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Canada’s Quarantine Hotels Backfire As People Starved | ZeroHedge

Posted by M. C. on March 3, 2021

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A couple of weeks ago, the Canadian government introduced a new set of rules forcing international air travelers to quarantine in hotels for three days upon arrival; the plan has since backfired, “after a series of endless, chaotic setbacks including food shortages and even alleged sexual assaults,” according to RT News

Vancouver’s local radio station CKWX reports travelers have become upset at Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto after they waited hours for their meals. 

Arunthia Urmi, who traveled outside of Canada to visit her father, said she waited hours for food, only to receive nothing more than a flimsy piece of salmon – barely a meal. She also said:

“There was no water. There was no fork or knife, no utensils. No salt or pepper. Nothing,” Urmi said.

Twitter user Raymond Truesdale documented the frustration between travelers at the Toronto hotel and staff. 

Truesdale said, “Here at Hotel Sheraton airport terminal 3 They were ill-prepared for this 3-day quarantine No kitchen staff no food they say no water people have come to lobby boondoggle.”

Here at Hotel Sheraton airport terminal 3
They were ill prepared for this 3 day quarantine
No kitchen staff no food they say no water people have come to lobby boondoggle — Ray Truesdale (@RaySuperurass) February 26, 2021

Multiple confrontations broke out between those in quarantine and hotel staff about lack of food and water. 

@Canada help at Sheraton airport boondoggle — Ray Truesdale (@RaySuperurass) February 26, 2021

This time there was “no food, no water.”

Wow unbelievable no food no water — Ray Truesdale (@RaySuperurass) February 26, 2021

…and when they got food – the hotel price gouged the living hell out of those in quarantine. Judging by the content of the food, it was certainly not worth $50. 

This what being served in one quarantine Hotel Sheraton gateway airport Toronto 50 dollars ordered at 4 pm got delivered at 10 pm — Ray Truesdale (@RaySuperurass) February 28, 2021

The mandatory quarantines have restricted these people from going outside to retrieve food. So they must rely on staff who were not adequately equipped with supplies. 

At a Holiday Inn quarantine in Toronto, residents also complained about water shortages, cold food, and a lack of utensils.

“I was so hungry. I called so many times,” one woman told CTV News.

Canadian officials were underprepared as the lack of security and confusion among hotel staff resulted in starving people. 

 A spokesperson for the Minister of Health said they had been informed of many of these mishaps. 

“We’re aware of reports that some travelers have experienced issues with food and accommodation at government-authorized hotels during their mandatory 3-night hotel stopover,” they said in an email.

“The Public Health Agency of Canada is working directly with hotel partners to find solutions to these issues.”

Police at Toronto Pearson International Airport slapped several people with fines after they attempted to escape quarantine. 

Other reports state there have been multiple sexual assaults at these quarantine hotels – calls for lawmakers to end the program are mounting.

Canada’s sudden imposition of mandatory hotel quarantine for incoming air travelers has done nothing to suppress the virus’ spread but has only created more problems. 

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