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Why Kamala Harris? – American Thinker

Posted by M. C. on August 30, 2021

It is now amply obvious why Biden’s handlers chose Kamala.

They saw in her someone who was so inept and amateurish that she made the somnambulist Joe look like the brighter one.

Kamala Harris has made Joe unimpeachable.

When Joe Biden declared Kamala Harris his running mate in the 2020 election, it perplexed many among his allies and detractors.

Why on earth did Joe opt for a relatively youthful individual who makes him look even older than he is in contrast?

What caused Joe to choose somebody who lambasted him during the primaries and accused him of racism?

It has to be remembered that Kamala couldn’t win a single state during the primaries and was compelled to drop out before the election commenced. She, therefore, brought no electoral benefits to Joe.

Joe had pledged to select a female running mate.

But among the myriad able, capable, and respectable female politicians in Washington and around the country, why Kamala?

Before there could be any more questions or speculations, the liberal media began the celebrations — even where I am, in India.

She was a woman who had pigment in her skin. She was biracial, her mother is from India while her father is black and from Jamaica. Since diversity is the flavor of the moment, she satisfied all the criteria with flying colors.

There were fawning interviews, obsequious television profiles, and copious flattering magazine articles.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that the sinister puppet-masters pulling Joe’s strings were behind this, they knew Joe wouldn’t last long owing to his rapidly declining cognitive abilities. At some point, Kamala Harris would replace Joe as president so that the far-left agenda can be implemented.

That would make her the first female president. There would be the reason for more flattering and slobbering by the media. Some even had already begun fawning.

The fact that Joe kept referring to his government as the Harris Biden administration and on some occasions called her President Harris further fuelled conspiracies

It, therefore, wasn’t a matter of if but when Kamala Harris replaced Joe Biden.

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