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Now Appearing For A limited Time-Truth

Posted by M. C. on May 19, 2021

Have you wondered why anyone is still alive in Florida, Georgia and Texas? Places where mask and distancing requirements were eliminated or not there to begin with.

Are you wondering what will happen to all the non-vaccinated. Will they all drop dead?

If you are not worrying the government is. Are the government and media pushing hard for the sheeple to vaccinate because if they don’t and the plebs don’t die, how do they explain that?

Do you get the feeling the Fauci, WHO and WEF flip-flops are signs of panic mode?

If there was no election fraud why the panic over election audits?

The data banking of your personal information and communications is getting to the point that government doesn’t bother to deny it. Look for more of that, if more is even possible.

The truth is dribbling out for those that aren’t glued to CNN. That is bad for the military-industrial-bankster- congressional complex.

The two obvious things to expect are a new virus upsurge in the fall and/or a new war.

Crypto-currency regulation, government issued digital currency, gold and silver regulation are other areas of concern.

Have a nice day!

Be seeing you

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Google/YouTube is erasing all evidence of election fraud – American Thinker

Posted by M. C. on December 11, 2020

By Andrea Widburg

Google/YouTube didn’t try to be subtle.  It announced on Wednesday that it would delete any videos that so much as mentioned the word “fraud” in connection with Joe Biden’s patently fraudulently ascension to the top of the ticket in the days after the November 3 election.  The implications of this are so enormous that it’s currently difficult to assimilate all of them, let alone understand what needs to be done to hang on to American liberty.

You cannot discuss what Google just did without first turning to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, which he wrote as a warning about the dangers of a modern totalitarian government.  The book’s protagonist, Winston Smith, is a member of Big Brother’s party who works in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth.

In fact, there is no “truth” in Oceania.  Instead, the only “truth” is Big Brother’s perpetual perfection.  In his job, Winston receives messages telling him to locate past predictions from Big Brother that events had proven to be wrong.  He is responsible for rewriting the statements (using a method similar to today’s speech recognition technology) to conform to actual events.  Then:

As soon as Winston had dealt with each of the messages, he clipped his speakwritten corrections to the appropriate copy of ‘The Times’ and pushed them into the pneumatic tube. Then, with a movement which was as nearly as possible unconscious, he crumpled up the original message and any notes that he himself had made, and dropped them into the memory hole to be devoured by the flames.

Having had a refresher course in how completely evil totalitarian dictatorships work, you’re ready for Google/YouTube’s announcement about its new policy.  The policy rejoices under the Orwellian name “Supporting the 2020 U.S. election,” which actually means squelching all challenges to the massive human and electronic fraud that pushed Biden over the top.  The announcement begins by assuring everyone:

Our main goal going into the election season was to make sure we’re connecting people with authoritative information, while also limiting the reach of misinformation and removing harmful content. The work here is ongoing and we wanted to provide an update. 

As you may recall, if your memory hasn’t been memory-holed, in pursuit of this main goal, Google/YouTube systematically censored any negative coverage about Biden — most especially reports about Hunter Biden’s sexual and drug debauchery and about his corrupt dealings with China and Ukraine, including written evidence and first-person statements about Biden’s knowledge of and profiting from Hunter’s deals.

Now that Operation Big Brother Phase One has succeeded, and the AP has declared Biden the winner (something that supersedes silly little things like constitutional requirements for victory), YouTube/Google is ready for Operation Big Brother Phase Two – the Memory Hole:

Once you get past the self-serving language, you get to the meat of the matter, which I’ve highlighted:

Yesterday was the safe harbor deadline for the U.S. Presidential election and enough states have certified their election results to determine a President-elect. Given that, we will start removing any piece of content uploaded today (or anytime after) that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, in line with our approach towards historical U.S. Presidential elections. For example, we will remove videos claiming that a Presidential candidate won the election due to widespread software glitches or counting errors. We will begin enforcing this policy today, and will ramp up in the weeks to come. 

Google/YouTube has not removed a single video about the Russia Hoax, even though the Mueller Report, albeit reluctantly, totally discredited it.  It also has not removed a single video about the Ukraine hoax.  Indeed, so far as I know, it has never removed a single video attacking Donald Trump.

