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Meddling-Forest/Trees. Show Trial Epic Fail.

Posted by M. C. on March 24, 2019

Two years and likely half a billion dollars later-no Russia collusion indictments.

You would have thought the FIB, NSA, CIA would have said something to someone. Unless they were part of the oh so obvious coup attempt.

If Russia hacked

What indictments that were issued were for lying to congress and other common as dirt Washington activities.

Governments have been meddling with other government as long as there have been governments. Hillary admitted Russian election interference. Hillary had Libya’s Qaddafi overthrown and assassinated turning Libya into a human trafficking depot. She “meddled” in Ukraine government turning it into a neo-Nazi fatherland.

Bubba turned Kosovo into Christian free drug and human organ trade center.

Bush II – Iraq II

Bush I – Iraq I and was CIA chief

Reagan in Central America and Iran

Johnson in Vietnam

Ad nauseum

Now the US is trying to depose an elected president and bragging about regime change in Venezuela with US military help.

Yet Mueller can’t find any meddlers! Former head of the FIB!

FDR’s Uncle Joe. He knew how to find meddlers and put on a show trial.

Be seeing you

Show Trials and the Great Purges - Olivia White History 12


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