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Gun Owners Should Fear the Deep State – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on August 13, 2018


Unfortunately, the deep state could increasingly focus on gun owners in the coming years. The number of Americans who are violating firearm laws and regulations is increasing by tens or hundreds of thousands almost every year. This is not the result of a violent crime wave, but because politicians are continually criminalizing the possession of items that were previously legally owned.

Five years ago, the Connecticut legislature decreed that all owners of so-called “assault weapons” (which included any semi-automatic rifle with a pistol grip) must register their firearms. Perhaps as few as 15 percent of gun owners bothered to comply with the new law—meaning that Connecticut had up to 100,000 “criminals” living within its border. A 2016 Albany Times Union editorial lamented that 96 percent of roughly 1 million New Yorkers who owned so-called “assault weapons” failed to comply with registration requirements. California gun bans have been met with similar, massive non-compliance. Undeterred, local governments have begun jumping on the bandwagon. Deerfield, Ill., recently decreed a $1,000-a-day penalty on anyone who fails to surrender or disable their semi-automatic firearms with cosmetic features that frighten politicians and editorial writers…

Politicians have long relied on the secrecy of deep-state agencies to carry out campaigns intended to undermine the Second Amendment. After the 2014 showdown at a Nevada ranch, the FBI created a bogus independent film crew that spent a year hounding and videotaping the Bundy family and their supporters to gin up federal charges. Last January, a federal judge dismissed the case against the Bundys, in part because of pervasive FBI lying (including three years of denials that an FBI sniper team was deployed near the Bundys’ home). But the FBI suffered no penalty, and there is no reason to expect the agency will not try the phony film crew gambit again…

Some gun owners might assume that their patriotism exempts them from mistrust by government officials. But Second Amendment advocates have been vilified thanks to the 70-plus Fusion Centers bankrolled by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), purportedly to track terrorist threats. To justify their existence, Fusion Centers concoct expansive definitions of suspicious activities. They have attached the “extremist” or potential terrorist tag to gun rights activists; individuals and groups “rejecting federal ice authority in favor of state or local authority” (even though many of the Founding Fathers shared the same creed); and people who were “reverent of individual liberty.”…

The proliferation of anti-gun laws and regulations in recent years has strewn the nation with tripwires for firearm owners. DHS has given local and state governments more than $50 million to purchase license plate readers for police cars. John Filippidis was driving with his family through Maryland when he was pulled over by a Maryland transportation policeman outside a Baltimore tunnel. The policeman ordered Filippidis out of his car and angrily demanded to know where his gun was. Filippidis has a Right-to-Carry (RTC) permit from Florida—where he had left his firearm. Police spent hours questioning him and searching his minivan before permitting him to move on, leaving his wife and daughters utterly distraught. Maryland police have targeted and rigorously searched other out-of-state drivers with RTC permits (which Maryland does not recognize). Federal grants enabled Maryland to equip hundreds of police cars with license plate scanners that create almost 100 million records per year detailing exactly where and when each vehicle travels…

Some gun owners believe the deep state poses no peril to them because they are entitled to due process, a presumption of innocence and other constitutional rights. But such assurances can quickly become mirages when many politicians portray every privately owned firearm as a massacre in waiting. Many liberals will champion any “show us the gun and we’ll find a crime” crackdown.

“Those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear” is an old saying designed to breed docility. But gun owners can afford to accept this adage less now than ever before. The deep state stands ready to exploit the rising tide of laws that turn gun owners into criminals who can be destroyed for political and bureaucratic profit.

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