Harmeet Dhillon appeared on Tucker Carlson to discuss what Google/YouTube is doing:

#Thread (2/2): @Youtube wants to shame #ContentCreators away from discussing the #Election2020 — they are trying to elicit a Pavlovian response. @Google seems to have learned this from #China. Thank you @TuckerCarlson for having me on tonight!— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) December 10, 2020

It is to be hoped that, as the Supreme Court justices contemplate the overt, extreme, and outcome-changing constitutional violations that the left visited on the 2020 presidential election, they also consider what will become of America if the justices put their imprimatur on the left’s election fraud and its ability to rewrite history in a way that Big Brother would envy.  Right now, the only person who can keep us from traveling down this road to becoming the United States of Oceania is Donald Trump.

NOTE: Here at American Thinker, as long as this policy is in effect, we will do everything we can to avoid relying on YouTube videos.  However, we can’t yet embed videos from other sites such as Rumble, although we’re working on the problem.  Meanwhile, we encourage content-providers to abandon YouTube immediately.

Be seeing you

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Of Color Revolutions: Foreign and … Domestic?  (The First 72 Hours.) – WatchingRomeBurn

Posted by M. C. on November 10, 2020

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

In a further attempt to circumvent the intelligence of the voter, the American media machine has, this past Saturday, Nov 7, 2020, arbitrarily declared Joe Biden president. There are many problems with this report being accurate. The largest problem is that of the media itself.

In declaring Biden the winner, this media ignores very credible accusations of Biden campaign election fraud, substantiated problems with the mail-in ballots, successful legal challenges and, more importantly, that at least three of the states in question will be available to Trump, by state law, to perform a recount. When these recounts do occur, they will likely be under court order and also allow all Republican vote watchers to view the millions of mail-in ballots of which thousands are already in question.

To begin this presentation of the first 72 hours since election night Nov 3, it would serve the voter well to remember: This is same media which first spent more than two years championing, like Biden himself, the utterly debunked Russia Gate allegations and next the Democrat’s very flawed and deliberately tepid Impeachment attempt against incumbent Trump.

More to the point, as of Election Day of this past Tuesday, that media had worked a blanket media censorship of the very credible allegations of a Biden family influence-peddling operation while their candidate was, then, Vice President.

It must be now also be recalled that Biden, during a campaign stop Q&A presser on Oct 25, stated very clearly, that…

“[W]e have put together and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” 

While his statement may also prove the upcoming need for the 25th Amendment, if it is not an admission of complicity, it is certainly an indictment of the media.

These past seventy-two business hours are already the stuff of American history and a good reason for a journalist to stay up all night to follow and report this ongoing daily history. Unless Trump concedes, this election has many more days to go. This reporter, thus sleep-deprived and objectively irritable, will in the days to come update the proceedings within the body of this series.

To the student of history and American backed Color Revolutions, when MSM divisively anointed Biden far too early as US president- after a two-and-a-half-year quest to do so- their candidate, Joe Biden, became, instead, America’s own Juan Guaido.


It has become apparent that the Trump campaign’s concern about the Dems use of mail-in ballots was justified since all allegations begin here. Trump strategists were expecting this. What was not expected was that the DNC would be so brazenly obvious in using the mail-in ballots to Biden’s advantage.

The chronology of questionable vote counting began in the wee hours of election night morning.

Still barely awake and by then cross-eyed, news hit the screen at approx. 2:30 AM EST that despite the national back and forth of the vote count, suddenly that vote count had been suspended for the night in NV, AZ, MI, Wi, PA, GA and NC. These were the last of the swing states that were still key to any victory. All but two (GA and AZ) are under a democratic governor’s control. This stoppage seemed very strange. Brief research did not reveal a precedent to this, at which time the vote favored Trump in all but AZ and NV.

Interestingly, on that night several hours before every network had already called AZ for Biden with only 75% counted. This early declaration came despite the Trump campaign’s protests and AZ governor, Doug Ducey saying,

“I encourage media outlets, cable news and national pundits to… avoid the temptation to declare a winner until our Arizona election officials have finished their jobs.”

A look at the converse is also enlightening.

