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Watch “Unvaccinated Man Feeling Left Out As All His Vaccinated Friends Have COVID” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on January 13, 2022

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Dr. McCullough Bombshell: Covid Outpatient Treatments Being Suppressed!

Posted by M. C. on January 4, 2022

In a recent interview with the Epoch Times, Dr. Peter McCullough claimed that the US government is actively working to suppress any investigation of outpatient Covid treatments. As the Omicron variant appears to be infecting the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated, the question increasingly being asked is why after two years are there no treatments? Also today, an insurance company CEO blows the whistle on a shocking increase in working-age deaths last year. Finally – a victory for Navy Seals suing for medical freedom.

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Where Do You Stand? | Kunstler

Posted by M. C. on December 19, 2021

The omicron moment may be the power-mad little weasel’s last stand. Reports so far indicate that omicron is a mild form of the virus. The one death reported to date did not include any information about the patient’s co-morbidities. For all we know, it was a motorcycle wreck with an omicron-positive label slapped on.

James Howard Kunstler

The public health bureaucrat who styles himself as “the Science” is at it again. In his quest to eliminate the control group for his experiment in hazardous mRNA injections, Dr. Anthony Fauci reiterated his warning that the nation faces “a crisis of the unvaccinated.” Omicron is upon us, he told a US Chamber of Commerce meet-up this week, and the hospitals will soon be overwhelmed by the unvaxxed.

Oh really? In fact, the gravest threat to America’s public health is… Dr. Tony Fauci and his debauchery of medical science. This will surely come as a surprise to readers of The New York Times, who see in the two-year (so far) Covid-19 event a splendid opportunity to hasten the destruction of the US economy and our culture in order to consolidate their own power to coerce and control the population. Clear the offices! Shut down the social spaces! Make ordinary business as difficult as possible! Cancel Christmas! That’ll git’er done!

In fact, Dr. Fauci is likely responsible for a preponderance of the total 802,000 US Covid deaths — putting aside the number of people who actually died from highway accidents, cancer, diabetes, old age, and other causes, but were listed as covid deaths by hospital accounting personnel avid for federal subsidy cash.

It was Dr. Fauci who organized the suppression of easily marshalled and inexpensive early treatments for the disease, namely hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, fluvoxamine, budesonide, azithromycin, monoclonal antibodies, Vitamin D, etc. It was Dr. Fauci who promoted the protocol of sending sick patients home from the ER without any treatment to await the further development of fatal clotting in their lungs. It was Dr. Fauci who designated the drug remdesivir — which he developed years ago for hepatitis-C (it did not work) with a financial stake in the patents — as the primary inpatient treatment for Covid-19. And then it turned out that remdesivir destroys patients’ kidneys and is ineffective anyway in late treatment of the disease when viral loads wane and spike proteins have already created the fatal capillary clots in the alveoli of the lungs and in other organs.

It’s Dr. Fauci who is responsible for the emergency use authorization on the mRNA “vaccines” that may have killed hundreds of thousands more Americans — based on the CDC’s VAERS system and statistical analysis of its inherent under-reporting at only 2.2 percent of all actual events— and you can add multiples more in non-fatal adverse reactions, including permanent disabilities. It’s Dr. Fauci who finagled the inadequate and botched trials of the mRNA vaccines in order to rush them into use. And now it’s Dr. Fauci who wants to vaxx up all the children in America, despite evidence that the mRNA shots permanently disable children’s innate natural immune systems and can cause lasting heart, blood vessel, brain, and reproductive damage, and also despite the fact that few children are susceptible to serious Covid illness in the first place.

The omicron moment may be the power-mad little weasel’s last stand. Reports so far indicate that omicron is a mild form of the virus. The one death reported to date did not include any information about the patient’s co-morbidities. For all we know, it was a motorcycle wreck with an omicron-positive label slapped on.

