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Masks: Are There Benefits or Just a Comfort Prop? Let the Facts Speak – Collective Evolution

Posted by M. C. on May 22, 2020


In Brief

  • The Facts:While more and more places roll out mandatory mask policies the facts suggest that they may not be providing us with the protection that we think they are.
  • Reflect On:What’s your stance on mask wearing in public places? Have you done the research on both sides to come to an informed rather than fear-based decision?

Initially I respected the call by my local Governor in Connecticut to protect our fellow citizens. Deep down I thought it was a little foolish to mandate masks, but love all people and thought I would wear one to help others feel safer. Then, I started digging a little further into the scientific literature. I have discovered that masks are neither safe nor effective. So, as schools prepare to create policies for children returning to school in the fall, we must keep these things in mind.

Masks are Ineffective and Risky, So Stop Calling Us Selfish

In  Epidemics 2017, a meta-analysis concluded that masks had a non-significant protective effect. In the Annuals of Internal Medicine, April 2020, “neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered SARS-CoV-2 during coughs by affected people.”

According to a  University of New South Wales, the widespread use of masks by healthcare workers may put them at increased risk of respiratory illness and viral infections, and their global use should be discouraged.

In the  British Medical Journal 2015, “Over three times, the risk of contracting influenza-like illness if a cloth mask is used versus no mask at all.” Contaminated masks and masks holding moisture and pathogen retention can increase the risk of infection.

A 2016 study in the  Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology found 97% of particles penetrated cloth masks, and 44% of particles penetrated medical masks. They reported that cloth masks are only marginally beneficial in protecting individuals from particles less than 2.5 micrometers. As referenced in the  New England Journal of Medicine, the size of Coronavirus particles varied between 0.06 micrometers and 0.14 micrometers.

Cloth and surgical masks do not have a fit test. When worn, gaps around the edges allow small particles to enter the respiratory system. Also, according to the May 2010 edition of  PLoS One, lack of eye protection was a primary risk factor of SARS-CoV transmission.

Wearing a mask for seven hours straight may not be safe. Carbon dioxide (CO2) rebreathing has been recognized as a concern in the  Ergonomics Journal. The CDC has also admitted that the CO2 slowly builds up in the mask over time. This build-up can cause a condition called Hypercapnia. Essentially, CO2 poisoning – can cause mild symptoms of drowsiness or a headache. More severe symptoms can cause shortness of breath and even death. On May 6th, 2020,  the New York Post reported the death of two boys dying within a week of each other while wearing a face mask during gym class.

In February, the CDC said they don’t recommend people use face masks. The World Health Organization also advised people to wear a mask only if they are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus or “taking care of a person with a suspected 2019-nCoV infection.”

There is zero scientific evidence that wearing a mask, especially for more extended periods, protects us. However, several studies found significant problems with wearing one. Side-effects range from headaches to increased airway resistance, carbon dioxide accumulation, hypoxia, to more severe complications.

In the Head and Neck Pain Journal, most healthcare workers develop de novo PPE‐associated headaches or exacerbation of their pre‐existing headache disorders.

When a person is infected with a respiratory virus, they will expel some of the virus with each breath. Wearing a mask creates a situation in which the individual continually breathes back in their viruses—breathing viruses back in raises the concentration of the virus in the lungs and nasal passages. It has been studied that those with a higher number of viral particles can develop a more severe illness. A recent study out of China published in the Lancet Journal reported a strong association between Covid19 disease severity and the amount of virus present in the nose.

The Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control Journal demonstrated, “Breathing through N95 mask materials have been shown to impede gaseous exchange and impose an additional workload on the metabolic system of pregnant healthcare workers. The benefits of using an N95 mask to prevent serious emerging infectious diseases should be weighed against potential respiratory consequences associated with extended N95 respirator usage.

Wearing a mask could put you at a greater risk of getting Covid19. Regular cloth or surgical masks, irritate the user, causing the user to touch their face with dirty hands more often. Also, the Coronavirus spreads in droplets, which most masks do not block. These masks can actually trap droplets inside, increasing risk instead of reducing it.

Masks also hamper oxygen intake; the body and the immune system require optimal levels of oxygen to feed cells and fight off illness, including Covid19. When studied, surgeons who wore surgical masks had a decrease in blood O2 saturation and an increase in pulse rates of the surgeons after the operations due to surgical mask usage.

According to the Journal of Biomedicines, our oxygen concentration is closely associated with cell survival and immune functioning, making one more susceptible to illness.

