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Bye, Boris – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 10, 2018

Boris is right about UK becoming a colony. Whether it is the EU that would be in charge is another question.


The other knife problem

Sputnik News

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson revealed the root of his dispute with Prime Minister Theresa May on the terms of Brexit, which led to his resignation.

Speaking shortly after his resignation from the UK government, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson slammed the current approach to the Brexit negotiations with the EU, underlining that “we have postponed crucial decisions, including the preparations for no-deal Brexit”. He stressed that the succession process should be more dynamic and nimble.

“We are truly headed for the status of a colony — and many will struggle to see the economic or political advantage of that particular arrangement,” Johnson said in a resignation statement.

The former top British diplomat stressed that in the current situation the “Brexit dream was dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt”, explaining that the ability to diverge from the EU rules has been taken off the table…

Johnson’s resignation will surely add further fuel to speculation he may be planning a leadership bid, even though Conservative MPs of any stance are yet to publicly call for May’s resignation and/or a leadership election — he told his fellow cabinet ministers last week May’s Brexit proposals amounted to “polishing a turd”. However, the likelihood of him winning an election among MPs may not be very high — while 129 Conservative MPs (51 percent of the parliamentary party) supported ‘leave’ in the June 2016 referendum, many have reservations about Johnson’s hard Brexit vision. Moreover, while Johnson remains very popular with rank and file party members, a leadership contest necessitates a vote of confidence, and May is reportedly willing to fight such a contest….

Be seeing you

That close

Missed Brexit by that much…


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