Dr. Fauci is now warning that America’s hospitals will be overwhelmed (and that it will be the fault of the unvaxxed). Consider this: He predicted the same thing for the first wave of the virus in the winter of 2020 and then the giant emergency hospital set-up in New York’s convention center was never used, nor was the US naval hospital ship brought up for Covid duty. Consider also: going forward, there may be more deaths from the delayed pernicious effects of the vaxxes — namely, the spike proteins which are now observed to linger in the organs and blood vessels as long as fifteen months after the shot — than deaths from the Covid-19 virus itself.

By the way, while Dr. Anthony Fauci may represent the leadership of the corrupt US public health bureaucracy, we cannot let the medical establishment itself off-the-hook for this epic fiasco of crisis mis-management. There are roughly a million doctors in America, and all but a tiny fraction of them have gone along with Dr. Fauci’s wrongful and harmful edicts.

See the rest here

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‘Lancet’ BLASTS ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ Propaganda

Posted by M. C. on December 14, 2021

A prominent German researcher has published findings in the British medical journal The Lancet his evidence that vaccinated individuals are increasingly driving infection and thus referring to a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is harmful and unnecessary. Was it all just propaganda and fearmongering? Also today, nurses are quitting vax mandate hospitals in droves and signing up for more pay where their personal freedom is valued. And…hold off on that holiday booking to Hong Kong!!!

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Watch “Austria Freak Out: Lockdown EVERYTHING!” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on November 20, 2021

Just a day after announcing that the unvaccinated would lose all basic human rights, the Austrian government took it a stage further and ruled that the entire country would lose its basic human rights. Back to a nationwide lockdown to control a covid outbreak that was not controlled last time by a nationwide lockdown. Make sense? Also…as the AP reports, experts are “baffled” that in unvaccinated Africa, where there have been no lockdowns, there are very few covid cases and deaths are a tiny fraction of those in Europe and the US per capita. Finally today: Fauci demands three jabs and Biden’s approval rating continues to freefall.

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Proponents of Forced Vaccines Want You to Think Healthcare Is a Communal Resource | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on October 26, 2021

The collectivist movement of the present day derives its strength not from an inner want on the part of modern scientific thought but from the political will of an epoch which yearns after Romanticism and Mysticism.

Robert Zumwalt

One narrative currently being circulated in support of vaccine mandates is that unvaccinated people will cause an undue strain on the healthcare system because they are more likely to contract covid-19 and take up hospital beds that could be used for other people. Presumably, by “other people” they mean those who took the vaccine like they were told to do.

This sentiment seems to be behind statements like the one in a recent Washington Post opinion article that “[t]he unvaccinated are killing people in ways they probably never imagined.” It also seems to be behind the decision of about seventy-five doctors in Florida to stage a “symbolic walkout” to “protest a surge in unvaccinated COVID-19 patients.” A glance through any social media platform will likely turn up more of this narrative that unvaccinated people will cripple the US healthcare system.

This narrative is ultimately being used by supporters of vaccine mandates to paint anyone who declines to fall in line with their wishes regarding vaccination as not only dangerous, but immoral.

The Implied Assumption That Healthcare Is a Communal Resource

Those who oppose mandates appear to have a strong argument that, if the vaccines work, the vaccinated should have no need to force others to be vaccinated as well. The burdens of being unvaccinated will fall on the shoulders of the unvaccinated, so no justification exists to require them to do differently.

In response, many of those seeking to impose vaccine mandates have taken up the argument that the unvaccinated will still harm society simply by putting undue strain on the healthcare system when they inevitably fall ill in droves. This group claims that failure to be vaccinated represents a needless exhaustion of scarce healthcare resources and is therefore an unethical choice.

Even if true, and there are reasons to be skeptical of it, this is merely a utilitarian argument, but somehow it has managed to transform into a moral one in many people’s eyes. How has this happened?

