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With “peace activists” like these, who needs warmongers?

Posted by M. C. on January 12, 2022

Mark Crispin Miller

It seems Medea Benjamin has been too busy seeking peace to do much reading on the subjects that she writes about (as in the piece below).

If she were to look into that “coup attempt” almost a year ago, beyond the shrilling of the media—reading the few journalists who’ve seriously followed up on what went down that day, and watching the many videos taken at the scene—Benjamin would see that that preposterous circus was no “coup attempt,” but a made-for-Twitter psy-op managed by the FBI, to give the media, and combustible “progressives” like herself, seeming grounds to fulminate and stamp their feet about the “threat” posed by Trump’s “fascist” base—a perfect way to deepen the division between “red” and “blue” throughout the USA, thereby further weakening We the People, and to create a “fascist” bogey to obscure the actual totalitarianism coming down on all of us. Like Noam Chomsky (who, once upon a time, knew better, but apparently forgot it all), Benjamin has no idea what a real “coup attempt” entails. She therefore ought to do a little reading on what, say, the CIA did in Iran in 1953, Guatemala the year after, South Vietnam in 1963, Indonesia in 1965, and Chile in 1973—just to name a few—so she can see last year’s state-orchestrated pseudo-“insurrection” for the propaganda fake-out that it obviously was.

Benjamin might also take a moment to reread, or read, the Constitution. Even more disconcerting than her innocence of history (up to a year ago) is her unawareness, or tacit celebration, of what’s happened to 600+ of her fellow-citizens since that “coup attempt,” which the Biden/Harris DoJ used as a pretext to throw them into federal prison on no charges, and keep many of them there, for months, in solitary confinement (which is just as wrong today as when they did it to Nelson Mandela), and subjecting others to frequent beatings and/or medical neglect. All she knows is that she’s glad that “participants in the insurrection [are] being charged,” and that “some [are] facing significant jail time.”

How does she know they’re guilty? Because the government says so? (Or is it the New York Times that’s told her what to think?) How many of those jailed “insurrectionists” were even in the Capitol at all? And what, exactly, are they all “being charged” with? Trespassing? Protesting? Rude behavior in a federal building? And how much “jail time” does this “progressive” deem “significant”?  They’re “facing jail time” of up to 20 years. Will that be “significant” enough to suit Medea Benjamin? Or would she like to see them jailed for life?

Now, what kind of “peace activist” is it who vigorously protests US acts of war against (say) Nicaragua, Cuba, Yemen, Syria, but actually supports the biggest war in human history—a war waged on us all, and one whose toll already has been vastly greater than the toll of all those “little” US wars combined? It is in furtherance of this war that the US government, and “our free press” (both corporate and “alternative”), have wildly demonized all those protesting this biggest-ever waras “far right” subversives, Nazis, “white supremacists” (just as the US government, and much of “our free press,” attacked those protesting the war in Vietnam as “communists” or Kremlin tools). That campaign greatly benefits the globalist cabal conducting this unprecedented war, by (again) dividing We the People—the oldest tactic in the Book of Empire—and normalizing the severe repression of dissent, so as to chill resistance to this bio-fascist order.

Like Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Michael Moore and all her other comrades on what (ever more perversely) calls itself “the left,”  Benjamin is weirdly blind to what is, clearly, World War III. (Outraged by the US blockades on Cuba and Iraq, because they’ve hurt so many Cubans and Iraqis, she’s never said a word about the lockdowns killing millions the world over.) And, like Chomsky and those other “leftist” bio-fascists, Benjamin is so bizarrely blind to this apocalyptic war because she’s swallowed the Big Lie about “the virus”—and the urgent need for those “vaccines” to save us from it—as completely as the German people swallowed the Big Lie about “the Jews” as vermin teeming with bacteria, necessitating their removal from society (then their extermination) so as to keep the German people “safe.”

And that is why Medea Benjamin regards the mass arrest, prolonged detention and excessive punishment of all those “insurrectionists” as the best thing that happened all last year. It’s also why—again, like all her comrades on “the left,” including Jewish Voice for Peace, in which she’s very active—Benjamin wants every Third World people “fully vaccinated,” too, as soon as possible. Thus this “peace activist” apparently supports the forcible injection of those people, who have mostly made quite clear—in India, Australia, Canada, South Africa—that they don’t want it; and so, like Chomsky and the rest, Medea Benjamin is in complete agreement with Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the World Economic Forum (including Henry Kissinger). 

God save us all from a “world peace” like that, and from the quisling “left” promoting it, in full collusion with those towering criminals.   

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