than from Africa to North America.

Of course, when the cry for reparations goes out, there is no mention of the Arabs or anybody else who’s ever abused anyone owing anything; it’s only the “usual suspects” who must cough, because that’s just the way the modern world operates.

They are also not told that the Arabs (Muslims) were enslaving Africans long before the Europeans arrived, and that they continue to enslave Africans today. And as slaves their conditions were immeasurably harsher than those that prevailed in North America. Nothing in the textbooks about the fact that only a small percentage of the people forcibly removed from Africa ended up in what is today the USA, and that the Africans who came to America as slaves were the lucky ones who escaped the poverty, utter lawlessness, and endemic tribal wars in their homeland to be introduced to the most advanced civilization in history.

Naturally, little mention of the fact that there would have been no slave trade at all had it not been for the enthusiastic and ruthless support of African tribal chieftains who ensured a continuous supply of human merchandise was available to be loaded onto the waiting ships. Even some hardened white slavers were shaken by the brutality and savagery displayed by the Africans against one another in the competition to fill their vessels with live cargo. It should go without saying that if Africans had shown the same savage aggression in driving the slavers away, there may have been no trade at all. But the contrary was the norm; the ships were invariably welcomed…

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