We typically do not view someone purchasing a service as injuring others just because he leaves a little less of it behind for everyone else, as all human activity would be unethical by that standard. Most people would only view this as unethical if it involved consuming resources belonging to someone else. For this reason, in order to cast the act of being unvaccinated as unethical, healthcare resources must be viewed as a communal good, i.e., as resources that belong to society collectively rather than to the individuals who produce or buy them. Individuals who get sick do not merely purchase medicine, they use up medicine that belongs to everyone else.

That our political elites already hold something like this collective attitude toward healthcare is no secret, the US president recently scolding that “our patience is wearing thin” with the unvaccinated and their personal medical choices.

Communal Attitudes to Healthcare Foster False Moral Claims about Its Use

If the average person can be habituated to adopt this communal attitude toward healthcare resources, it can then be wielded as a moral bludgeon against anyone dissenting from the mandates of the community’s leaders. This supposed collective ownership of healthcare resources implies the right of society to control how individuals use those resources. Those found wasting the community’s resources are to be disdained as its enemies.

The intensity of emotion around the subject of healthcare during a pandemic can only push this tendency further. Panicked members of society can be more easily convinced that others are morally obligated to preserve those communal healthcare resources at the expense of all other considerations.

Thus members of society come to vilify an individual’s simple act of considering alternatives and weighing the costs and benefits to himself. It is not acceptable that a person use his own judgment to determine what course of action will be in his own interest; he is required to concede to the collective judgment and adopt whatever medical interventions society deems best—not what society deems best for his personal health, but what it deems best for society as a collective whole.

The primary problem with this characterization is that it just isn’t true that healthcare is a “communal resource” in this sense. Healthcare resources are simply those medical materials and services individuals are willing to provide to purchasers who are willing to pay for them (artificial state programs like Medicare notwithstanding).

Thousands of individuals make healthcare decisions and purchase medical services for themselves like this every day. But the average person does not see each individual doing these things for himself. He sees only the net effect of those thousands of actions going on day after day, resulting in the “healthcare system” as we know it. It is something akin to a mass delusion that this collection of interconnected individual actions is conflated in the minds of many as a collective entity.

Ludwig von Mises dealt with the idea of collective social systems adroitly in Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis. Mises addressed the long history of intellectual thought in which it was assumed some external purpose imbued society with something like a personhood of its own. But early thinkers were naïve to the fact that the existence of interconnected societies is only made possible once individuals begin to engage in a division of labor. It is this action by individuals, explainable entirely by their desires to serve their own individual ends, that is responsible for the advancement of societies. Mises says that “the primitive thinker always sees things as having been organized from outside, never as having grown themselves, organically” (p. 296).

Instead, Mises teaches that society is the result of many individuals acting independently and voluntarily for their own interests. Cooperation is therefore required, not by force, but because this cooperation is the means by which one man may cause another to do something voluntarily that benefits him. “Society exists only where willing becomes a co-willing and action co-action. To strive jointly towards aims which alone individuals could not reach at all, or not with equal effectiveness—that is society.” (p. 297)

The collective view stands opposed to this understanding of society:

The collectivist movement of the present day derives its strength not from an inner want on the part of modern scientific thought but from the political will of an epoch which yearns after Romanticism and Mysticism. Spiritual movements are revolts of thought against inertia, of the few against the many; of those who because they are strong in spirit are strongest alone against those who can express themselves only in the mass and the mob, and who are significant only because they are numerous. Collectivism is the opposite of all this, the weapon of those who wish to kill mind and thought. (p. 64)

Almost one hundred years after this writing, the collectivist elements in our societies seem even more eager to crush mind and thought than before. Today, the threat of moral condemnation for anyone daring to question their directives on vaccination is just one more instrument they have adapted for this purpose. Author:

Robert Zumwalt

Robert Zumwalt is an attorney with undergraduate degrees in economics and political science.

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We can’t sit this out: we’re dealing with a ‘criminal conspiracy’ to usher in global socialism – LifeSite

Posted by M. C. on October 17, 2021

‘We are dealing with scoundrels of the first order, who have upended whole societies and countries, and watched ordinary people suffer and die, to advance their own agenda.’

