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Posted by M. C. on April 27, 2020


It is becoming increasingly evident that the lockdowns are an over-reaction and a power grab by power hungry and sociopathic authorities not being kept in check.

Henry David Thoreau writes “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

As if channeling the spirit of the man who wrote the book on civil disobedience, corona disobedience is on the rise.

Idaho Parents Are Still Taking Their Kids To Parks

Sara Brady, a mother at a local park, wasn’t interested in being pushed around over an illegal and illogical order. Local police trying to control the situation arrested her in a Meridian, Idaho park.

“Police said they made several attempts to get Brady to follow the rules and she refused to comply.” The Rosa Parks of the park can be heard saying to someone “Get Idaho Freedom Foundation on the phone,” as she’s being cuffed, a testimonial to what a recognized advocate for freedom that group must be.

Rather than back down to the thugs, many others in the park stood up for Brady, as can be seen on video footage from the arrest.

Rather than going home to cower after the police provocation, 100 people went to City Hall to protest the shameful arrest.

For those curious to hear the other side of the story, directly from the horse’s mouth, the Meridian City Hall phone number is (208) 888-4433, the mayor’s office is (208) 489-0529, and police department non-emergency is (208) 888-6678.

The most important protests are when people go about living life as they see fit.

Also in Idaho, Christa Thompson of Rathdrum, thought so little of the Governor’s stay at home order that she held a yard sale. Her customers felt the same way. Thomson thought so little of the police who stopped by that she kept having a yard sale for an entire week. She even posted ads for it on Craigslist. Sounds like there are lots of free people in Idaho.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Skaters in San Clemente, California were so defiantly using a local skate park during the lockdown, and in such large numbers, that police had to constantly patrol, which had little impact.

The police came through, everyone cleared out, then soon the same group returned or another group arrived. As government is prone to do, rather than coming to grips with the reality of how free people behave, the powers that be dug into their position and tried to leverage their power rather than their sense of reason.

The city covered the skate park with 37 tons of sand to make it impossible to skate on.

Undeterred in their defiance, skaters took to using the newly created “beach” for lounging and drinking ice-cold Corona beers. The skating had stopped, but authorities had been foiled.

But the defiance didn’t stop there.

Dirt bikers in San Clemente took it a step further. The jumps, rails, and half pipes of the skate park that was now covered in sand made it a great place to also ride a dirt bike.

Ohio Bridal Shop Owner Wants to Re-Open, Sues Government

A Columbus bridal shop owner, Tanya Rutner Hartman, has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, challenging on constitutional grounds her orders closing “non-essential” businesses because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hartman is being represented by attorneys from the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, an organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of Ohioans.

I’ve written a not-yet-published piece outlining how to sue your governor. Email me if this is something that would interest you to have.

Thank You To the Alabama Business Owners Showing Bravery And Never Closing Down

Arizona sheriff candidate and LRC columnist David Hathaway defines all businesses as essential by virtue of existing.

An LRC reader tells the story of an Alabama store owner that never closed down and how that store owner’s strength has been contagious. The entire epistle is worth a read, but this is my favorite part:

“It may not seem like much but seeing this man named Paul out there every day in defiance has given me the strength to persevere with my f— authority attitude when everyone else is cowering in their homes. I just want to recognize his strength publicly.”

Fellow LRC Readers Resisting

One reader recounts the joy of resisting by calling the Malibu police department (818) 878-1808 and giving the PD an earful for arresting a socially distanced paddle boarder.

European Irreverence For The State

LRC reader Mike from Europe wrote about how he and his crew are civilly disobedient by putting LRC thought pieces in easy to access places offline, like bus stops. They also “Hack the official posters made by the corrupt ‘authorities’ and replace their messages with slogans denouncing the current coup…”

Irreverent Mike reads LRC. Are Sabo and Banksy renegade enough to do the same?

So Funny – The Tale Of The De Blasio Snitch Line

Cities that launch snitch lines are welcoming dissent to the corona bans, but people in power disconnected from reality have a hard time learning. The response to resistance to a stupid governmental order is not more governmental orders. That just leads to outright rebellion.

A few petty tyrants are eager to learn the hard way: Riverside County, California has launched RivCoMobile, an app that allows residents to “anonymously” report violations of state and county public health orders. In a more notable example New York launched a snitch line.

