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Face Mask, Money, State, and Human Stupidity – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on February 23, 2021

the so-called experts’ notorious about-face on masks this past March. Having said for weeks that face coverings do not stop transmission of the virus, Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Surgeon General, and others, did a 180 virtually overnight.

By Fernando Chiocca

It’s summer. The heat on the streets of São Paulo is over 90°F. Without a facial mask, it’s hard enough to breathe. Nevertheless, 98 per cent of people are wearing facial masks (I do a mental accounting of this percentage every day). They pass by me and I see the torment they’re going through. Many squealing under the cloth that clog his breath, with sweat dripping down his forehead. In addition, these people don’t even lower their masks to leave their noses or mouths out. They spend the days, the weeks pass, the months… It’s been almost a year, and I can’t settle for the daily repetition of this abnormal scene – with varying climates, of course, sometimes a torrential rain and there’s the unfortunate under the umbrella wearing his facial mask. Sometimes it’s the only human being on a deserted street… and he’s wearing his facial mask.

The scenario is shocking to any thinking being, although the masses do not realize and seem to have assimilated an abnormality as something normal. If many people do something abnormal, the abnormal does not become normal, but only common. What is common may not be normal. And obstructing your breathing and hiding your face for no reason is definitely abnormal.

Not only is there no evidence that mask use by the general population reduces virus infection, but there is also no deadly pandemic virus to avoid. The data is available to everyone. Covid-19 was touted as being highly fatal, an existential threat, but it soon emerged that its mortality rate was very low. As Donald J. Boudreaux reported in this article,


Ages 0-19:    99.997%
Ages 20-49:  99.98%
Ages 50-69:  99.5%
Ages 70+:     94.6%

Seasonal Flu Infection Survival Rate (for population as a whole): 99.90%

This single slice of information should be sufficient to put Covid-19 in proper perspective. It makes plain that the risk that this disease poses to humanity as a whole does not differ categorically from the risk of seasonal flu – or, for that matter, from any of the many other perils that we humans routinely encounter. And because these figures show the estimated chances of survival of those who are infected with Covid, even for persons 70 years of age or older Covid obviously is not a categorically unique threat.

And yet, again, humanity has reacted to Covid in a manner categorically unique. It’s as if a hornet rather than a honeybee found its way into our home, and so to protect ourselves from the somewhat-more-threatening invader we commenced to frantically scour every room of our home with a flamethrower.

These data are confirmed by comparing the concrete result of the year of the “deadly pandemic” with other years: there was no increase in deaths outside the normal increase from one year to the next. And the numbers are available for anyone who wants to see. In fact, what happened was an unprecedented and inexplicable dramatic decrease in the number of deaths from other causes – an indication that probably many deaths attributed to such a virus were actually due to these other causes. Obviously, every death is something to regret, but the fact is that the vast majority of deaths of this disease are from people of age within normal life expectancy.

So even if the facial masks really offered protection against a virus, why would anyone under 70 care to wear them? However, they don’t. Before this mass human experiment, scientific studies pointed out that the universal use of masks does not decrease a viral epidemic (see here, here, here, here, here and here). And after the experiment (which is still in progress) it was found empirically that the studies were right (see here, here and here). That’s something anyone can infer. Here in São Paulo, as I said, the use of masks easily passes through 95% of the population, and the number of “cases” (which does not mean “sick”, only “positive PCR tests”) not only did not decrease but also did not decrease. Another empirical example is the case of Sweden, one of the places where no one wears a mask , not even on public transport, (and which has not imposed quarantines) and the number of deaths per inhabitants in 2020 is the same as in 2015. Despite the evidence, people around here are still wearing masks. And they do it just because they told them to do it. It doesn’t matter that the people who told them to wear a mask are the same ones that days before told them not to wear a mask. Jenin Younes comments on this article on

the so-called experts’ notorious about-face on masks this past March. Having said for weeks that face coverings do not stop transmission of the virus, Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Surgeon General, and others, did a 180 virtually overnight.

Here in Brazil we also have our famous youtuber “scientist” prophet of the apocalypse doing the same thing. In this video he laughs at the facial masks saying they don’t work, just to shortly after recommending them. Now these same people change their minds again and say that the masks don’t work anymore, that now we have to wear 2 or 3 masks at the same time!