(Edward Pentin) – Editor’s note: The following is an essay written by Professor Douglas Farrow, which was published on Edward Pentin’s site.

Jeremy Isaacs’ The World at War includes an interview in which Hitler’s personal secretary, Traudl Junge, reports that the Führer, in his last days, replied to a question about the future of Germany as follows: “I believe there will not any more be a National Socialist Party; the idea will die with me. But maybe in a hundred years or so there will arise another National Socialist idea, like a religion.”[1]

It has not yet been a hundred years, but I begin to see what Hitler meant. From the South Pacific to the North Atlantic, even democratic countries such as Australia and Canada are rapidly going full Nazi.[2] We’ve been living for eighteen months now under a “health emergency” in which rule by fiat has replaced the rule of law. In Australia, rubber bullets are flying to suppress resistance to this perpetual state of exception.[3]

Who knew that constitutional rights could be suspended for such a long and indefinite period, with routine renewal of emergency powers by the same people who wield them? Who knew that this could be done in the name of Health and Safety when more people are dying as a consequence of the special measures than are dying from the health threat that putatively requires them? Who knew that to “safeguard” healthcare, the government could cancel much of it or make it difficult to access; build and staff quarantine camps instead of hospitals, when neither are needed; impose coercive mandates that violate the most basic principles of the Nuremberg Code; dismiss physicians and healthcare workers who dissent from the dirty tactics and dare to expose government lies?

The most remarkable thing, however, is the stupendous credulity that characterizes significant tracts of the population, especially in academia, where our “critical minds” are said to reside. The credulity and the cowardice; for when it comes to enrolling in the religion of fear, the universities have vied with each other to be first in line and to teach that religion to their students.

I have listened in disbelief to a mob of McGill professors demanding that the administration deny constitutionally guaranteed rights to students and colleagues who refuse their religion of fear. I have read with dismay the American Medical Association instructing its members how to manipulate patients and public opinion with dishonest language.[4] I have taken note of government psy-op activity and of media censorship.[5] Alas, I have also seen bishops and pastors, who ought to know better – who are obligated to know better – succumb to the new law of Fear and preach the new gospel of Safety, even to the closing of their churches, the coercing of fellow clergy, and the dividing of their flocks.[6]

One would think that several months with a weekly COVID-related death rate of less than one per 100,000 Canadians would have calmed this hysteria. [7] One would think that critical minds might recover their lost wits when jolted by new data showing that in Britain all-cause mortality has for some time been lower among the unvaccinated than among the vaccinated.[8] Or when shown by age-stratified data that, for the majority of people, the risks of vaccination outweigh the risks of remaining unvaccinated. Or that vaccination does not prevent infection and transmission, and that a non-sterilizing vaccine cannot do so.[9] Or that these are not vaccines in the first place, but novel gene therapy treatments with short-term efficacy at reducing symptoms, uncertain long-term dangers, and unacceptable levels of serious adverse reactions.

But no, our supposedly critical minds are baying for the blood of the unvaccinated and of any administrator who refuses to shed it through coercive mandates. Evidence of their own political, medical, and moral folly they simply refuse to consider.[10]

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

If patriotism was once the last refuge of the scoundrel, today that refuge is environmentalism and global health. Watching over the sphere of global health is the heavily politicized World Health Organization. There are also “independent” monitors and advisory committees, such as The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness & Response and the soi-disant Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.[11] The former, maintaining that “the threats to human, animal and environmental health are inextricably linked,” has used the COVID crisis to call for the establishment of a Global Health Threats Council with sweeping powers to monitor progress towards WHO objectives, including those of the 2030 Agenda. [12]

Exactly who is monitoring whom, and who is colluding with whom to achieve what, is no easy question for a layman to answer.[13] But collusion there plainly is, including collusion dating back more than a decade, to engineer crises that could be put to good use for economic and political ends. Both the definition of a “pandemic” and the strategy for fighting one were quietly changed. The new strategy, what we know as the COVID-zero strategy, holds real promise of concentrating power in the hands of a few. Indeed, it has already done so.[14]

Something else changed, too, which anyone could have and should have noticed. By early last year, the media had moved into lockstep mode. Identical (if highly contradictory) memes such as “two weeks to flatten the curve” and “the new normal” and “build back better” and “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” began to appear simultaneously in the mouths of officials and of reporters the world over. So did censorship of opposing voices. Where censorship was not possible, the charge of Misinformation! was laid down as covering fire by hired guns in the media or in the university sector, as by public figures such as Dr. Fauci.


