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The Great American Hospicide

Posted by M. C. on January 25, 2022

Thanks to Government Incentives, Killing For Profit Was Never Easier

Hosp- : guest, host, patient
-Cide : cut, kill; cutter, killer

If you’re ever debating anyone about how many people have died FROM Covid in the United States and you don’t have time to read everything here, the figure arrived at here is ~93,420. All the justifications are in this piece with the final conservative estimates in the final section. The number of people killed by the government, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies is far, far greater than those who died FROM Covid.

It was recently revealed through a freedom of information request to the UK Department of Health that the real Covid death toll in England and Wales is substantially less than what the corporate-state media report. The “official” number meant to scare and manipulate the population into obedience and compliance is 174,233 deaths where Covid is mentioned as the cause of death on the death certificate. The actual number of deaths in England and Wales from Covid with no other underlying cause is…17,371. The average age was roughly 81.5 years with 85% of deaths in the over 65 category.1

This figure of 17,371 has been publicly available for a month now but not one single report of it has been filed by any western “journalists”. To quote the great comic and truth teller Jimmy Dore, “I wonder why they wouldn’t want people to know the real death count? I wonder why? Maybe it’s because people would stop sh**ting their pants and putting up with all their authoritarianism. Maybe that’s why they also suppressed early treatments? Who knows?”

What about the United States and its very different healthcare system, one we’re constantly told is superior in quality to the rest of the world? In the case of Covid it certainly appears to be the number one system in the world, at enriching hospital executives, administrators and pharmaceutical companies by being one highly efficient deceptive incentivized centrally controlled killing machine.

U.S. Deaths With Covid
The current “official” fear number for Covid deaths in the United States is 865,000. This figure shouldn’t grow much with the Omicron sniffles and headache variant, but it will for a number of reasons related to incentivizing death. By now you’ve seen the reports of people being included in that overall figure who died of motorcycle accidents, car crashes, cancer, gun shots and so forth. The absurdities of those counted as Covid deaths are endless but there’s a reason for this. The government pays a lot of money to hospitals that have “covid deaths”, even if those people didn’t die FROM covid. We know that those who had multiple co-morbidities and died with Covid were roughly 73% of the total. But what about those who died because they were never given early treatments and then were given deadly treatments once they got to a hospital? There will be no way to effectively calculate this figure since there’s just no data to work with, and that’s by design. But let’s go off what doctors who have been treating covid patients effectively and early have been saying.

Early Treatment (40%)
We knew in the early days of the original variant that Vitamin D deficiency was found in 78% of hospitalized Covid patients and later that a mortality rate of near zero could be achieved at certain levels of Vitamin D.2 Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin also emerged as early options for treatment that showed promise even with a lack of a wide range of studies at the time. Zinc, melatonin, aspirin, fluvoxamine and others proved effective over the months. The corporate-state decision to intentionally suppress effective treatments was rooted in having vaccines in waiting that were going to be approved no matter what and their emergency use approval required there being no effective treatments available.

Thousands of doctors ignored the CDC and FDA and began studying what drugs were working around the world. Doctors shared intel with others in forums and through collaboration and by the summer of 2020 the truth was out there, effective treatments were available and working well.

On a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, Dr. Peter McCullough stated that he believes around 85% of Covid deaths in the United States could have been prevented with early treatment. The fact it wasn’t being recommended constituted ‘crimes against humanity’. In his words, it was the first time in the history of medical treatment that he was aware of that patients were told to “go home and wait until your condition worsens and need to be put on oxygen.”

In combination numerous treatments proved effective and thousands of doctors like Dr. McCullough began treating patients and perfecting their methods and protocols. Before the deadly winter wave of 2020 came, there was a very effective plan in place that could have been deployed nationally at a fraction of the cost of vaccines and Dr. Fauci’s preferred high cost weapon of death – Remdesivir.

One nation that deployed this strategy of early treatment was India in the spring of 2020. Vaccines were not in high supply for India and they were in the midst of a massive spike in Delta cases. Numerous provinces deployed early treatment packages to every citizen which included Vitamin D3, Zinc, Aspirin, Ivermectin, and Doxycycline.

They also avoided use of the odious remdesivir. “All trials are saying that this drug is not effective in the treatment of COVID-19, rather it is complicating and resulting in mortality of patients,” said Dr. Tripathi. “At so many centers, remdesivir trials were stopped. Also, remdesivir is costing minimum of Rs 5,000 per vial.”3

India’s Covid Kits given to every person in most provinces at a cost of $3. All proven early treatments included, plus a pulse oximeter. This effectively ended the pandemic in those provinces last spring without the need for vaccines.

Meanwhile when word reached the United States that Ivermectin had effectively ended the pandemic in India, Americans began seeking out the treatment for themselves. Doctors refused to prescribe it and many pharmacies refused to fill prescriptions for the drug. U.S. FDA @US_FDAYou are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it. Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19Using the Drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19 can be dangerous and even lethal. The FDA has not approved the drug for that purpose.fda.govAugust 21st 202151,596 Retweets118,189 Likes

The FDA was behind this push to suppress Ivermectin and mocked Americans for wanting to treat themselves. The agency is clearly controlled, like all U.S. government agencies, by corporations. This above tweet simultaneously shows why they didn’t want Americans getting early treatment to push the only treatment as the vaccines, and how much contempt they have for rural and red state Americans by mocking them with the “y’all”. This tweet should be revisited by historians who want to fully understand just how intentional the for-profit death management system worked on behalf of vaccine manufactures, while allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to die by pushing them away from early treatments in The Great American Hospicide.

While Dr. McCullough puts the figure at 85% of the 865,000 deaths being preventable with early treatment this presupposes that those who didn’t respond to early treatment wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital under the Remdesivir-Ventilator death protocols. For a very conservative estimate let’s use a figure less than half of Dr. McCullough’s estimate – 40%.

Vaccine Deaths
Back in September attorney Thomas Renz claimed to have found the smoking gun for “vaccine” deaths with the government’s own CMS statistics.4

See the rest here

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