And none of this is capable of making people question the use of masks; they keep using. In an excellent psychosocial analysis, Julian Rose tries to answer why:

Wearing ‘the mask’ is for those who suffer feelings of fear and/or guilt. Think about it.

One might reject such a notion “No, no, I’m just worried about being fined, that’s why I wear it”. Or “I don’t want to take any risks, the health authorities wouldn’t tell us to wear masks unless there was some protection benefit.”

Are these valid responses? Both are based primarily on fear. Fear of what an authority might do if one was to disobey the rules, and fear of sickness should one not follow the authorities’ instructions.

Indeed, fear. However, these fears are completely unfounded, which means that the basis of this fear is stupidity. As we’ve seen, facial masks don’t protect anyone from viruses, and even if someone gets the coronavirus, the risk of getting sick is small, and of dying, even smaller. Influenza and tuberculosis, to name two airborne diseases, together kill 2,150,000 people worldwide each year (650,000 flu and 1.5 million tuberculosis). That’s pretty much the same death toll that Covid-19 has reportedly hit so far. That is to say, in general, the world is not facing any greater threat than the threats that have always existed.

Regarding the fear of a fine, at least in my region, I’ve never even heard of anyone who was fined for not wearing a facial mask. You see, I wear seat belts for fear of a ticket. What should be a personal choice based on an individual risk assessment has become mandatory in several places. I’ve taken several fines. And a lot of other people I know, too. Thousands of people keep taking this ticket. So, after being one of the great funders of the fine industry, I was domesticated by the whip of the State Master and am today a generally obedient puppy. But I don’t know anyone who got a ticket for being out without a facial mask. In fact, only 327 people were fined for not wearing a facial mask in the State in five months. With a population of 45 million this makes the chance of receiving a fine for lack of facial mask as 0.00000727%, making the fear of the fine even more stupid than the fear of the virus. (With the caveat that the facial mask could actually protect you from a fine, but not from a virus) Of course, this number may vary from place to place, but, thank God, for now, only in some places in China there is monitoring citizens by facial recognition cameras, which can identify people in the same way that license plates are identified, and fine them. Therefore, there’s still a chance to run away from these very rare tax. However, as the Communists taught the world, an even better way than ordering you to do something is to make you feel bad about not doing something. And making a stupid humanity believe the sham that they’re saving lives against a fatal virus by hanging a piece of cloth on his face wasn’t difficult.

See the rest here

Fernando Chiocca is an anti-intellectual intellectual, abolitionist and praxeologist.  He is the editor of the Brazilian Rothbard Institute. (

Be seeing you

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If the Vaccine Comes and You are Still Wearing a Face Mask, You’re in for a World of Pain – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on September 1, 2020

For twenty years, the average and above-average American alike have been laying in bed, ever since those planes hit the World Trade Center and government said “Go to your room. We’re in charge now.” It can be no surprise that some muscles have since atrophied. The emergency they said they were handling never came to an end. The terror alerts never stopped. Some people never stopped talking about them. To this day, I don’t know what those terror alerts mean or why they matter, and not for the life of me do I care.

But I know the tools I need to be a free man in this world.

And do I ever feel lucky to be able to train with them so much this year.

A pope once wrote “Let us thank God that He makes us live among the present problems. It is no longer permitted to anyone to be mediocre.”


If I were to lay in bed for the next twenty years, and to then rise, I would not have much strength in my muscles to do the activities I once enjoyed.

I might collapse onto the ground, with my poor quivering atrophied muscles shocked by the sudden immense force that they have been called on to exert in this untrained state.

If I trained every day for a week, I might be able to get out of bed again. If I trained every day for a month, I might be able to go for a walk again.

It’s going to take some doing to work through that kind of rust, and to train yourself out of that kind of neglect — but if you know that going in, maybe that little bit of effort won’t be so bad.

You’ve done harder things. There was a time in your life, early on, when you spent every waking hour for about six months trying to figure out how to just roll your body over. You were also working on learning other tasks at the same time. Imagine how simple that movement probably is for you today and how hard it once was.

