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Posted by M. C. on October 22, 2020

When I was a teen who knew nothin’ about nothin’ I remember watching the NBC economics editor (NBC’s expert!) talk about the then current situation. Even I could see he wasn’t telling us anything.

The NBC’s economics editor’s inciteful final analysis was “no one really knows what will happen, but it could get worse before it gets better”.

Media analysts have maintained their well deserved stature.

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Coronavirus cases linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally found in 8 states

Posted by M. C. on August 26, 2020


One person who tested positive was hospitalized.

Hospitalized with what?

The biggest 2 WEEK party in the country, half a million people, 100 “cases” (you pick a definition) and nary a mask in site.

What half million sized city wouldn’t want numbers like that?

Compare that to half million peoples worth of New York and Pennsylvania forced imprisonment nursing homes.

COVID “related” deaths, even those caused by car accidents are dropping like a Mt Rushmore sized rock. The only thing spiking is herd immunity.


By Minyvonne Burke

Coronavirus cases linked to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally have been confirmed in South Dakota and at least seven other states.

The North Dakota Health Department tweeted Monday that 17 people “who are connected to” the large rally have tested positive for the virus.

“Those who attended the rally should closely monitor for symptoms & get tested at a free ND testing site,” the agency said.

Other cases have been confirmed in Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming and South Dakota, where the 10-day rally was held, The Associated Press reported. About 103 cases in total have been linked to the event.

Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

A spokesperson said Tuesday that the South Dakota Health Department has found 40 cases of COVID-19 related to the event, including three out-of-state cases.

One of those cases is that of a resident who visited One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon on Aug. 11, state health officials said in a news release.

Last week, a health official in neighboring Minnesota said 15 people who attended the massive gathering and festival had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. One person who tested positive was hospitalized.

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‘Racist’ Trump Supporters Should Lose Their Vote, Says NBC. Guess Who Decides They’re ‘Racist’? — Strategic Culture

Posted by M. C. on January 30, 2020

Yet nowhere in any of Trump’s numerous campaign utterances or even Tweets has he ever singled out America’s White population as the intended sole beneficiary of his plans to remake the U.S. economy. In fact, just the opposite.

Robert Bridge


Once again, the mainstream media is pushing the repugnant race card, suggesting that Trump supporters are a bunch of knuckle-dragging xenophobes whose only reason for wanting a wall on the Mexican border is because they suffer an aversion to people with different skin color than them.

What exactly do White Americans – who opened the floodgates to immigration in 1965 – need to do these days to prove they are not natural born racists? Cancel their monthly subscription to Town and Country? Stop walking their dogs, which are, of course, four-legged vehicles of “racial segregation,” or stop attending their evening yoga class, the unsuspecting breeding grounds for white supremacists? Somehow I suspect that even if White people took to burning effigies of Ku Klux Klan members on their manicured front lawns that would not even put a stop to the ugly rumors. Let’s just face it, the only thing that will finally stop the slanderous slurs is if all White Americans publicly denounce their support of the biggest race-hater of them all, Donald J. Trump. And should they refuse the itinerant Liberal Inquisition will be only too happy to do it for them.

Just ask Noah Berlatsky, occasional columnist for MSNBC, whose latest piece was crowned with the zinger of a headline, ‘Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution. Can they be stopped?’ Nice leading question there, but the premise that precedes it, that Trump voters are “motivated by racism,” is just one more election-season deceit.

Berlatsky’s article opens with the conclusion that Donald Trump “ran an openly racist campaign for president,” and that his popular rallying slogan “Make America Great Again” is actually code that can be translated into “America was greater when white people’s power was more sweeping and more secure.” Yet nowhere in any of Trump’s numerous campaign utterances or even Tweets has he ever singled out America’s White population as the intended sole beneficiary of his plans to remake the U.S. economy. In fact, just the opposite. As Trump has made it his goal to return some of the shine to America’s industrial Rustbelt, threatening companies with penalties and public scorn if they relocate their production operations overseas, the unemployment rate among Blacks now stands at 5.9%, down from 7.5% at the start of his presidency. At the same time, the employment rate among Hispanics is at historic highs.