As of this Sunday morning, despite NC reporting, a 99% tally and a recount proof 1.3 % lead all weekend for Trump, not one media source has, as they did so quickly for Biden in AZ, NV, WI, PA, GA, declared that state and NC’s fifteen delegates for Trump’s total.

Deliberately, this action continues to deceive the uneducated voter that there is a much larger, and presumably insurmountable electoral lead for Biden. The intent is to sow disinterest and make the allegations irrelevant to the win.

Before pursuing some much-needed strong tea and a walk, I wrote down the existing vote counts in all these states as a reference for the restart of the media’s count beginning the next day.

Revitalized, I took a quick look at tabulations on my screen merely out of habit. What I saw sent me scrambling for my notes. Suddenly Biden was up in MI. This had happened while the count was reportedly suspended!

A quick search provided a graph comparing the Biden to Trump vote count, minute-by-minute per state. Looking back in time, the graph had spiked straight up, not diagonally, for Biden during my few minutes of absence. This sudden upward tick was so large that it had put Biden in the lead. The same graph showed no uptick for Trump at the same moment at all. All Biden votes. No Trump votes?

As dawn broke, Michigan’s “Decision Desk HQ” attempted to explain away too easily this discrepancy:

“The data showing Biden receiving 100% of the newly counted votes was released at 5:04 a.m. by Decision Desk HQ which showed Biden with 2,130,695 votes at Trump with 2,200,902 votes. But that data was not correct…Once we identified the error, we cleared the erroneous data and updated it with the correct data as provided by officials. We stand by our data as reflected… “


Since that morning’s reawakening, many more questions have been buried by the media. Not in these pages.


This day, news surfaced of Trump’s observers being barred from their duties by the vote counters in many locations in many states. This, at the least, called into question the workers neutrality.

Hindsight would recall that before the election there were successful efforts by Democrats to loosen electoral administration standards. This did legalize ballot harvesting, where, such as in Texas, partisan “volunteers” went out and collected ballots, sometimes after helping voters fill them out. The same laws facilitated same-day voter registration and mass mail-in voting.

At the same time, the DNC decried efforts by the RNC to require ID or proof of citizenship to vote.

After the early morning irregularities of November 4, there continued the mysterious discoveries of huge tranches of ballots that were overwhelmingly, if not exclusively for Biden. This turned out not to be surprising.

It was reported that US District Judge Emmet Sullivan was outraged at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for not following his specific court order to “sweep” all USPS facilities for any possible stashes of ballots before 3 PM on Election Day. Prudently, Sullivan’s order was crafted to prevent ballots surfacing for counting after the close of the polls at 8 PM. Of course, this, in part, was exactly what happened. Said Sullivan, “At some point, the postmaster is either going to have to be deposed or appear before me and testify under oath,” adding, The court has been very clear that it expects full compliance, while excoriating the US Postal Service’s legal team for failing to promptly notify him after the agency supposedly realized it couldn’t meet his deadline.

Naturally, it was then confirmed by the vote counters in many districts that “glitches” with the digital voting machines had flipped Republican votes into the Democrats’ column as was documented.

As Wednesday continued, next were reports from people who showed up to vote in person but were told by poll workers that they had already voted as absentees, despite not having requested an absentee ballot. This was confirmed by a voter, Eugene R. who contacted the author through his website, stating that this happened to both he and his wife in Allentown, PA.

In many of the Democrat-controlled precincts in PA reports coming in regarding vote counters limiting access to Republican observers, in defiance of court orders, were frequent.

Combined, these individually insignificant reports began to quickly add up to suspicion. However, next came a very large statistical anomaly, in both Georgia and Michigan.


In Michigan for example, by using the old screenshots provided, there showed a minimal mathematical difference of just 7,131 votes between Trump and GOP Senate candidate John James. This was as expected since, as PEW research agreed, the vote for senator almost always closely follows that of the presidential vote and adheres to party preference.

However, the difference between Joe Biden and Democrat candidate Gary Peters was, very strangely, 69,093.