For a year, maybe a year-and-a-half, you tried your best to figure out how to balance head atop neck, atop shoulder, atop spine, atop hips, atop femur, atop knees, atop tibia, atop ankles, atop all those little movements in those cute little feet and toes that it took to keep you balanced that first time you let go and stood, and then dared to take a step. Why’d you do it? Because it felt as natural as walking out into the fresh air and feeling the sunshine on your entire face. Just feels right, this thing we call freedom.

To this day, you still probably trip and fall from time to time. Balance and coordination are a lifelong endeavor. Many efforts are a lifelong endeavor that not only stop growing, but atrophy, and even die if neglected.

Would the most innocent, lump of happiness and love that makes up a child ever sabotage her own growth, her own progress, her own advancement toward being a full, free and capable part of this world?

I’ve never heard of that child.

Then what would cause any adult to do that? Somewhere along the way something changes in some people.

It took you about two years to learn how to grasp a thing as simple as a pencil, and another two years of work before you could bring any precision to the process, perhaps even longer. To this day, you probably still have to work pretty hard, if you’re going to operate a pencil with much precision.

I’m not asking you to do anything that hard at all, nothing as hard as the work it took you to learn how to operate a pencil, which when you think about it is a pretty amazing accomplishment. Compared to all the thousands of challenges like these, that you’ve worked so hard at and accomplished, this one is a walk in the proverbial park.

For twenty years, the average and above-average American alike have been laying in bed, ever since those planes hit the World Trade Center and government said “Go to your room. We’re in charge now.” It can be no surprise that some muscles have since atrophied. The emergency they said they were handling never came to an end. The terror alerts never stopped. Some people never stopped talking about them. To this day, I don’t know what those terror alerts mean or why they matter, and not for the life of me do I care.

People have tried to explain it to me, perhaps not realizing that I stopped listening to them about twenty seconds before they started explaining, right around the moment where their tonality shifted away from the “I-am-telling-you-something-sincere-or-original” voice to the “I-am-now-delivering-a-preprogrammed-message” voice.

We still have alerts. We still have security at airports that touch passengers’ private parts “for the safety of all.” We still have a two decade unending war. We still have an even bigger military with all its parasitic appendages that a United States president and general once called the “military industrial complex” in his farewell address on January 17, 1961.

Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Be Exempt From a Face Mask at the Grocery Store Every Time – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on August 13, 2020


There are many valid exemptions to wearing a face mask. For more about that read my August 12, 2020, piece on the topic.

I have never worn a face mask in a grocery store. For more detail on that, please see my May 2, 2020, piece on this topic.

Many write me about this topic. The most common face mask request I receive is how a person can exercise an exemption at their grocery store.

This has worked for me every time.

Step 1.) Look up the store’s phone number online.

Step 2.) Take out a pad of paper, write the date, time, and phone number.

Step 3.) Call and ask for the manager, writing down the name of anyone who says their name. If asked, your reason for calling is that you have a question about the face mask policy. If the person on the phone claims sufficient authority over the topic, just talk to them.

Step 4.) Say to them “I am unable to wear a face mask safely,” may I still shop with you? I was thinking of coming by this afternoon.

Step 5.) Be patient. Don’t say anything. Let them have their turn. Don’t interrupt. Listen. Take notes.

They will A.) Say “yes,” B.) Offer to shop for you, C.) Say “no,” D.) Ask you more about your condition.

Step 6.) If they say “yes” (88% of the time), you are all done. Congratulations. That was easy. After completing the next step, just go shopping. If they offer to shop for you (10% of time), get your shopping list and go to the store. If they ask about your condition, which they almost certainly won’t (1% of time), tell them you aren’t comfortable talking about it. There are lots of good reasons not to go down that road with them. If they say “no” (1% of time), ask to speak to someone else.

If you encounter one of the very few managers who deny you entry, and refuse to let you speak to someone else, please honor their property rights, go shop elsewhere, and try again during a different shift. And by all means, make it a point to call their corporate office about the matter.

Step 7.) This is very important. Ask this: “So should I ask for someone at the door? Or what should I do when I arrive?” This is a question that will get you a higher level of service. The person on the phone will likely suggest you ask for them or another manager. Get the name of anyone you should ask for. Be sure to use that name when you arrive.