At this point, the Democrats will invariably mention Trump’s promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, a promise that arguably won the real estate developer the White House in 2016. Yet Trump, the Democrats argue, is an unrepentant racist because he admitted to an unsavory truth that even Hispanics living in America agree with: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump was not arguing, of course, that all Mexicans are rapists or criminals. He was arguing that of the many who do make it across the border a disproportionate number do fit the description.

At this point, it needs to be asked why the Democrats deign to show so much care and compassion for those illegals breaching America’s border on a daily basis, at the very same time Democratic strongholds, like California and New York, are already bursting at the seams with tent cities and grinding poverty. Suffice it to consider a comment by a British tourist to San Francisco, the one-time crown gem of the increasingly tarnished, Democratic-controlled Golden State: “I can’t understand how anyone can live in a place where their everyday trip to get groceries or go to work includes a multitude of beggars asking for spare change or a meal.”

Considering that the Democrats can’t even take care of their own burgeoning problems in their primary constituencies, what is the real motivation behind their proposals to open the U.S. border and abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? After all, these are the very same people who screamed ‘not in my backyard!’ when Trump threatened to send all apprehended illegals to the so-called ‘sanctuary cities’. Nancy Pelosi skirted the periphery of racism when she called the idea “disrespectful.”

Would their sham benevolence have anything to do with securing more Democratic voters, or guaranteeing that the Republican Party eventually goes the way of the dinosaurs? Was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo motivated by pure compassion when he signed legislation granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, who may now cast a ‘legal’ vote under New York’s notoriously loose voting laws? Now Democrats are demanding the elimination Voter ID rules, declaring them racist against minorities. This is one of the ways Berlatsky proposes to end so-called “racist voting” now purportedly contaminating U.S. politics.

It’s no secret that Hispanic Americans traditionally vote Democratic, and if that tendency were to change tomorrow you can bet that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would be camped out daily at the Mexican border, demanding the necessary funds to finish the project.

In the final analysis, the Democrat’s groundless assertion that Trump supporters are kneejerk racists disintegrates when it is remembered that up to 10 million former Obama supporters – many of them White – switched allegiances to the Trump camp in the 2016 presidential election. Are we really expected to believe that all of those Americans suddenly became hardcore racists with the arrival of the evil ‘orange man’ and his pledge to build a wall? That sounds highly unlikely. The far more logical explanation for this massive change in political sentiment is that Trump’s plan to remedy America’s dangerously porous borders, thereby enhancing the security of all Americans, regardless of skin color, was a welcomed idea across the board.

Nevertheless, the real danger is that the Democrats, entranced by the cult of political correctness and an out-of-control cancel culture, will attempt by some extreme measures to identify and ban so-called ‘racist Trump supporters’ who are just regular Americans looking for a leader who will provide them with a well-guarded country that protects the rights of all its citizens regardless of skin color. Banning undesirable Trump voters from the ballet box may eventually become as easy as censoring right-leaning Twitter users.

Clearly, the Democrats learned absolutely nothing from the mistake of branding Trump supports “deplorables” – to quote Hillary Clinton – and have only worsened their present position by calling these same voters, many of them former Obama supporters, “racist.” Such a gross simplification and misunderstanding of the current American political realities goes far at explaining why the Democrats stand very little chance of beating Trump at the ballot box.


© 2010 – 2020 | Strategic Culture Foundation | Republishing is welcomed with reference to Strategic Culture online journal

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NBC: Getting Microchipped Sounds Convenient – The Organic Prepper

Posted by M. C. on October 22, 2019

by Daisy Luther

We’ve written numerous times before about the upcoming push for personal microchips on this website. Thousands of people in Sweden are voluntarily getting “chipped.” Daisy Luther wrote that many Americans wouldn’t be far behind.” And experts have claimed that one day in the not-too-distant future that “everyone” will be microchipped.

