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The Great American Hospicide

Posted by M. C. on January 25, 2022

Thanks to Government Incentives, Killing For Profit Was Never Easier

Hosp- : guest, host, patient
-Cide : cut, kill; cutter, killer

If you’re ever debating anyone about how many people have died FROM Covid in the United States and you don’t have time to read everything here, the figure arrived at here is ~93,420. All the justifications are in this piece with the final conservative estimates in the final section. The number of people killed by the government, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies is far, far greater than those who died FROM Covid.

It was recently revealed through a freedom of information request to the UK Department of Health that the real Covid death toll in England and Wales is substantially less than what the corporate-state media report. The “official” number meant to scare and manipulate the population into obedience and compliance is 174,233 deaths where Covid is mentioned as the cause of death on the death certificate. The actual number of deaths in England and Wales from Covid with no other underlying cause is…17,371. The average age was roughly 81.5 years with 85% of deaths in the over 65 category.1

This figure of 17,371 has been publicly available for a month now but not one single report of it has been filed by any western “journalists”. To quote the great comic and truth teller Jimmy Dore, “I wonder why they wouldn’t want people to know the real death count? I wonder why? Maybe it’s because people would stop sh**ting their pants and putting up with all their authoritarianism. Maybe that’s why they also suppressed early treatments? Who knows?”

What about the United States and its very different healthcare system, one we’re constantly told is superior in quality to the rest of the world? In the case of Covid it certainly appears to be the number one system in the world, at enriching hospital executives, administrators and pharmaceutical companies by being one highly efficient deceptive incentivized centrally controlled killing machine.

U.S. Deaths With Covid
The current “official” fear number for Covid deaths in the United States is 865,000. This figure shouldn’t grow much with the Omicron sniffles and headache variant, but it will for a number of reasons related to incentivizing death. By now you’ve seen the reports of people being included in that overall figure who died of motorcycle accidents, car crashes, cancer, gun shots and so forth. The absurdities of those counted as Covid deaths are endless but there’s a reason for this. The government pays a lot of money to hospitals that have “covid deaths”, even if those people didn’t die FROM covid. We know that those who had multiple co-morbidities and died with Covid were roughly 73% of the total. But what about those who died because they were never given early treatments and then were given deadly treatments once they got to a hospital? There will be no way to effectively calculate this figure since there’s just no data to work with, and that’s by design. But let’s go off what doctors who have been treating covid patients effectively and early have been saying.

Early Treatment (40%)
We knew in the early days of the original variant that Vitamin D deficiency was found in 78% of hospitalized Covid patients and later that a mortality rate of near zero could be achieved at certain levels of Vitamin D.2 Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin also emerged as early options for treatment that showed promise even with a lack of a wide range of studies at the time. Zinc, melatonin, aspirin, fluvoxamine and others proved effective over the months. The corporate-state decision to intentionally suppress effective treatments was rooted in having vaccines in waiting that were going to be approved no matter what and their emergency use approval required there being no effective treatments available.

Thousands of doctors ignored the CDC and FDA and began studying what drugs were working around the world. Doctors shared intel with others in forums and through collaboration and by the summer of 2020 the truth was out there, effective treatments were available and working well.

On a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, Dr. Peter McCullough stated that he believes around 85% of Covid deaths in the United States could have been prevented with early treatment. The fact it wasn’t being recommended constituted ‘crimes against humanity’. In his words, it was the first time in the history of medical treatment that he was aware of that patients were told to “go home and wait until your condition worsens and need to be put on oxygen.”

In combination numerous treatments proved effective and thousands of doctors like Dr. McCullough began treating patients and perfecting their methods and protocols. Before the deadly winter wave of 2020 came, there was a very effective plan in place that could have been deployed nationally at a fraction of the cost of vaccines and Dr. Fauci’s preferred high cost weapon of death – Remdesivir.

One nation that deployed this strategy of early treatment was India in the spring of 2020. Vaccines were not in high supply for India and they were in the midst of a massive spike in Delta cases. Numerous provinces deployed early treatment packages to every citizen which included Vitamin D3, Zinc, Aspirin, Ivermectin, and Doxycycline.

