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Spain to become the first country to implement a 4-day work week | Disrn

Posted by M. C. on March 29, 2021

40 hours worth of work in 32, in hot, sunny Spain.

This should give the Catalan separatists that extra time they need.

by Peter Heck

The country of Spain is about to embark on a 3-year trial period of having a four-day work week rather than five. Spain’s government has opted to use the $59 million recovery fund offered by the European Union to assist roughly 200 companies reorganize their production schedule to fit a 32-hour model instead of 40.

The first year of the trial, the government will fully subsidize the additional costs associated with the change for companies. In year two, that subsidy will drop by 50%, and then by 75% for the last year of the experiment.

The only legal stipulation on the companies is that they maintain full-time contract salaries for their employees even as they adjust to less working hours. In other words, all employees will see their pay stay the same, even as their hours are reduced by eight per week.

“It’s not using the European funds for Spaniards to work less, it’s about seeing how we can improve productivity and competitiveness of our companies,” said lawmaker Héctor Tejero, who is pushing the plan in the Madrid regional assembly.

While many are cautiously optimistic about the plan, others have expressed concern that a pandemic-devastated economy is not a healthy breeding grounds for employment experiments.

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