And it looks like the push is on. A while back, Brandon Turbeville wrote about the UK’s pro-microchipping coverage. And now, NBC News published a pro-microchipping video, gushing over the “convenience” of having your keys, your money, and your ID all placed in your hand in a device about the size of a grain of rice.

Are we literally at a place in humanity in which carrying a wallet is too much trouble? Heaven help those who feel that way if they ever have to acquire their own food and water.

Imagine the possibilities…of theft.

This would certainly take stealing your wallet to an entirely new level. Would thieves just hack off a person’s hand to gain access to their keys, credit cards, and ID? Or would it be even easier than that?

Considering we now need to carry our passports and credit cards in RFID-blocking wallets because criminals can walk around with scanning devices and steal our unprotected information. Will those with chips need to wear an RFID-blocking glove, ala Michael Jackson?

And how much more information will they put on microchips? Today, it’s your keys, your money, and your identification. Tomorrow will it be GPS trackers placed in children and the elderly? Then trackers in the rest of us because if we don’t have anything to hide, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about?

And how long before your medical information, personal history, and even your social media access will be able to be scanned by interested parties? Newer cell phones already use biometric ID, which could be forcibly used to unlock your devices by authorities or others with bad intent.

Just how far will microchipping go?

What do you think about the idea of having a microchip implanted? What type of information do you think could be placed on these chips? How soon do you foresee being “chipped” becoming mandatory to have a driver’s license, access to medical care, or a bank card?

Will “the system” be content until we’ve all been assimilated, chipped, and physically a part of the great database?

Be seeing you





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NBC Blames Russia for Drawing Attention to Racist Incidents – Original

Posted by M. C. on August 12, 2019

Blaming these twitter accounts for spreading these stories is insulting to Americans – especially minorities – who are concerned with issues minorities face.

NBC news ran a story titled, “Russia-linked Twitter accounts promoted ‘doxxing’ over racial tension videos.” The article claims some videos that went viral on twitter featuring confrontations between white people and minorities would not have been so popular if it wasn’t for some “Russia-linked” twitter accounts.

The first incident the story mentions is from October 2018, when a white woman was caught on video calling the police on a 9-year-old black boy in Brooklyn, NY. The woman told police the boy sexually assaulted her. Surveillance video from the store the incident occurred in showed that the boy’s backpack just brushed the woman’s backside. The video is rather shocking, the boy who was accused of assaulting the woman is seen crying with his family as the woman is on the phone with 911.

But according to NBC this video only became viral because of the Russia-linked twitter accounts. The NBC article said, “Clemson University researchers have found those videos received instrumental early social media promotion from inauthentic accounts, some of which have since been removed by Twitter and linked by US intelligence to Russia’s efforts to stoke racial tensions in America.”

One of the researchers said, “It’s clear in several examples that some of these stories would never have gone viral without the influence of Russian disinformation.”

The video was posted on Facebook by Jason Littlejohn, the man who caught the incident on camera. Littlejohn’s video went viral and many major media outlets picked up the story. The NBC article only mentions inauthentic twitter users spreading the video, but Littlejohn’s Facebook video has over eight million views.

Littlejohn is heard in the video giving the woman the nickname “Cornerstone Caroline.” The other videos cited in the NBC article have similar nicknames, “Taco Truck Tammy” and “Basketball Becky.” NBC alludes to the idea that the Russia-linked accounts were responsible for the nicknames saying, “The objects of the outrage were often given alliterative nicknames.”

In April of this year a Hispanic taco truck worker in Texas uploaded a video of a white woman threatening to call US immigration and Customs Enforcement. NBC says, “One of the suspicious accounts spotted by the researchers was the first to call her “Taco Truck Tammy.”

