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Talking About Masks

Posted by M. C. on August 10, 2020

There is a problem being masked and I think I have uncovered it.


Behind mask No. 1 Fauci has the fear mongering and face mask covered. Masks. He was agin’m then realized, after a couple decades in the medical busine$$, he be fer’m.


Behind mask No. 2 Eminent (in his own mind) virologist and immunologist Bill Gates can’t wait to get his likely 50% effective (translation: 10-20%) vaccine, you may have to take it 3 time$ (translation: mandatory 3 time$) on the market.

Then when 19 mutates we start vaccinating the world again! Just like we have been doing with influenza for a century. Hey, it’s only your body and your money he is playing with.


Who is behind mask No. 3?

Mark Zuckerberg!!!


Who better to track immunizations, chip implants, digital tattoos, COVID travel passports (no you dont’t have to take the vaccine, unless you want out of your house) than the master of data tracking?


He already has a great head start on the data mining… base. It’s called FaceBook.


Maybe Zuck will read this and step up. It would sure make me feel better.


Be seeing you

6 Responses to “Talking About Masks”

  1. Kenneth T. said

    How will they know I’ve left my house if I’m not “tagged”?


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