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Boris: May’s Deal Does Not Deliver Brexit, ‘We Simply Become Non-Voting Members’ of EU

Posted by M. C. on March 18, 2019


May will put off Brexit as long as possible. Life is easy (and likely profitable) when Brussels tells you how to run your country.

They may as well have Prince Charles running the Brexit show.

This looks like one of those “we won’t know what’s in the bill until we pass it” deals.

by Jack Montgomery

Backbench heavyweight Boris Johnson has all but confirmed he will vote against Theresa May’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement again if she puts it to MPs for a third time — with ministers signalling she may abandon “Meaningful Vote 3” if it looks certain she cannot win it.

Writing in the Telegraph newspaper, the Brexiteer and perennial leadership contender said he had asked his constituency association if he should back Mrs May’s deal — which he has previously complained would reduce Britain to the status of an EU “colony” or “vassal state” — in order to make sure Brexit gets over the line in some form, rather than risk a Remain Parliament delaying it at length or cancelling it altogether.

He reported that local members were in “near unanimity” in agreeing that he should not compromise, however, because they understand that “if Parliament agrees this deal, we do not, in fact, properly leave the EU on March 29th.”

“We simply become non-voting members… we do not then take back control of our laws. We do not take back control of our trade policy. Even our immigration policy will be in flux,” he explained.

“Every single important issue is still up for negotiation; and whether by accident or design, the UK will enter the second phase of the talks – if this deal goes through – in a position of almost unbearable weakness.

“We will have handed over huge sums of taxpayers’ money (far more than was necessary) for nothing in return.”

It is true that Mrs May’s deal does not settle a new relationship with the EU, but merely purchases a “transition” period in which Britain would for all practical purposes remain a full member of the bloc, minus its voting rights — with the contentious “backstop” to come into force at the end of it if an alternative cannot be agreed, and the British government powerless to end it unilaterally…

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