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False Flags Are Real – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on April 22, 2018

This article is about false flags but seeing as today has turned into ‘why they are bashing Bashar’ day…

Evil Shia countries Iran and Syria were pretty decent places (on a Middle East scale) to live, especially for women, until introduced to Al Qaeda and ISIS by the benevolent US and Sunni/Wahabi Saudi Arabia.

The story we’re told is simple: Syrian President Bashar Assad is an evil maniac who uses poison gas on his citizens for the sheer entertainment value. As neocon think tank the Atlantic Council put it last week, when Assad gasses people, he is simply “indulging an addiction” — an addiction which he seems to have only recently acquired, given the fact that before Syria’s war began, American journalists were busy praising the “educated” and “informed” Assad and marveling at the “phenomenal” levels of peace and religious diversity within Syria.

Anyway, so intense is Assad’s newfound desire for watching Syrian babies foaming at the mouth, that he is willing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by deciding to use these weapons despite knowing it would provoke worldwide outrage and potentially a major US military effort to oust him. So, that’s the story. Assad is a monster and the world must unite to stop him…

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2 Responses to “False Flags Are Real – LewRockwell”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    I think it’s true. Our politicians have to lie every which way to cover even the losses by mistake of their predecessors, even of the other party.

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