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Posted by M. C. on April 22, 2018

It is OK because big pharma the government said I should.

See you in line at the Walmart pharmacy.


The body of a missing Centers for Disease Control researcher has been found.  Timothy Cunningham, 25, was last seen on February 12.  Cunningham headed up a research team with the Center For Disease Control’s Division of Population Health.  Cunningham had made claims, shortly before his disappearance, that a “catastrophic” flu shot was the cause of this year’s deadly flu epidemic that reportedly killed thousands.

Cunningham reportedly mentioned: “if something happened to him” that he wished his name to be made public.  Cunningham was a Harvard-trained epidemiologist and US Navy officer.  His body was recovered in the Chattahoochee River in NW Atlanta on April 3, over fifty days since he was reported missing.

Flu shot problems confirmed by other doctors interviewed doctors who also claimed flu shots led to patient deaths.  Dr. Daniel Neides, Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, was fired after airing his experience with flu vaccines and the illegitimacy of the CDCs advice on flu vaccination.   Dr. Neides himself suffered serious illness after he had a flu shot.  His personal report was published at linked to Dr. Neides report.  Dr. Neides’ was required to get a flu shot to keep his job.  He fell ill for two days following his vaccination.  He explains four other workers at his job site also underwent flu shots on the same day he did and also became ill.  (Click on video) Check

Alternative news source reports problem with flu vaccine, a self proclaimed “free independent news source created by people for people, not corporations,” posted a report on January 20, 2018, stating “a CDC doctor claimed that this year’s ‘catastrophic’ flu shot is likely to be responsible for the outbreak of the deadly flu epidemic currently sweeping the country.”  The Neonette report said their report was attributed to “one doctor who has chosen to remain anonymous.”  The report was aired two weeks prior to when Dr. Cunningham was reported missing.

Unusual flu-shot related deaths reported in California

On January 8, 2018 the Santa Barbara Independent reported that eight Santa Barbara County residents over age 65, all but one who had been newly vaccinated and also had received flu medications from urgent care centers, died of the flu.  That compared to three flu-related deaths in the prior year.  The H3N2 flu strain, reported to be resistant to vaccination, was cited as the primary viral component in these deaths…

Health agencies concede there was a problem

On February 22, 2018 The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota released a bulletin that claimed the World Health Organization had suddenly issued an advisory to recommend changing two of four components of quadrivalent vaccines (protects from four different strains of the flu) offered this flu season.

The CIDRAP bulletin said there was a mid-season switch, probably emanating from a mutation in the H3N2 flu virus, that resulted in “problems with poor vaccine effectiveness.”  The CIDRAP bulletin appears to confirm the vaccine had the mutation, it didn’t just happen in the population at large.

A microbiologist is quoted to say: “Unfortunately, the egg-adapted H3N2 strain problem will persist next year because the new egg-grown H3N2 vaccine virus has the same critical T160K egg mutation which lacks a key glycosylation site on the hemagglutinin protein (the “H” in H3N2).”

The microbiologist called for a comparison of egg-based versus cell-based vaccines.  This statement suggests there is a supply of flu vaccines in stock or being prepared for next flu season that will have the same deadly genetic mutation.

The CIDRAP bulletin says: “Until experts solve the H3N2 problems, protection from egg-based vaccine is better than nothing and that vaccine effectiveness with egg-based H3N2 strains this season was moderately high in the very young.”

On March 1, 2018 Medscape reported FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb had issued a news release saying he believed the “influenza A (H3N2) virus strain selected for this season’s vaccine was appropriate and that experts are working to determine why the vaccine was less effective than expected.”  That H3N2 vaccine was reported to be 25% effective…

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