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Now Appearing For A limited Time-Truth

Posted by M. C. on May 19, 2021

Have you wondered why anyone is still alive in Florida, Georgia and Texas? Places where mask and distancing requirements were eliminated or not there to begin with.

Are you wondering what will happen to all the non-vaccinated. Will they all drop dead?

If you are not worrying the government is. Are the government and media pushing hard for the sheeple to vaccinate because if they don’t and the plebs don’t die, how do they explain that?

Do you get the feeling the Fauci, WHO and WEF flip-flops are signs of panic mode?

If there was no election fraud why the panic over election audits?

The data banking of your personal information and communications is getting to the point that government doesn’t bother to deny it. Look for more of that, if more is even possible.

The truth is dribbling out for those that aren’t glued to CNN. That is bad for the military-industrial-bankster- congressional complex.

The two obvious things to expect are a new virus upsurge in the fall and/or a new war.

Crypto-currency regulation, government issued digital currency, gold and silver regulation are other areas of concern.

Have a nice day!

Be seeing you

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