Masks can cause difficulty and labored breathing – even in a healthy individual. Blocking air even partially puts excess stress on thoracic muscles and the diaphragm, causing a person to feel out of breath. Wearing a mask can also make a person feel anxiety and panic. Claustrophobia and a feeling of suffocation must be acknowledged, especially among individuals who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health issues.

So, in summary, mask-wearing can be dangerous and is shown over and over again to be ineffective. It appears masks are more effective in helping to spread illness, by providing a surface for viruses to collect on, like carrying a petri dish in front of your face. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, if wearing a mask poses a mental or physical risk, there are exemptions. So please don’t mandate them to attend school, and please don’t teach the masses to hate and shame those that do not comply. This conditioning leads people to be more willing to follow irrational orders and do things without questioning authority, or logic, in the future. When there is a risk, there should always be a choice.

Be seeing you

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Do You Really Think Masks And Forced Isolation Are Going To Go Away? It Is Time To Stop The Mask Madness And Embrace The Old Normal

Posted by M. C. on May 20, 2020

A thought I had when the lockdown started was will the lockdown stop the annual flu pandemic?

Along with advice on keeping your immune system in peak condition the thing we don’t see in the news is flu data.

If masks and the prison lockdown were stopping flu, as one may expect, big medicine would be shouting it from the rooftops. Not happening.

The CDC stopped publishing weekly flu data early this year but what data there is looks typical. The lockdown and masks apparently did nothing to dampen influenza as one might expect.


“CDC does not know the exact number of people who have been sick and affected by influenza because influenza is not a reportable disease in most areas of the U.S. However, CDC has estimated the burden of flu since 2010 using a mathematical model that is based on data collected through the U.S. Influenza Surveillance System, a network that covers approximately 8.5% of the U.S. population (~27 million people).”

So, the annual pandemic that kills many tens of thousands just in the US every year is not a reportable illness. The CDC uses a “model”. Perhaps the same one that predicted millions of US COVID deaths?

Those that follow the money think that COVID death numbers are being jacked up because it is a money maker. $39K of government COVID cash for each person put on a ventilator last I read. About a tenth of that for each positive test.

As has been reported in COVID hotspot Italy any death may be classified as a COVID death. Goodness knows Italy needs as much free stuff from the EU as it can get.

In the US:

Here’s Illinois’ Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike saying people are listed as a coronavirus death even if they died of alternative causes. “Even if you died of a clear alternate cause but you had COVID at the same time it’s still listed as a COVID death.”

“Even if you died of a clear alternate cause but you had COVID at the same time it’s still listed as a COVID death.”

Illinois’ Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike says people are listed as a coronavirus death even if they died of alternative causes.

— (@mrctv) April 25, 2020

If Illinois admits this, it is likely happening in less forthcoming environments. Say, New York.

A major share of the COVID deaths are nursing home patients. COVID infected patients were forced to remain or be returned to their nursing homes in hotspot New York (in PA too).

Government making a bad situation worse. The same government that is demanding you live their definition of a COVID life.

The bottom line is health agency COVID data is questionable if not false. I believe COVID is likely the equivalent of a bad flu season.

In any flu season the vaccine is only about 25% effective and its been 100 years since the Spanish Flu. If COVID mutates will we have to wait another 100 years for a 25% effective vaccine?

Vaccine hype masters hope so. They are the Al Gore$ of medicine.

Masks, mandatory vaccine, vaccine digital ID, vaccine passport, contact tracking, virus patents and surveillance, they are necessary because:

Coronavirus is a money maker and a grand exercise in social engineering, fear mongering and control.

The new normal is wearing a mask, no handshakes and social distancing for…ever.  Too many willingly throw away their liberty. They believe what government tells them. Government is their blanky. They will happily stand in line to become part of a government medical experiment.

Do you really think mandatory masks and forced isolation are going to go away? You are a dreamer.

There is no cure for flu. Think of that when you hear the control people say no…fill in the blank…until there is a COVID cure.

Do what is best for your situation. Do what YOU think it takes to stay healthy. But do not undermine those that:

Throw off the government’s symbol of subservience and control that is a mask. Do not want to be medical experiment for profit. Want their old normal.

The state will not make it easy, but we have to try.


Will This Be Your Vaccine Tattoo?


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Will Americans Submit to a Second Lockdown? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 20, 2020

The political divide has already begun to appear.

The proponents of a second shutdown will be liberal governors and mayors, the mainstream media and the Nancy Pelosi wing of Congress.

It should not go unmentioned that the latter’s political interests are best served the longer the shutdown endures and the worse the economic situation on Nov. 3. If the economy has failed to begin a robust recovery by fall, the greater the odds that Joe Biden wins the White House.