In Georgia, as of 6:05 AM EST Wed the difference between Trump and GOP offering Senator David Purdue was also in line with party preference. However, in checking the difference between Biden and the Democrat candidate for Senator, Jon Ossoff, it was 98,501. (Biden: 2,414,651 Jon Ossoff : 2,318,850)

This math is worthy of further scrutiny and explanation, but on the first examination can only be explained by either a lot of dyed in the wool republicans not voting the party line for Trump and Biden instead. Or….?

Certainly, this report from the first full day of post-election 2020 should pique the interest of any concerned voter, democrat and republican and demand their further personal scrutiny of the ongoing events. However, in anointing Biden as the winner already, the goal of America’s media is to suggest via its cover-up, that these current allegations, just like those of influence peddling, are now over and done with.

A review of the states that remain in play show, that unless Trump concedes, both sets of allegations will remain very much in play in each of these contested states and then, likely, in the Electoral College’s “Certification of Attainment” on Dec 14.


There is much penny ante finger-pointing by the GOP and combined these smaller allegations, such as restrictions of Republican observers, may turn into a playable hand. However, it is the legislative law and violations thereof that are the serious political chess moves that will, this week, be revealed by Trump.

Before looking at the main legal challenge, the easier subject is per state recounts.

Recounts can be required or commissioned by state law in WI, GA, MI and PA. While it is true that recounts rarely change a previous outcome, one might well remember the Florida recount of 2000 and…the strength of the allegations that seem to favor Trump. Should there be a recount, it will certainly be done under direct scrutiny, no matter what,  by the GOP state operatives and the supervision of the courts.

At this time the margin for Biden-reportedly– is GA: 10,195; MI: 46,113; PA: 19,423 and WI: 20,510. This is a total of 96,241. Considering the cumulative total of allegedly illegal votes, this number, subject to a recount and the courts, would seem to be plausible.

Of, Recounts.

Already the Trump campaign has informally requested a recount in WI, but cannot as yet do so per WI statute.

Under Wisconsin election law, there is no automatic recount, even if the unofficial results are extremely close; a candidate must request one. According to the state’s manual outlining the process, candidates can request a recount if they are within the 1% margin of victory. Biden currently has a lead of just 0.7 percentage points with 99% of votes tallied. The request cannot be filed before the initial counting is complete, so that news is pending.

During a WI recount, it must be open to the public, and the Board of Canvassers has the option of a hand-count or to use voting equipment to re-tabulate the ballots, unless a court orders otherwise. 

In Pennsylvania, where the margin is less than or equal to 0.5% of the total vote, an automatic recount may be required in the event of certain discrepancies as described here. At this time, Joe Biden has 49.608 percent of the vote, and Donald Trump has 49.098 percent of the vote, a margin of 0.51 percent.

Regardless of percentage difference, the recount can be requested, if filed, and subsequently paid for by the complainant, within five days of the election or five days after the computational canvass and must be requested through the Court of Common Pleas. If error or fraud is found, an additional five days is provided to make additional requests elsewhere, like the courts.

Georgia does not automatically initiate a recount. However, if a candidate falls with a 0.5% margin or less, a recount can be requested. Georgia law also states that a recount must be requested within two business days following the certification of results. State law does not specify who pays for the recount, but like PA percentage difference is not a requirement.

Michigan sets five criteria for requesting a recount: 1) The candidate ran for president. 2) The request “alleges that the candidate is aggrieved on account of fraud or mistake in the canvass of the votes.” 3)  the request “shall contain specific allegations of wrongdoing only if evidence of that wrongdoing is available to the petitioner.” 4) The request “sets forth…the nature and character of the fraud or mistakes…” 5) The request “specifies the counties, cities, townships, and precincts in which the recount is requested.”

Presumably, Trump’s legal army have checked-off all five boxes.

It is true that in all four states Trump is losing, and in states like MI, PA, WI, is at the moment slightly over the threshold for an automatic recount. But it is the allegations of fraud that may put Trump within those limits for a recount, or possibly swing the state in his favor afterwards. With all these states still a day or more from final results, the term, “Re-count,” will soon hit the news on four separate fronts.

Pennsylvania, SCOTUS… and the Re-Count.

See the rest here

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has authored and published over 180 in-depth articles over the past twelve years. Many have been translated and republished worldwide. He can be reached at: live-on-scene ((at)) Prior articles can be viewed at his archive:

Be seeing you

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