Within 12 hours of the launch of the snitch line, I had disobedient people sending me screenshots of all manners of fun that they were having with the De Blasio Snitch Line. The meme artists of our era are unparalleled in their ability to convey potent messages of freedom through symbolism. Using symbols, they speak to the heart of the matter on a sub-verbal level. My favorite depictions have been those that clarified the creepy hitlerian nature of the De Blasio Snitch Line.

“Sic semper tyrannis” is a rally cry to those opposing tyrants. “Death always to tyrants.” Sometimes it’s also fun to just help dig a grave for their ridiculous plans. “Death always to the plans of tyrants.”

Others, less skilled in meme artistry, took to a form of civil disobedience of their own.

Middle fingers, pornography, and all manner of insults and ridicule have additionally been submitted to the De Blasio Snitch Line. “Tip Line Flooded With Penis Photos, Hitler Memes” read an April 21, 2020 New York Post headline.

Classic New York snark” took down the snitch line temporarily, and will probably render it ultimately unusable, until the embarrassing project finally dies a death that is never acknowledged in print.

If you want to try out the state-of-the-art tip line just text: 311-692.

4 Michigan Sheriffs Rebel

Four Northern Michigan sheriffs have refused to strictly enforce lockdown orders, citing property rights among their reasons. Additional concerns cited are the likelihood of armed citizens not appreciating a police officer coming onto their property and a dangerous escalation taking place. The right of self-defense, often referenced as “the Second Amendment,” proves itself daily as a defense against state over-reach.

Sheriffs in Washington, Wisconsin, and Idaho are saying the same. Given that the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association claims 400 members, others are probably doing the same while being far less public about it.

Southern Governors Fear Their People

According to the AP, while some US states coordinate a re-opening “Southern governors do not want to give any appearance of synchronization.”

The article paints states as independent and the governor who behaves otherwise, as a governor who will be in hot water. It’s great to have a governor terrified of his population.

Kansas Judge Protects Churches From Lockdown

U.S. District Judge John Broomes in Wichita has prevented the enforcement of an order issued by Gov. Laura Kelly, commenting “Churches and religious activities appear to have been singled out among essential functions for stricter treatment.”

Public safety is important, but so is following the Constitution,” said Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel for the Christian-founded and conservative Alliance for Defending Freedom, which was involved in the case. “We can prioritize the health of safety of ourselves and our neighbors without harming churches and people of faith.”

The Gadfly Strikes Again!

“I’m on a walk. I’ve been obviously scoffing at people wearing masks. I go down the middle of the sidewalk and they scurry into the corners. Like rats.

“To the few who aren’t wearing masks, I say, ‘Thank you for not wearing a fear-mask.’

“They’re stunned speechless.”

To the managers of the coffee shops and elegant restaurants that have turned into takeaway stands he points out “I’m looking forward to the day where you guys just open up and defy the governor.”

Spend Time With Your Kids

This isn’t civil disobedience as much as it’s cultural disobedience.

In a blow to the idea that two parents must work fifty-hour weeks and children from the age of six weeks must spend their days out of the house, only to see each other for a few hours a weekday and perhaps longer on the weekends: perhaps a bit of cultural reform is offered by a moment like this.

Gallup says 9 out of 10 children report happiness staying home. Of course they do. Their parents are doing the work of parents instead of sending them off to a stranger to be raised.

The Internet Has Its Own Freedom Of Information Act

You probably don’t want Bill Gates, the creator of the most malware prone software on earth, to run your secret vaccine program.

“A cache of nearly 25,000 email addresses and passwords allegedly belonging to the World Health Organization (WHO), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Wuhan Institute of Virology, Bill Gates Foundation and several other groups involved with the coronavirus pandemic response were dumped on 4chan before appearing on several other websites, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.”

The tyrant wants secrecy for himself, transparency for the public. The natural order, and the trends common in history remind one how hard that is for the tyrant to secure. Thank you to the hacker behind this brilliant show of civil disobedience.

Do you have more examples of public and private corona disobedience that you’re seeing in your own life? Please send them to me at the email below.

Allan Stevo [send him mail] writes about international politics and culture from a free market perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia (

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