On March 24, President Donald Trump said he wanted the country and the economy “opened up and just raring to go by Easter.”

Easter came and went. And Trump was mocked for being aspirational and unrealistic. Yet, with Ascension Thursday at hand, 40 days after Easter, the president seems to have been ahead of his time.

The country, as a whole, is, and has been, opening up. Sunday’s New York Times reports that, for weeks now, more than two-thirds of the states have been relaxing restrictions as Trump had urged.

The reasons: weariness with the lockdown and sheltering in place, a growing belief that the worst of the pandemic is behind us and undeniably positive news from several fronts in the coronavirus war.

“New Cases in U.S. Slow,” ran The New York Times top headline Sunday, adding the cautionary warning, “Posing Risks of Complacency.”

The facts suggest a positive trend. The number of newly confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. has been dropping for a month. The number of deaths has fallen from 2,200 a day in April to closer to 1,400 a day in mid-May. Several days last week recorded fewer than 1,000 deaths, an awful toll but a clear improvement over April.

As of Friday, the rate of new cases of the coronavirus was declining in 19 states and rising in only three. New Orleans and Detroit have seen sharp drops. The number of new cases in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island has dropped. New cases in Cass County, Indiana, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where meatpacking plants had seen outbreaks, have declined.

“On eight of the past nine days,” said the Times, “there have been fewer deaths announced than there were seven days prior, indicating that the virus toll appears to be easing. More than half of the 24 counties that have recorded the most coronavirus deaths, including Oakland County, Mich., and Hartford County, Conn., are seeing sustained declines.”

Still, the thrust of the Times article was about the new crisis we will be courting, should we try to resume normal activities too soon. Do that, says the Times, and we could easily forfeit all the progress we have made.

Message: Social distancing, sheltering in place, wearing masks, working at home — the practices that broke the back of the pandemic — should be sustained for those able to do so.

Clearly, the opening in many states has been driven by popular protest and public demand. Crowds have ignored social distancing to demonstrate for an end to the shutdown. Protesters have refused to wear masks and engaged in the time-honored practice since the ’60s of civil defiance and disobedience.

The protesters seem to be saying: We deplore the losses and know the risks, but we cannot live our lives behind closed doors in our homes until the elites tell us, as though we were children, when we may go out in the yard.

Hence, the next question we are all likely to confront:

If there is a sudden resurgence of the coronavirus, a second wave, and the media elite and blue state governors demand a new shutdown, a new closure of beaches, parks, shops, restaurants and churches, will the people of this republic comply with those demands or defy them?

Will the nation answer back to the elites: We did that. We sheltered in place. We wore the masks. We socially distanced. We stayed in our homes. We stayed home from work. We have done all we were told to do to contain the virus. But, now, with the shutdown having put 36 million Americans on unemployment and sunk our GDP to Depression-era levels, we’re going back to work.

The political divide has already begun to appear.

Among those making the case for ending the shutdown and reopening the country and economy will be Trump, red state governors like Ron DeSantis in Florida and Brian Kemp in Georgia, conservatives in Congress and populists.

The proponents of a second shutdown will be liberal governors and mayors, the mainstream media and the Nancy Pelosi wing of Congress.

It should not go unmentioned that the latter’s political interests are best served the longer the shutdown endures and the worse the economic situation on Nov. 3. If the economy has failed to begin a robust recovery by fall, the greater the odds that Joe Biden wins the White House.

Yet, even if the pandemic returns in the fall, the establishment cannot keep the country closed indefinitely.

Prediction: If the people conclude they have done all they can do to mitigate the suffering from a virus they cannot eradicate, they will resist the imposition of another shutdown, and the establishment will have neither the will nor ability to push them back into their homes.

Ultimately, the people will decide when this shutdown ends, and when a plurality so concludes, the elites will be swept aside.




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The Social Importance of Dissent – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 11, 2020


I made my weekly trek to Whole Foods for groceries for my family of six; just this week they had plastered the posts and walls outside with announcements that the store now wanted everyone in masks. Most people brought their own. For those that didn’t, there was a tray from which we were to grab our own medical gag, compliments of the shady Jeff Bezos.

