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A Sorry State – Taki’s Magazine – Taki’s Magazine

Posted by M. C. on April 15, 2019

Oscar Wilde said that a sentimentalist is someone who wants to have the luxury of an emotion without paying for it, and a modern apologist is someone who wants the aura of sanctity of making an apology without the need to feel any personal guilt.

by Theodore Dalrymple

During a visit of the Spanish prime minister to Mexico, the president of that country wanted Spain to apologize for the abuses committed half a millennium ago by the conquistadores. This made about as much sense as the British prime minister asking Italy to apologize for the Roman conquest, or for that matter Denmark or France, for the same reason.

It also makes about as much sense as that Spain should demand the thanks of every Mexican each time he travels in a wheeled vehicle, or even uses a wheelbarrow, since before the arrival of the Spanish the wheel was unknown in Mesoamerica. Those who want to call nations to account should remember that double-entry bookkeeping has been in existence for a long time.

When calls for apology come, can claims for compensation be far behind? Thereby is raised that greatest hope of humanity, namely the dream of living, or becoming rich, at someone else’s expense. I can’t say that this hope has never occurred to me, and I doubt that there are many people to whom it has never occurred; but it is rarely realized, this hope, and even more rarely does it do any good when it is realized.

If there is an economically sadistic desire of leaders to make other countries pay compensation to their own, there is also a pseudo-masochistic desire of leaders of other countries to apologize for the supposed past misdeeds of their countries, and thus open themselves, or rather the people they represent, to claims for compensation. If the hoped-for compensation is not forthcoming or if it is deemed insufficient, the result is more bitterness than if the apology had never been offered in the first place. This explains one of the many reasons for never going to law: the bitterness the whole procedure provokes. I doubt that one out of twenty actions for compensation ends in full satisfaction for anyone (except the lawyers, for whom it is more or less guaranteed)…

The mania for apology by people very distantly connected, if at all, to what they are supposed to be apologizing for is an aspect of the shallow emotional exhibitionism and dishonesty of our times. It permits the person who offers such an apology to imagine that he is doing something rather fine and generous while actually requiring nothing of him but the utterance of a few words. He does not even have to vow not to repeat the crime or do better himself because it goes without saying that someone as good as he, the apologist, would never even dream of doing anything remotely similar or as bad as that for which he is apologizing. Oscar Wilde said that a sentimentalist is someone who wants to have the luxury of an emotion without paying for it, and a modern apologist is someone who wants the aura of sanctity of making an apology without the need to feel any personal guilt. But he doesn’t mind in the slightest if his apology creates endless problems for others…

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Moon of Alabama

Posted by M. C. on March 14, 2019

Who Ordered The CIA To Assault North Korea’s Embassy In Spain?

Did John Bolton, President Trump’s national security advisor, order an assault on the North Korean embassy in Spain to get an advantage in the nuclear talks?

On February 22 the embassy of the DPRK in Madrid was raided by a gang of thugs:

A group of men entered North Korea’s embassy in Madrid, bound and gagged staff, before driving off with stolen mobile phones and computers, Spanish media has reported.

Spanish police are investigating after El Confidencial reported a woman escaped the embassy last Friday screaming in Korean, prompting residents nearby to call police.After she reportedly revealed staff were tied up and gagged, officers knocked on the door to investigate, but were met by a man who told them everything was fine.

Soon after, two cars left the compound at high speed, one of them carrying the man who had answered the door. Police did not enter the building, but staff walked out soon after the incident.

Kim Hyok Chol was ambassador to Spain until September 2017, when the Spanish government expelled him and another diplomat following Pyongyang’s round of nuclear tests and missile launches over neighbouring Japan.

The name Kim Hyok Chol sounds familiar. He recently was in the news when he led the North Korean delegation in the nuclear talks:

Kim Hyok Chol, a career diplomat from an elite North Korean family, made his international debut just a few weeks ago as Pyongyang’s new point man for nuclear negotiations. In the run-up to the Feb. 27-28 summit, he has been in talks with U.S. counterpart Stephen Biegun to lay the groundwork for the meeting, taking diplomats by surprise.

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