The researchers came to the conclusion that “the suspicious accounts drew about half of the retweets of the encounter between the homeowner and the workers in the first two days.” Even if it is true that some suspicious accounts were responsible for some of the retweets, the story drew lots of media coverage.

The researchers said the twitter accounts called on people to share the women’s private information also known as “doxxing.” In both cases the women who were caught on video did interviews with local media apologizing for the incidents.

The third story mentioned in the article known as “Basketball Becky” just happened this past July. A black couple was shopping at a California Nike store and bought a basketball for their 18-month-old son. The couple left the store and the white manager came out accusing the couple of stealing the ball. The couple showed the manager and police their receipt and uploaded a video of the incident on Facebook, where the video went viral.

So how did the researchers and NBC News determine these twitter accounts were Russian in origin? According to NBC, “The researchers said they placed the accounts as probably Russian in origin based on forensic analysis of account information and behavior that they shared with NBC News.”

The article also hyperlinks to a list of twitter handles affiliated with the Internet Research Agency, the Russian company indicted by Robert Mueller in 2018. Some of the handles are mentioned in the article. Two of the four twitter handles mentioned are on the list, although no specific activity was credited to these handles.

In an effort to scare the reader NBC quotes Phillip Howard, the director of the Oxford Internet Institute, “The real goal is to get the conflict off Twitter, to get it into the streets.”

Blaming these twitter accounts for spreading these stories is insulting to Americans – especially minorities – who are concerned with issues minorities face. Each of the three videos are real incidents that happened to real people, two of them being children. NBC minimizes what happened to these children by stoking fears of Russian influence on the country.

Be seeing you

Masters voice

Listening to it’s CIA master.


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NBC’s Doctored Baby Photos (After Demanding Censorship of “Vaccine Misinformation”) • Children’s Health Defense

Posted by M. C. on May 2, 2019

April 27, 2019



Now, NBC has committed baldfaced fraud by photoshopping measles spots onto a stock picture of a baby as part of fearmongering propaganda campaign to promote Merck’s badly flawed vaccine. (BTW, an infant this age would only get measles if his mother failed to pass him sufficient antibodies, a condition nearly always associated with Merck’s flawed vaccine which is known to dramatically reduce maternal antibodies)…

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Reporter Quits NBC Citing Network’s Support For Endless War – Caitlin Johnstone

Posted by M. C. on January 3, 2019

It took only 30 years for Arkin to figure out he was working for a lie factory.

Better late than never…I guess.

A journalist with NBC has resigned from the network with a statement which highlights the immense resistance that ostensibly liberal mass media outlets have to antiwar narratives, skepticism of US military agendas, and any movement in the opposite direction of endless military expansionism.

January 4 is my last day at NBC News and I’d like to say goodbye to my friends, hopefully not for good,” begins an email titled ‘My goodbye letter to NBC’ sent to various contacts by William M Arkin, an award-winning journalist who has been associated with the network for 30 years.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve left NBC, but this time the parting is more bittersweet, the world and the state of journalism in tandem crisis,” the email continues. “My expertise, though seeming to be all the more central to the challenges and dangers we face, also seems to be less valued at the moment. And I find myself completely out of synch with the network, being neither a day-to-day reporter nor interested in the Trump circus.”

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‘News directly from the CIA’: Ex-director Brennan hired by NBC — RT US News

Posted by M. C. on February 7, 2018

NBC knows the sheeple want to believe this professional liar. Brennan will undoubtedly fit right in at NBC.

That Brennan previously lied to an NBC journalist about the CIA’s attempts to thwart a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the agency’s use of torture was apparently no deterrent to his appointment.

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NBC Still Investigating NBC: Chris Matthews Is 9th Staffer Accused of Misconduct

Posted by M. C. on December 19, 2017

NBC should get it’s self investigation advice from the FIB.

NBC paid off a Chris Matthews accuser with $40,000, which means that the network has now had nine of its staffers and contributors accused of some sort of misconduct. Read the rest of this entry »

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