See the rest here

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The Great New Normal Purge – Consent Factory, Inc.

Posted by M. C. on October 16, 2021

The way I see it, the next six months will determine how successful the initial stages of the roll-out of this new totalitarianism will be. By April of 2022, either we’ll all be showing our “papers” to the New Normal Gestapo to be able to earn a living, attend a school, dine at a restaurant, travel, and otherwise live our lives, or we will have thrown a monkey wrench into the machinery.

In Germany, Australia, and other New Normal countries, protesting the New Normal is officially outlawed. The New Normal Gestapo is going around to people’s homes to interrogate them about their anti-New Normal Facebook posts. Corporations are openly censoring content that contradicts the official narrative. New Normal goon squads roam the streets, checking people’s “vaccination” papers.

So, the Great New Normal Purge has begun … right on cue, right by the numbers.

As we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” have been warning would happen for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregated, stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools, denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted.

Relentless official propaganda demonizing “the Unvaccinated” is being pumped out by the corporate and state media, government leaders, health officials, and shrieking fanatics on social media. “The Unvaccinated” are the new official “Untermenschen,” an underclass of subhuman “others” the New Normal masses are being conditioned to hate.

You can see the hatred in the New Normals’ eyes …

But it isn’t just a purge of “the Unvaccinated.” Anyone deviating from the official ideology is being systematically demonized and persecuted. In Germany, Australia, and other New Normal countries, protesting the New Normal is officially outlawed. The New Normal Gestapo is going around to people’s homes to interrogate them about their anti-New Normal Facebook posts. Corporations are openly censoring content that contradicts the official narrative. New Normal goon squads roam the streets, checking people’s “vaccination” papers.

And it’s not just governments and corporations carrying out the New Normal Purge. Friends are purging friends. Wives are purging husbands. Fathers are purging children. Children are purging parents. New Normals are purging old normal thoughts. Global “health authorities” are revising definitions to make them conform to New Normal “science.”

And so on … a new official “reality” is being manufactured, right before our eyes. Anything and anyone that doesn’t conform to it is being purged, unpersoned, memory-holed, erased.

None of which should come as a surprise.

Every nascent totalitarian system, at some stage of its takeover of society, launches a purge of political opponents, ideological dissidents, and other “anti-social deviants.” Such purges can be brief or open-ended, and they can take any number of outward forms, depending on the type of totalitarian system, but you cannot have totalitarianism without them.

The essence of totalitarianism — regardless of which costumes and ideology it wears — is a desire to completely control society, every aspect of society, every individual behavior and thought. Every totalitarian system, whether an entire nation, a tiny cult, or any other form of social body, evolves toward this unachievable goal … the total ideological transformation and control of every single element of society (or whatever type of social body it comprises). This fanatical pursuit of total control, absolute ideological uniformity, and the elimination of all dissent, is what makes totalitarianism totalitarianism.

Thus, each new totalitarian system, at some point in its evolution, needs to launch a purge of those who refuse to conform to its official ideology. It needs to do this for two basic reasons: (1) to segregate or otherwise eliminate actual political opponents and dissidents who pose a threat to the new regime; and (2) and more importantly, to establish the ideological territory within which the masses must now confine themselves in order to avoid being segregated, or eliminated.

The purge must be conducted openly, brutally, so that the masses understand that the rules of society have changed, forever, that their former rights and freedoms are gone, and that from now on any type of resistance or deviation from official ideology will not be tolerated, and will be ruthlessly punished.

