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Trump Gives GM Ultimatum: Reopen Closed Lordstown, Ohio, Plant

Posted by M. C. on March 18, 2019

“This country has done a lot for General Motors…

What about when Obama instigated government oversight of GM to stave off bankruptcy? A great lot of good that has done. Obama strong armed GM into selling the sales disaster that was the Volt.

GM has been digging their own grave for years. Government jumped in along side with a bigger shovel.

GM’s isn’t selling much beyond low mileage pickups. Aren’t those bad for us?

Keeping costs high will not help.

by John Binder

President Donald Trump this weekend called out multinational corporation General Motors (GM) for closing its first of four U.S. assembly plants it expects to shutter this year, urging GM CEO Mary Barra to quickly reopen the plant.

Trump called out the automaker and Barra for laying off thousands of American workers and the recent closing of the Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant.

This year, GM announced it would stop production at four of its U.S. plants, including Detroit-Hamtramck and Warren Transmission in Michigan, Lordstown Assembly in Ohio, and Baltimore Operations in Maryland. Trump initially blasted the decision, saying, “This country has done a lot for General Motors. They better get back to Ohio and soon.”

The production closures come after GM laid off about 1,500 American workers in Lordstown in 2018, while their Mexico production remains unaffected and production in China ramps up.

At the beginning of this year, GM executives began laying off 14,700 workers in the United States and Canada, with the majority of the layoffs concentrated in Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Georgia, and Texas, including at least 3,300 American factory workers….

Be seeing you

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Should these numbers be per DAY?


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