I politely—it’s always important to have manners and eloquence in such actions— informed the greeter lady that I was not interested in wearing a mask, thank you very much. She was visibly upset and did not hide her incredulity. She used the phrase “irresponsible behavior.” I replied calmly that I was not comfortable participating, or was it a store mandate? If it was an actual policy, well, I’d probably have to shop elsewhere. She asked if I wanted to talk to the manager. I wasn’t sure why, unless the manager wanted to talk to me for some reason— I’m happy to meet new people. It’s just that, if it’s not a store rule, and it is therefore a suggestion of sorts, I should be able to shop— I asked her to correct me if I was wrong, I’ve been wrong before.

  She finally huffed and let me in whispering, “unbelievable.” Obviously, it had never crossed her mind that it was possible to hold a conviction outside the extraordinarily narrow boundary of permissible opinion on this issue. How is it even possible that this young man would reject the opportunity to be made safe?! People were staring.

But the awkwardness of standing firm paid off. For looking behind me in the long line, two individuals who came in after me also decided to reject the mask. How could the door attendant possibly argue with them? One of them walked straight up to me once inside and thanked me; he opined that the entire state of affairs was bizarre, but he didn’t even think it was possible to say no. He didn’t want to get in trouble.

I hope he plays my part the next time he visits a store— people need someone to take the first step to give them courage to fight. We have the responsibility to dissent with dignity and courage.

Be seeing you




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The Reopening Moo – EPautos – Libertarian Car Talk

Posted by M. C. on April 30, 2020

The ranchers have already decreed masks mandatory in several states and – weirdly – more people seem to be wearing masks even though not yet mandated in other areas. Which is weird given that by now it is obvious – or ought to be – that WuFlu is a much greater threat to our liberty than our health.

…as a condition of being allowed to “reopen” – oh, thank you, massa!

At all costs – fines, arrest even – do not wear the Fear Mask. And thank every person you see who isn’t wearing one, for not wearing one.

Unless you don’t mind being required to wear one – and more to come.

Will you Moooo like a good Corona Cow when the ranchers who are “the government” decree that businesses may reopen provided the workers – and customers – mask up?

The ranchers have already decreed masks mandatory in several states and – weirdly – more people seem to be wearing masks even though not yet mandated in other areas. Which is weird given that by now it is obvious – or ought to be – that WuFlu is a much greater threat to our liberty than our health.

Except for a few concentrated areas of population – and stupidity – such as New York, where Rancher Cuomo ordered oldsters with WuFlu to be housed with other oldsters (already weak) in nursing homes, assuring lots of oldsters would die from WuFlu – the number of people who’ve died from WuFlu is so low it would have gone unnoticed in normal times.

In Virginia, for instance, fewer than 500 over the past four months. This in a state with a population of nearly nine million people. The hospitals in Virginia and many other states are dying  . . . for customers. They are going broke from lack of patients – and billing. See, for example, this plea to Rancher Coonman from the Virginia Hospital and Health Care Association, which speaks for 125,000 people employed by Virginia hospitals. They beg the Coonman to allow – such servile, despicable verbiage – hospitals to resume treating other than the Corona’d, of which there are far too few.

Beds are empty; thousands of surplus respirators collecting dust – while people without Corona wait to get a date for their knee surgeries and so on, which have been put on indefinite hold by the Coonman.

A thoughtful brain might ask: If the hospitals aren’t “overwhelmed” with the Corona’d – as was promised in the direst manner imaginable by the Coonman and the “experts,” including the Billy Kristol of epidemiology, Dr. Fauci – then why are more people joining the masked herd?

People not wearing masks a month ago are now wearing them – even though they haven’t yet been ordered to wear them.


In part, because more and more businesses appear to be anticipating the order to insist on mask-wearing as a condition of being allowed to “reopen” – oh, thank you, massa! – and are being “proactive.” They understandably do not want to go broke, though that is probably already inevitable for the majority of them. And they intuit that “reopening” will be conditional on their compliance with Sickness Pantomime . . . in the form of must-wear-masking.

This, in turn, applies pressure on customers to mask-wear, in order to be allowed – that vile word, again – to shop. To get food.

This is how the ranchers are conditioning the head-bowed, mooing servility of the cattle – who after all, need to eat.

Most people will do as they are told, even when they shouldn’t – out of mortal terror of . . . raising a stink. Americans have been conditioned to such a state of passive poltroonery that is almost impossible to accept it as fact. And yet, look around.

If authority – even just the authority of the door minder at a big box store – says boo, most of them say mooo! 

Stand there! Wait here! Walk in between the taped lines!

What degradation imposed as a condition of being allowed to live will they not accept?

Mask wearing means accepting the lie that WuFlu means death – as Rancher Cuomo says it does. Except it doesn’t – even in the hottest of WuFlu spots. Most – more than 99.5 percent – of the nearly 10 million people who live there haven’t died, although their lives have been taken away.

