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Masks-Erie County PA

Posted by M. C. on October 4, 2021

We sat in on a Parents Protecting Children- North Western School District Zoom meeting last night.

Has your child has been threatened, intimidated or segregated by school authorities? Has your school medically treated or masked your child without your knowledge? Has your school violated its own policies, for the worse, in the treatment of your child? Has your child’s medical exemption been ignored and violated? Have your Constitutional rights been violated?These are happening in Erie County school districts. There are ways to fight this.

First you must fully document any untoward incident. What happened, who was involved, what happened and when. Then, starting with Facebook, contact: Parents Protecting Children- North Western School District. For the General McLane district GM Parents United Coalition is the group. They can refer you to other school district groups and can enlighten on what is being done and who can help with situations like yours.

Now my humble opinion, not that of those mentioned above.Government schools are well…government. What government and other fill-in-the -blank minions want is to control you and your money. Like everything government, schools are in desperate financial shape. The money keeps flowing with each student in attendance. This is the main reason for heightened truancy enforcement. Federal covid money comes with strings. Those strings are compliance to “guidance”. Control of you and yours is their tool.

As Deep Throat said in All The President’s Men – Follow the money.

There is a Philadelphia Enquirer (!!!) article relating how lockdowns and masks have made children more susceptible due to lack of natural immunity. A rise in mental illness is also implied.

Be seeing you

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