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5 Stories You Missed While The Media Was Obsessing Over Michelle Wolf’s Speech | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on May 4, 2018

By Rachel Blevins

1. Military-industrial complex stocks crashed in response to a historic peace deal between North and South Korea…

That is why the warparty is always doing it’s thing.

2. The same people who begged for universal healthcare to save dying babies stayed silent as the UK government killed Baby Alfie…

Death panels live.

3. The police officers responsible for breaking into an innocent man’s home and shocking him with a Taser 18 times while he was in the shower, will face no charges for his death…

Let me guess, ex-military with a power complex.

4. Israeli soldiers executed three Palestinians in one day for the crime of standing too close to the Gaza border fence…

Part of the state solution Israel and…Israel.

5. Seattle has become the latest city to give a second chance to citizens who have been convicted of marijuana possession by clearing their criminal convictions…

Nullification  The only real power you have.

Be seeing you



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