The purge is usually launched during a “state of emergency,” under imminent threat from some official “enemy” (e.g., “communist infiltrators,” “counter-revolutionaries,” or … you know, a “devastating pandemic”), such that the normal rules of society can be indefinitely suspended “for the sake of survival.” The more terrified the masses can be made, the more willing they will be to surrender their freedom and follow orders, no matter how insane.

The lifeblood of totalitarianism is fear … fear of both the system’s official enemy (which is constantly stoked with propaganda) and of the totalitarian system itself. That the brutality of the system is rationalized by the threat posed by the official enemy doesn’t make it any less brutal or terrifying. Under totalitarian systems (of any type or scale) fear is a constant and there is no escape from it.

The masses’ fear is then channeled into hatred … hatred of the official “Untermenschen,” whom the system encourages the masses to scapegoat. Thus, the purge is also a means of allowing the masses to purge themselves of their fear, to transform it into self-righteous hatred and unleash it on the “Untermenschen” instead of the totalitarian system, which, obviously, would be suicidal.

Every totalitarian system — both the individuals running it and the system, structurally — instinctively understands how all this works. New Normal totalitarianism is no exception.

Just reflect on what has happened over the last 18 months.

Day after day, month after month, the masses have been subjected to the most destructive psychological-terror campaign in the history of psychological terror. Sadly, many of them have been reduced to paranoid, anus-puckering invalids, afraid of the outdoors, of human contact, afraid of their own children, afraid of the air, morbidly obsessed with disease and death … and consumed with hatred of “the Unvaccinated.”

Their hatred, of course, is utterly irrational, the product of fear and propaganda, as hatred of “the Untermenschen” always is. It has absolutely nothing to do with a virus, which even the New Normal authorities admit. “The Unvaccinated” are no more of a threat to anyone than any other human being … except insofar as they threaten the New Normals’ belief in their delusional ideology.

No, we are way past rationality at this point. We are witnessing the birth of a new form of totalitarianism. Not “communism.” Not “fascism.” Global-capitalist totalitarianism. Pseudo-medical totalitarianism. Pathologized totalitarianism. A form of totalitarianism without a dictator, without a definable ideology. A totalitarianism based on “science,” on “fact,” on “reality,” which it creates itself.

I don’t know about you, but, so far, it has certainly made quite an impression on me. So much so that I have mostly set aside my satirical schtick to try to understand it … what it actually is, why it is happening, why it is happening now, where it is going, and how to oppose it, or at least disrupt it.

The way I see it, the next six months will determine how successful the initial stages of the roll-out of this new totalitarianism will be. By April of 2022, either we’ll all be showing our “papers” to the New Normal Gestapo to be able to earn a living, attend a school, dine at a restaurant, travel, and otherwise live our lives, or we will have thrown a monkey wrench into the machinery. I do not expect GloboCap to abandon the roll-out of the New Normal over the longer term — they are clearly committed to implementing it — but we have the power to ruin their opening act (which they’ve been planning and rehearsing for quite some time).

So, let’s go ahead and do that, shall we? Before we get purged, or unpersoned, or whatever. I’m not sure, as I haven’t seen a “fact-check” yet, but I believe there are some commercial airline pilots in the USA who are showing us the way.

CJ Hopkins

Be seeing you

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Vaccine Mandates: Who Will Comply, and Why? | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on September 23, 2021

The introduction of covid certificates is not, essentially, related to the idea of preventing the spread of the more contagious delta variant, because if they were, another lockdown would very likely be proposed as the solution. In such a case, lockdown would disable both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated (who clearly spread the virus too) from contaminating others. Covid certificates favor vaccinated populations, because they have adhered to desirable behavior during the pandemic.

