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Deep Fakes Versus Deep State: What to Do When You Can’t Tell What’s Real | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on May 4, 2018

We are distracted by the things which we cannot affect, and let go of the things which we can actually control.

By Joe Jarvis

The arms race has started: deep fakes versus tech that exposes them. The only problem is that the technology that will supposedly tell us what is real and what is not… was created by DARPA.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the government agency responsible for the developing things like killer robots, artificial intelligence, swarms of tiny drones, and even experiments with mind reading technology. And those are just the projects we know about.

“Deep fakes” usually refer to videos that have been altered to make it look like someone said or did something they did not. For instance, celebrities heads have been realistically attached to porn star bodies, so that it looks like the celebrity is starring in a porn film. Videos have also been created of politicians saying ridiculous things.

But don’t worry! The U.S. government is here to save the day:

The U.S. Department of Defense is fighting back. After testing projects like driverless cars and early iterations of Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, years ahead of their release to the public, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is now taking on fake news…

“We have a mission within DARPA to invest in breakthrough technologies that prevent strategic surprise,” said David Doermann, program manager of DARPA’s new media forensics project called MediFor, “and essentially guarantee national security.”

Doermann’s team of researchers is working to create an automated tool to detect manipulations and then provide detailed information about how a photo, video or audio file was altered.

“If our adversaries are able to generate material that can spread quickly, they can generate all of this in a disinformation campaign,” Doermann warned, emphasizing that people should always be skeptical that anything they are exposed to online could be challenged in one way or another for reality.

Problem: Deep Fakes. What can we believe? Which videos are real?

Proposed Solution: DARPA tells us what is real and what is fake.

Now the question: What if DARPA tells us real stuff is fake? Or fake stuff is real? Will we ever know?

All this does is put more power in the hands of government to shape the way we see the world. The deep state would love to monopolize the technology that can analyze these videos and images and inform the public. DARPA can create their own disinformation campaigns.

The University of Maryland’s team of researchers working with DARPA developed this indication tool to flag problem spots in the video. The tool detects light levels and the direction from which the light is coming, using arrows to point out the differences and prove that the original videos where shot at different times. The indicator turns red, marking a literal red flag when the content is suspicious.

Automated tools like these have been in development for about 20 months, and will continue to be finessed through 2020, said Doermann. DARPA then hopes to work directly with Silicon Valley tech companies to implement the analytics on their platforms, identifying questionable online content in a matter of seconds.

“Really, today, nothing [online] is authentic,” said Doermann, noting that further uses for the automation could include the FBI and military, as well as court evidence, and insurance and fraud companies.

What do you think? Can you trust the technology they create, or could they manipulate the technology itself to output information that supports their own propaganda goals?…

Here’s how a bottom-up system works:

I ran a race to raise money for a private charity that supports foster kids in my county. The director and some of the kids were at the race. I’ve been to the thrift store the charity owns. I’ve donated items and bought others.

That is more important than anything I could do to change the trajectory in Syria…

Many people have been convinced that a top down system of control is necessary, proper, or inevitable. But this is the self fulfilling prophecy. We are distracted by the things which we cannot affect, and let go of the things which we can actually control.

So the best solution I see is to care less about whether that video was deep faked and to care less about the information controlled by the deep state.

If individuals build a foundation of truth, peace, and prosperity in their actual physical day to day lives, this will reverberate to the highest structures of society.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

Be seeing you



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