This is an important step, because often a manager doesn’t want you standing in line unmasked; a manager doesn’t want you freaking out other customers; a manager doesn’t want you lingering around the store unhelped.

Because of this step, I am often escorted to the front of the line (some cities still have two hour long lines for groceries, and the people living there put up with it). Because of this step, my presence in the store will often be announced across the employee communication channels and employees will be instructed not to harass me, nor to allow anyone else to harass me. Because of this step, I am given white glove service at the grocery store, the same level of service I hope you are granted for your bravery. I’ve never in my life been treated like such a valuable customer at the grocery store.

Please don’t cause a scene. Calling ahead of time is the right way to do this. Tensions run high at the door. Approaching a face mask compliance checkpoint unmasked puts you at a disadvantage and may put the person manning the checkpoint unnecessarily on edge.

Please don’t avoid the trouble of making this phone call. This three-minute phone call is vital to the process. It peacefully, respectfully, and reasonably resists a one-size-fits-all medical order.

Please don’t go into the store with a mask, even if you are just in a hurry. If you have a legitimate reason not to enter a store without a face mask, don’t push yourself to wear it. Instead, push yourself to stand up for yourself and your legitimate and honorable boundaries. There is little that can be more important than spending five of ten extra minutes on this. Please vow today to never again wear a face mask at a store.

Some point out that freedom isn’t free. No one is asking you to spend your Christmas in a fetid French trench. No one is asking you to storm Omaha Beach. No one is trying to get you to travel half a world away in the mind-numbing name of “defense,” and to undergo all manner of horrors.

What I am asking, is that you take this unpopular stand and not wear a face mask if you are one of the many millions of exempt people.

Don’t avoid the grocery store. Don’t avoid the unpleasantness of the phone call to a manager and the tiny risk of uncomfortable, but calm confrontation.

Your liberties are being incrementally denied you and denied many others. You are stopping the picking away at freedom with this seemingly tiny, but incredibly meaningful act.

When 100% of people stop complying with the face mask orders, the face mask orders are null. They’ll be null long before then.

When 100% of people comply with face mask orders, there will be a goggles order, and a face shield order, and a visor order, and a hermetically sealed helmet order, and who knows what else.

You do the world a great favor when you don’t wear a face mask. You do the world a favor when you fit into an exemption and live your life unmasked.

In this specific situation, and in many others, you do so much for the world by identifying your boundaries, communicating your boundaries, and defending your boundaries.

Let me leave you with the story of three men who did exactly that. I wrote August 1, 2020, about the narrative that they want you to believe. They want you to believe that there is not now, nor has there ever been opposition to the whittling away of liberty.

I got this from a reader in response.

In 1933, when Roosevelt closed the banks, my great-grandfather, Marion Hezekiah (Kye) Holden, old man Hendricks and old man Chitwood (that’s all I ever heard them called) saddled their horses and rode into town … Atoka, Oklahoma. When they arrived at the bank, they pinwheeled the horses up to the front door. Each man had a Winchester laying across the saddle horn.

There was a U.S. Marshal on either side of the door. Old man Hendricks got down and went into the bank and withdrew all his deposits in gold and silver coin. He returned and re-mounted. Then Kye did likewise, followed by Chitwood. They were the only ones that got their gold and silver deposits out of the bank.

The U.S. Marshals never moved.

Be blessed.


For my own well-being, I have not once complied with a face mask order, and I have no intention of ever complying with a face mask order.

I hope you will join me.

Are you with me?

Send me your stories from the checkpoint and help me put an end to this tyranny.


Be seeing you


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The Resistance Has Begun! 24 Examples of Americans Resisting – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on April 16, 2020

The BBC describes the American death count with this problematic sentence: “At present in the US, any death of a Covid-19 patient, no matter what the physician believes to be the direct cause, is counted for public reporting as a Covid-19 death.”

Probably happening everywhere.

More free government/EU/UN money, more grants, more publicity. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong.

If your church still refuses to open, have your own service.


Neil Ferguson has called for an 18-month rolling quarantine. Many government officials have cited his Imperial College paper as defense of the corona lockdowns. Like every other algorithm, this too has turned out to be based on the mere guess of an academic. Algorithm is another word for “guess.” Model is another word for “guess.”