Jovana Diković

The presumption of venality, as it is inscribed in new measures against the pandemic, is extremely interesting, at least from an anthropological point of view. The measures implemented over large parts of Europe include, most notably, covid certificates. Elsewhere, in addition to covid certificates there has even been an incentive for games of chance among those who are vaccinated. The purpose of covid certificates is to make the life of the unvaccinated more difficult and hence to exert additional pressure toward vaccination. The main assumption is that if people feel their quality of life is impaired (through an inability to go to restaurants, theaters, to attend or take part in sporting activities, and so on) then this response would be the easiest way out. Surely, they will act as expected and get the vaccine.

Applied to parenting (because what else is the state but one great guardian?), child psychologists advise against this pattern of behavior because children should not be brought up through a system of blackmailing and rewards. They warn that such a system nurtures a bad character, a venal personality incapable of making its own decisions, and more importantly, it creates a person of poor moral traits. With the new anticovid measures, the state (guardian) acts in a retrogressive way and treats mature individuals as if they were children, anticipating that they will react properly for the conditioned reward: if you do not get your vaccine, you cannot go to the restaurant and enjoy your Zürcher Geschnetzeltes.

From a scientific angle, it will be important to trace people’s reactions to the measures imposed. This is critical to learning whether they contribute to an increased rate of vaccination. If yes, this might reveal that early in their childhood people adopted a pattern of blackmail and reward as a key form of communication. Child psychologists perhaps would say that they were wrongly brought up. If not, it may tell us that during their childhood—apart from conditioned reflexes—people developed intuitive moral responses to blackmailing and bribery, and that being true to their principles (no matter how questionable these are) is more important to them than Zürcher Geschnetzeltes or going to the theater.

The introduction of covid certificates is not, essentially, related to the idea of preventing the spread of the more contagious delta variant, because if they were, another lockdown would very likely be proposed as the solution. In such a case, lockdown would disable both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated (who clearly spread the virus too) from contaminating others. Covid certificates favor vaccinated populations, because they have adhered to desirable behavior during the pandemic. Thus, they are rewarded with a permit for things that normally do not require permission, such as going to restaurants, shops, theaters, and so on. 

On the other hand, as the unvaccinated understand the new measures, these are directed toward punishing them. By the way in which the explanations are framed and intoned, many European governments reprimand the unvaccinated, telling them that they will have to bear the costs of testing on their own because states and taxpayers do not have to support their irresponsible behavior any longer.

The new measures are aimed at conditioning those who clearly do not want to get vaccinated, because had they wished to, they would doubtless have gotten vaccinated by now. The introduction of disproportionate measures that put basic quality of life at stake go toward disciplining the unvaccinated. In contrast, lockdowns are a tough but pretty much egalitarian measure that could have continued to follow the pandemic as it develops.

The basic paradox of covid certificates, however, lies in the fact that (as already mentioned) they are not really aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, which neither favors those who have been vaccinated nor those whom the vaccines are intended to protect. If we assume—and such predictions generate additional interesting work for scientists—that the bulk of the unvaccinated, with minimal deviation, are not going to get the vaccine even after the imposition of the measures, then the whole idea of pandemic prevention falls apart. Namely, this makes the fundamental idea of fighting coronavirus meaningless, which is basically built upon the argument that if it is not already possible to eradicate the virus, then at least the possibility of its spread should be minimized. At this point, the idea of lockdown—seen from a purely medical standpoint—is fairer, although in many ways it is controversial in itself.

On August 31, The Guardian published an article entitled “Vaccine passports will make hesitant people ‘even more reluctant to get jabbed,’” which discusses research examining the attitudes of sixteen thousand people in Great Britain, fourteen thousand of whom are not yet vaccinated. In the unvaccinated group, 87 percent expressed the view that they would not change their decision even if covid passports were required. The data also show that there are differences of opinion among the unvaccinated—between those who consider covid passports acceptable only if they are required for international travel, but not for domestic use, and those who reject the idea of covid passports outright.

