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Why It’s Bad To Mention the ADA When Not Wearing a Face Mask – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on June 9, 2021

If you can’t identify your boundaries, communicate your boundaries, and defend your boundaries without the need to justify it by saying “It’s the law,” you miss a far more important law: you are created in the likeness of God and have certain qualities that merit honoring.

By Allan Stevo

You are a human. You don’t need a law in order to exist. You don’t need a law in order for you to want to have preferences and for you to want to be treated according to those preferences in line with a common standard of decency. You don’t need a law in order to have boundaries that you will not cross.

To invoke such laws is akin to paying honor to those laws and recognizing them as legitimate. They have so many illegitimate applications. Be very careful with decrying them legitimate. It just takes a vote from a crooked legislature to do away with them. Moral codes of decency on the other hand are not up for determination by legislature, executive, or judiciary.

Have A Human To Human Conversation

So many are so used to resorting to force and escalation with people, saying things like “Let me speak to your manager!” Or “I’m going to sue you if you don’t _______!” Speaking to managers can be good and suing people can be good too, but to prematurely resort to threats to get your way is not good.

The prevalence of this behavior across the political spectrum is merely a symptom of the moral decay that socialism has wrought, particularly among conservatives and libertarians.

You’d think they were Communist Party supporters, the way they threaten bringing matters to the state for resolution literally within 45 seconds of an uncomfortable problem arising.

Don’t escalate prematurely. Handle things calmly and with the lowest level person who is able to address the concern. If you need to escalate, escalate. When the state gets involved, there will almost always be two losers in the process. Almost no one walks away from an interaction with the judicial system 100% whole.

Invoking Laws Prematurely Is The Same Bad, Socialist Route 

And I also mean that about invoking laws such as HIPPA or the ADA around medical privacy. These are great laws to have in your back pocket, but really, they virtually never need to be mentioned. What should instead be mentioned and is far more helpful is the moral foundation that is used to empower those laws: common decency.

If someone asks something Private don’t say HIPPA, say “That’s private.”

If someone says “I can’t do that for you,” don’t say “ADA accommodation,” say “That doesn’t work for me. What else can we do?”

If someone “doctor’s note,” to you, don’t just go fetch your doctor’s note for them, be just as comfortable saying “That doesn’t work for me. What else can we do?”

I Am Unable To Wear A Face Mask Safely 

There are so many things that can be said that simply indicate what you need from the person and do so with little need for conflict. The sentence “I am unable to wear a face mask safely,” appears to be among the most effective of them. This is not a lie. Very few people are truly able to wear a face mask safely. They cause psychological, sociological, and biological harm.

This Issue Speaks To A Deeper Uneasiness In Many People 

This is really an issue of being comfortable in yourself and being able to say “I am a fully functioning human and I am fully capable of telling others what I want.” You don’t need a law to do that. If you really feel the need for a law, sure use that crutch, but you are kicking a can down the road.

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Allan Stevo [send him mail] writes about international politics and culture from a free market perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia ( He is the author of How to Win America, The Bitcoin Manifesto, and numerous other books.

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