It turns out that those guesses aren’t actually panning out. We have wagered a lot on those guesses, and taken unprecedented anti-social action. New York, for example, has needed some 18,000 hospital beds, not the 55,000, 73,000, or 136,000 that some predicted.

Data from Oregon shows the lockdown to be unnecessary. A professor there demonstrated more than a week ago that lockdowns are not working.

Though there are severely inflates death counts, only 150 healthy individuals are believed to have died of Covid-19 with no pre-existing conditions. The BBC describes the American death count with this problematic sentence: “At present in the US, any death of a Covid-19 patient, no matter what the physician believes to be the direct cause, is counted for public reporting as a Covid-19 death.”

Wow. Corona wasn’t that big of a deal? That’s great news.

These lockdowns aren’t working? That’s some pretty big news too.

What are officials doing in response? Doubling down on lockdowns.

What are people across the country starting to do in response to that? Saying they’ve had enough. The resistance is here.

The Face Mask Resistance – If You’re Gonna Wear A Mask, Make It A Guy Fawkes Mask

75 people showed up outside the Ohio State House to protest the lockdown. Some came masked, not in the obligatory fear mask mandated by the national top-down fear mask movement, but in Guy Fawkes masks!

Video footage of Ohio state house protests can be found here and here. Photos here.

If they make you wear a mask, send a message. If you think face masks work, please read this pre-politicization of face masks (2016) piece. They certainly don’t work well enough for people to get violent with those not wearing them.

Early Victory: Philadelphia Fear Mask Resistance Forced The Hands Of Pols

People were being pulled off busses in Philadelphia for not wearing face masks, some of the thugs doing the enforcing weren’t wearing face masks themselves.

Philadelphia‘s SEPTA public transportation system required passengers to wear a face mask as of Thursday, April 9. Passengers refused and stood their ground.

In the exact opposite of social distancing, passengers were violently pulled off buses by gangs of cops in Philadelphia for not wearing masks. After these shameful displays of police violently removing unmasked passengers were captured by bystanders on social media, the face mask requirement was rescinded.

In our heavily charged political climate, somehow the willingness to not wear a face mask has itself become a potent sign of civil disobedience in some corridors of America.

The Bravest Principal In California

Principal Derrick Bravo at Outside Creek Elementary in California’s San Joaquin Valley has kept his school open. It is the only public school in California that remains open.

A Gulag California Restaurant Owner Has Quietly Stayed Open

In his essays these past weeks on black markets and corona, Arizona sheriff candidate David Hathaway has predicted that, just as the prohibition on alcohol caused speakeasies to form, speakeasies and other informal arrangements will open around restaurants. Daniel McAdams proves him right.

America Was Founded In Religion

Religious freedom has been an important theme since America’s European settlement began. It can be no surprise that some of the most active resistance to corona communism is taking place among the religious.

Mississippi Preacher Taunting The Police

Temple Baptist Church of Greenville, Mississippi had a drive-in prayer service this past week. Police raided, ticketing the congregants $500 each, saying the mayor wanted to make an example of the congregation.

How did the pastor respond? Did he cower? Did he apologize? Did he admit he was wrong to worship against the will of the local officials? In his words “I told them to get some more tickets ready because we will be preaching Sunday morning and Sunday night.”

Church Bravery In Louisiana

A pastor in Baton Rouge said of the members of his congregation “They would rather come to church and worship like free people than live like prisoners in their homes.” Pastor Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church, vowed to hold an Easter celebration.

The media in the weeks preceding Easter was vocal about the need to shut down the church, but was afterward surprisingly silent about whether the Easter service took place.

When I called the church to verify that they held an Easter service, the most distinguished sounding Southern gentleman picked up the phone and said to me matter-of-factly, “We’re Christians, we hold church every Sunday.”

It’s “Legal” To Go To Church Again (Sort Of)

Laws are made by legislatures. Laws are not made by governors. Rights are granted by God, or some would say by nature of being a human, but not by constitutions. Any governor who thinks he makes the law is a fool. A few governors have gotten the message.

Easter services were made “legal” again in Wisconsin (sort of), as long as the service is held outdoors.