Accepting the lie that WuFlu equals death rather than a bad cold for some and not even symptoms for most (85 percent of “cases” are asymptomatic, according to Rancher Fauci himself) means accepting that dressing up like Michael Jackson is reasonable, sane – and vitally necessary.

For WuFlu – for any flu.

Forever, probably.

Well, until a vaccine is available – courtesy of Rancher Gates – which everyone will be forced to submit to as a condition of being allowed to live – allowed to buy food – on the same basis as mandatory mask-wearing.

Which is why – if it is allowed to get any traction – mask wearing will be the death of the mask-wearers’ freedom to say no to anything the ranchers demand of them in order to be allowed to live. But not just their freedom – which would be ok, if that’s the way they like it.

In a free country, people have the right to live as quavering poltroons – as gimps in old crates, if they wish. They have every right to be free to submit to mask-wearing, ear tagging and anything else that eases their anxieties.

BDSM – golden showers, even – is every free person’s right.

The outrage – which must be fought, ferociously, before it becomes the “new normal” – is permitting these poltroons, addled by Sickness Psychosis – to rescind our freedom for the sake of their anxieties.

To force us, via the rip-tide effect, to play Sickness Kabuki, too.

At all costs – fines, arrest even – do not wear the Fear Mask. And thank every person you see who isn’t wearing one, for not wearing one.

Unless you don’t mind being required to wear one – and more to come.

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Posted by M. C. on April 12, 2020

I have written often that when there is a central power those who are close to the power benefit.

The COVID-19 panic is creating the potential for all kinds of crony opportunists for Washington D.C.  power players.

Consider this.

A week-old firm is now claiming it is the “Largest Global COVID-19 Supplier Network.”

The PEU Report informs:

Blue Flame [Medical LLC] was formed Monday, March 23, 2020 as a Delaware corporation.  It bills itself as the “the largest global network of Covid-19 medical suppliers.”  How can that happen in a week?

In politics – especially if you’re at a high enough level – you are one phone call away from anybody in the world.” — John Thomas, President

“I have relationships with a lot of people.”– Mike Gula, CEO

Blue Flame’s website had information on these two opportunists.  One, Mike Gula, is a political fundraiser:

The other, John Thomas, is a political strategist and specialist in healthcare real estate.
Politico reports:

Thomas declined to specify how he and Gula had managed to obtain masks that have become so rare that some hospitals have resorted to reusing them or having health care workers tie bandannas or scarfs around their faces. “It’s just relationship-based,” he said. “I can’t say anything else.”

He also declined to reveal how much money the pair had made but said they were not price gouging.

“We are incredibly sensitive to gouging,” he said.


Be seeing you

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Posted by M. C. on March 8, 2020

One example of why central (government) planning does not work.

The Soviet Union, Venezuela and North Korea are others.

Joe Weisenthal is an interesting writer and thinker. He is co-host of the Odd Lots podcast and ‘What’d You Miss?’ on Bloomberg TV and editor at Bloomberg.

I have been following him for years at @TheStalwart.

I am not sure he would identify as a Lefty but he sent out a snarky tweet yesterday that sure fits into the Lefty model of not thinking deeply about economic issues.

Here is the tweet I am referring to:

Joe is missing a lot here.

First off, without price signals, manufacturers don’t know how intense the demand for N95 masks and Purell are.

Would people be willing to pay an extra $10 per item or $25?

This is important to know.

The higher the price, the more resources a manufacturer would be willing to devote to providing more supply.

To illustrate my point, let us, just for argument’s sake, say that people were willing to pay $1,000 for an N95 mask. Well that is a lot more than only being willing to pay $5.00 extra. Thus it tells the manufacturer that if a key component of the mask is in another part of the country or the world that it might make sense to have the part flown over by plane rather via usual ocean shipping modes.

In other words, the size of the price “gouging” signals to a manufacturer how aggressive he should get in making more masks.

But that is not all.

Mask price “gouging” also signals to consumers how in demand masks are. If someone wants to buy a mask to travel by subway to go to a movie and the mask is $200, the consumer might think twice and not buy the mask, Thus leaving it for someone else. At the same time, a heart surgeon may want to buy a mask to travel the same subway to perform heart surgeries. He might be very willing to pay $200 for a mask.

Thus price signals provide much more complex signals then what Joe implied in his tweet that manufacturers only get the idea there is a lot of demand for masks. A lot of complex signaling goes on at different price levels to signal manufacturers, retailers and consumers.


Be seeing you

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