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NASCAR rescinds approval; no LGBcoin car at Daytona

Posted by M. C. on January 6, 2022

Likely afraid Uncle will cancel the “free” flyovers.

NASCAR is a PC suckhole.

NASCAR has walked back its approval for the LGBcoin car, citing that higher-ups hadn’t yet reviewed the proposal and lower-level bosses gave the go-ahead prematurely. The Xfinity Series No. 68 car was slated to race at Daytona in February. A petition is underway in hopes to make it happen.

According to driver Brandon Brown — yes, that Brandon — the “Let’s Go Brandon” trend cost him sponsors; finding ones for the ’22 season proved difficult. Then in late December, Brown introduced LGBcoin as his team’s full-season, primary sponsor, revealing a red, white, and blue Camaro, ready for racing.

The cryptocurrency company’s Major HODLer James Koutoulas shared on social media copies of email correspondence from NASCAR Senior Racing Operations Manager Dale Howell approving the sponsor, requesting only some graphic clean-up.

NASCAR told Autoweek that the team was told in November that “no form of this derogatory and vulgar euphemism would be allowed on any paint scheme or sponsorship.” Koutoulas said they were advised not to spell out “Let’s Go, Brandon” and that “LGB” when referencing the cryptocurrency’s name was approved.

Since the canceling news emerged, $LGB has doubled its 5,000 coin holders, and nearly 1,000 supporters have signed the petition urging NASCAR CEO Jim France to honor the original agreement.

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