Covid certificates will be an important social indicator of the foundation of the assumption of venality, and of the sort of pressures under which people deviate or do not deviate from their principles. This will be significant for ethics specialists, because it will offer them clusters of fresh material that can better explain the existing spectrum of moral justifications and reasoning. For anthropologists, it will provide new insights into what kind of society and values are generated and how permanently. For epidemiologists, virologists, and medical workers it may reveal whether the new measures have perpetuated the vicious circle of the pandemic or if they have contributed to the fight against it. Finally, for politicians it may indicate whether society in the long run can be governed by applying the historically problematic concept of segregation—only this time to the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Author:

Contact Jovana Diković

Dr. Jovana Diković is an economic anthropologist and researcher at the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at the University of Zurich. She is also a lecturer at the Universities of Zurich and St. Gallen. Her regional expertise is in the rural Balkans where she investigates how microeconomics, local cultures, values, and ideas skew the course of the state plans for agriculture, rural development, and cooperation. She is particularly interested in understanding how the synergy of local forces reconfigures the institutionalized idea of change. She widely publishes in academic journals and political magazines in Switzerland, the US and Serbia. For more about the work and interests of Dr. Diković visit: here and here.  

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bionic mosquito: Well, Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Posted by M. C. on September 15, 2021

Especially after this: Biden says he would not make coronavirus vaccine mandatory (HT Zero Hedge):

I don’t think it should be mandatory, I wouldn’t demand that it be mandatory, but I would do everything in my power….

Yeah, the devil was in that “do everything in my power” part….


Biden gave a speech….

Scapegoating is the practice of singling out a person or group for unmerited blame and consequent negative treatment. Scapegoating may be conducted by individuals against individuals, individuals against groups, groups against individuals, and groups against groups.

Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated… This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated…

That’s nearly 80 million Americans not vaccinated. In a country as large as ours, that’s 25% minority. That 25% can cause a lot of damage, and they are.

For the vast majority of you who’ve gotten vaccinated, I understand your anger at those who haven’t gotten vaccinated.

Sacrificial lamb: someone or something that is deliberately sacrificed to promote a cause or for the benefit of others.

We cannot allow these actions to stand in the way of protecting the large majority of Americans who have done their part and want to get back to life as normal.

Tyranny: government by a ruler or small group of people who have unlimited power over the people in their country or state and use it unfairly and cruelly; a situation in which someone or something controls how you are able to live, in an unfair way.

…I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employee over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated, or show a negative test at least once a week.

Authoritarianism: the belief that people must obey completely and not be allowed freedom to act as they wish.

This is not about freedom or personal choice.  You’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.

The safest thing for your child 12 and older is to get them vaccinated. They get vaccinated for a lot of things. That’s it, get them vaccinated.

If they’ll not help, if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.

And, perhaps most frightening of all…

Today, I’m announcing that the Defense Department will double the number of military health teams that they’ll deploy to help their fellow Americans in hospitals around the country.


List of Top 10 Most Brutal Dictators in Modern History

The concept of dictatorship, as well as the use of force and systemic persecution of political opponents to stay in power, dates back to the ancient Roman civilization. However, it was the modern history dictators who made it virtually a synonym for gross human rights violations and brutality. Sadly, some of the most brutal dictators in modern history held power not so long ago.

As long as “not so long ago” includes…well…like now.


The most predictable headline: Here’s who loves Biden’s vaccine mandate: The companies that have to enforce it

President Joe Biden gave a gift to every major company in America by forcing them to mandate vaccines or stringently test their employees for Covid. Their reaction to the new rule: glee.

Corporate America had been trying to navigate two competing pandemic realities: Companies are desperately trying to get back to business as usual, and mandating vaccines is among the best ways to accomplish that. But a labor shortage had tied their hands, as businesses have been worried that forcing people to get the shot would send some desperately needed employees and potential new hires packing.

What does this remind me of…?

The Gulag was a system of forced labor camps established during Joseph Stalin’s long reign as dictator of the Soviet Union. …At its height, the Gulag network included hundreds of labor camps that held anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 people each.

Today, gulags can be as small as 100 people each.  As to these corporate leaders?  Let’s just call them Biden’s willing executioners….

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