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Coronavirus cases linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally found in 8 states

Posted by M. C. on August 26, 2020


One person who tested positive was hospitalized.

Hospitalized with what?

The biggest 2 WEEK party in the country, half a million people, 100 “cases” (you pick a definition) and nary a mask in site.

What half million sized city wouldn’t want numbers like that?

Compare that to half million peoples worth of New York and Pennsylvania forced imprisonment nursing homes.

COVID “related” deaths, even those caused by car accidents are dropping like a Mt Rushmore sized rock. The only thing spiking is herd immunity.


By Minyvonne Burke

Coronavirus cases linked to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally have been confirmed in South Dakota and at least seven other states.

The North Dakota Health Department tweeted Monday that 17 people “who are connected to” the large rally have tested positive for the virus.

“Those who attended the rally should closely monitor for symptoms & get tested at a free ND testing site,” the agency said.

Other cases have been confirmed in Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming and South Dakota, where the 10-day rally was held, The Associated Press reported. About 103 cases in total have been linked to the event.

Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

A spokesperson said Tuesday that the South Dakota Health Department has found 40 cases of COVID-19 related to the event, including three out-of-state cases.

One of those cases is that of a resident who visited One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon on Aug. 11, state health officials said in a news release.

Last week, a health official in neighboring Minnesota said 15 people who attended the massive gathering and festival had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. One person who tested positive was hospitalized.

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