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We can’t sit this out: we’re dealing with a ‘criminal conspiracy’ to usher in global socialism – LifeSite

Posted by M. C. on October 17, 2021

‘We are dealing with scoundrels of the first order, who have upended whole societies and countries, and watched ordinary people suffer and die, to advance their own agenda.’

(Edward Pentin) – Editor’s note: The following is an essay written by Professor Douglas Farrow, which was published on Edward Pentin’s site.

Jeremy Isaacs’ The World at War includes an interview in which Hitler’s personal secretary, Traudl Junge, reports that the Führer, in his last days, replied to a question about the future of Germany as follows: “I believe there will not any more be a National Socialist Party; the idea will die with me. But maybe in a hundred years or so there will arise another National Socialist idea, like a religion.”[1]

It has not yet been a hundred years, but I begin to see what Hitler meant. From the South Pacific to the North Atlantic, even democratic countries such as Australia and Canada are rapidly going full Nazi.[2] We’ve been living for eighteen months now under a “health emergency” in which rule by fiat has replaced the rule of law. In Australia, rubber bullets are flying to suppress resistance to this perpetual state of exception.[3]

Who knew that constitutional rights could be suspended for such a long and indefinite period, with routine renewal of emergency powers by the same people who wield them? Who knew that this could be done in the name of Health and Safety when more people are dying as a consequence of the special measures than are dying from the health threat that putatively requires them? Who knew that to “safeguard” healthcare, the government could cancel much of it or make it difficult to access; build and staff quarantine camps instead of hospitals, when neither are needed; impose coercive mandates that violate the most basic principles of the Nuremberg Code; dismiss physicians and healthcare workers who dissent from the dirty tactics and dare to expose government lies?

The most remarkable thing, however, is the stupendous credulity that characterizes significant tracts of the population, especially in academia, where our “critical minds” are said to reside. The credulity and the cowardice; for when it comes to enrolling in the religion of fear, the universities have vied with each other to be first in line and to teach that religion to their students.

I have listened in disbelief to a mob of McGill professors demanding that the administration deny constitutionally guaranteed rights to students and colleagues who refuse their religion of fear. I have read with dismay the American Medical Association instructing its members how to manipulate patients and public opinion with dishonest language.[4] I have taken note of government psy-op activity and of media censorship.[5] Alas, I have also seen bishops and pastors, who ought to know better – who are obligated to know better – succumb to the new law of Fear and preach the new gospel of Safety, even to the closing of their churches, the coercing of fellow clergy, and the dividing of their flocks.[6]

One would think that several months with a weekly COVID-related death rate of less than one per 100,000 Canadians would have calmed this hysteria. [7] One would think that critical minds might recover their lost wits when jolted by new data showing that in Britain all-cause mortality has for some time been lower among the unvaccinated than among the vaccinated.[8] Or when shown by age-stratified data that, for the majority of people, the risks of vaccination outweigh the risks of remaining unvaccinated. Or that vaccination does not prevent infection and transmission, and that a non-sterilizing vaccine cannot do so.[9] Or that these are not vaccines in the first place, but novel gene therapy treatments with short-term efficacy at reducing symptoms, uncertain long-term dangers, and unacceptable levels of serious adverse reactions.

But no, our supposedly critical minds are baying for the blood of the unvaccinated and of any administrator who refuses to shed it through coercive mandates. Evidence of their own political, medical, and moral folly they simply refuse to consider.[10]

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

If patriotism was once the last refuge of the scoundrel, today that refuge is environmentalism and global health. Watching over the sphere of global health is the heavily politicized World Health Organization. There are also “independent” monitors and advisory committees, such as The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness & Response and the soi-disant Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.[11] The former, maintaining that “the threats to human, animal and environmental health are inextricably linked,” has used the COVID crisis to call for the establishment of a Global Health Threats Council with sweeping powers to monitor progress towards WHO objectives, including those of the 2030 Agenda. [12]

Exactly who is monitoring whom, and who is colluding with whom to achieve what, is no easy question for a layman to answer.[13] But collusion there plainly is, including collusion dating back more than a decade, to engineer crises that could be put to good use for economic and political ends. Both the definition of a “pandemic” and the strategy for fighting one were quietly changed. The new strategy, what we know as the COVID-zero strategy, holds real promise of concentrating power in the hands of a few. Indeed, it has already done so.[14]

Something else changed, too, which anyone could have and should have noticed. By early last year, the media had moved into lockstep mode. Identical (if highly contradictory) memes such as “two weeks to flatten the curve” and “the new normal” and “build back better” and “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” began to appear simultaneously in the mouths of officials and of reporters the world over. So did censorship of opposing voices. Where censorship was not possible, the charge of Misinformation! was laid down as covering fire by hired guns in the media or in the university sector, as by public figures such as Dr. Fauci.


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