Church was made legal again in Texas too, before Holy Week got under way, with the Governor being reminded that he’s only a visitor in the governor’s mansion. A handful of other governors have gotten the same message.

In Colorado churches are now “exempt” from the lockdown after a Baptist group threatened a First Amendment lawsuit.

Standing Up To Police Intimidation In Kentucky

Kentucky’s Governor vowed to track down Easter worshipers by using license plates: which certainly means there were a lot of people expected to worship there on Easter, otherwise there would be no need to even make such a policy. Good on you Kentucky!

Despite finding nails on the ground, meant to harm and deter them, and police in their parking lots, meant to intimidate them, Christians in Kentucky met on Easter Sunday 2020.

The Sonny Method

When encountered with intimidation, Thomas DiLorenzo points to the “Sonny method” for dealing with cops and media hacks attempting to interfere in a religious ceremony.

Courageous Christians Even in DC

Rather than shutting its doors, St. Cyprian in Washington DC commits to remains open throughout the day, each day, for prayer.

Courageous Serbians

This Serbian Bishop refused to comply with the orders to shutter the churches and boldly said mass.

More Courageous Californians

Parishioners of Bethany Slavic Missionary Church are said to be meeting in small groups in private homes for worship. Some would consider this admirable. The church, perhaps tiring of the legal attention, tiring of the media publicity, and wanting to be left alone, denies this.

Tennessee Resistance

Even though Facebook removed his post for “promoting a crime,” Greg Locke, lead pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, says he will keep his church open during the coronavirus panic.

The Most Inspiring Use Of A U-Haul

From the back of a U-Haul in a parking lot, this priest refused to abandon his flock. In contrast to some of the many cowardly clergy out there, the image of the U-Haul and the sea of cars is something to behold.

Stop Giving – Let The Obedient Churches Go Broke

Some American pastors are shocked that their congregations won’t pay for them to do nothing when they are most needed. Churches are being hit hard by the lack of collection. If your pastor won’t re-open the church doors, let the church go broke.

Social Distance From Compliant Pastors

Speaking of do-nothing pastors, Laurence Vance calls on all Christians to socially distance from milquetoast pastors in our age of corona communism.

Have Your Own Service

If your church still refuses to open, have your own service. Here’s how one LRC reader started his Easter.

Have Your Own Service 2.0

And one can also take it a step further than having your own Easter celebration. You can invite others and welcome them to bring their guns. Ammon Bundy invited hundreds for Easter in Idaho and got a decent turnout. The corona bans demonstrate the point that without the Second Amendment, there really is no First Amendment.

Republican Idaho State Representative Heather Scott has spoken against the Republican Governor’s corona ban, as has Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler. Wheeler has called for a meeting of the full Idaho State Legislature to discuss the Governor Brad Little’s actions.

Bravely Helping Others

In defiance of an order to stay off the streets,  a doctor and a team of volunteers has provided Covid-19 testing to homeless in Miami.

Keep Minding Your Own Business

In a hilarious video, a police officer came after a man running down what was ostensibly a closed beach. The guy’s response: he just kept on running.

Power To The People

Pulling out a camera is a potent statement to someone in power that they are being put on the record. This gentleman called out an officer’s arbitrary rules and filmed the officer.

San Francisco Style Corona Response

A freedom cell in San Francisco responded to lockdown orders with some disruptive entrepreneurship. They opened an underground night club. Police responded by confiscating the booze and arresting no one.

There Are Even Examples Of Government Coming To Its Senses (Very Slowly)

Recognizing that Covid-19 is not turning into the catastrophe some experts predicted it might be, Seattle sent back a 250-bed army field hospital after 9 days. It never saw any patients.

Republican Tennessee Mayor Glenn Jacobs calls out Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee for his bad decisions in issuing a statewide stay-at-home order.

The president of Brazil is snubbing social distancing.

Thomas Massie, will go down as a hero during this chapter in American history, for his bold stand against corona communism.

Courage Is Contagious

If this collection of notes from the resistance inspired you, please pass it along to others. Courage, after all, is contagious. Resistance thrives on courage.

If you have inspiring tales from the resistance to share, shoot me an email.

Be seeing you








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