They also avoided use of the odious remdesivir. “All trials are saying that this drug is not effective in the treatment of COVID-19, rather it is complicating and resulting in mortality of patients,” said Dr. Tripathi. “At so many centers, remdesivir trials were stopped. Also, remdesivir is costing minimum of Rs 5,000 per vial.”3

India’s Covid Kits given to every person in most provinces at a cost of $3. All proven early treatments included, plus a pulse oximeter. This effectively ended the pandemic in those provinces last spring without the need for vaccines.

Meanwhile when word reached the United States that Ivermectin had effectively ended the pandemic in India, Americans began seeking out the treatment for themselves. Doctors refused to prescribe it and many pharmacies refused to fill prescriptions for the drug. U.S. FDA @US_FDAYou are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it. Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19Using the Drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19 can be dangerous and even lethal. The FDA has not approved the drug for that purpose.fda.govAugust 21st 202151,596 Retweets118,189 Likes

The FDA was behind this push to suppress Ivermectin and mocked Americans for wanting to treat themselves. The agency is clearly controlled, like all U.S. government agencies, by corporations. This above tweet simultaneously shows why they didn’t want Americans getting early treatment to push the only treatment as the vaccines, and how much contempt they have for rural and red state Americans by mocking them with the “y’all”. This tweet should be revisited by historians who want to fully understand just how intentional the for-profit death management system worked on behalf of vaccine manufactures, while allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to die by pushing them away from early treatments in The Great American Hospicide.

While Dr. McCullough puts the figure at 85% of the 865,000 deaths being preventable with early treatment this presupposes that those who didn’t respond to early treatment wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital under the Remdesivir-Ventilator death protocols. For a very conservative estimate let’s use a figure less than half of Dr. McCullough’s estimate – 40%.

Vaccine Deaths
Back in September attorney Thomas Renz claimed to have found the smoking gun for “vaccine” deaths with the government’s own CMS statistics.4

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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Erie Times E-Edition Article-Restaurant trade needs virus relief

Posted by M. C. on August 9, 2020

Congress hasn’t helped the COVID situation so far, don’t expect anything different it in the future.

Why don’t we hear anything about prevention? Is it because there is…

No power over the unwashed masses.

No money for vaccine salespersons.

No excuse for tagging, tattooing, tracking, going cashless.

Instead of spending money to look like it is doing something constructive, government should let the unwashed masses do something for themselves. And get this!!! Encourage healthy diets and healthy immune systems.

What! You never heard this advice from the government and medical community? Neither has anyone else.

The government must spend your money, it is the only thing it is good at. If it must spend, then spend it on healthy diets for homes and restaurants.

And for desert include vitamins C, D and zinc. That alone might accomplish more than has been done since this thing stated.

That and government just leaving us alone in general. The reason the business failures described below occurred is NOT because government didn’t shell out enough money. It is because government and it’s minions control the narrative. Government doesn’t allow the public and businesses to decide for themselves what is best in their best interest.

Free market decisions work. Smoke free restaurants comes to mind. Business was 90% to where we are now when PA government passed laws and took all the credit.

Government doesn’t want you to think you are capable of controlling your own life. Government fears for its own life if it let you control yours.

Governments not being in the bio/chemical weapon research business would be a big help also. Sadly that horse is already out of the barn.

The issue: Pandemic crushing restaurants Our view: Congress must deliver relief

Erie’s beloved Serafini’s restaurant opted to close in March and wait out the COVID-19 storm. Others pivoted to take-out and now juggle the changing, challenging state mandates.

Some, like the storied Chovy’s in Meadville, closed for good.

If restaurants and bars in Erie and nationwide don’t get help soon, more will disappear.

Erie restaurants, not cookie-cutter, reflect the city’s ethnic heritage and ground its authenticity. We celebrate our milestones there, catch up with friends and escape from our own kitchens.

Not a frivolous nicety, they play a central role in the tourist trade that added $1 billion to the local economy in 2018.

Southwestern Pennsylvania restaurant owners, crippled by recent state restrictions that limited restaurants to 25% indoor capacity and closed taverns that don’t offer meals, rallied Thursday in Pittsburgh.

They urged a return to 100% indoor capacity with social distancing measures in place.

Their pain is crushing and real. But Gov.

Tom Wolf tightened restrictions because evidence indicated young people gathering in restaurants and bars were helping to drive the new wave of cases. And with those mitigations — which align with current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for Pennsylvania — numbers are leveling off, Wolf’s administration notes.

Were careless bar owners to blame for the spike in cases? Likely. But this virus has a pernicious ability to spread when given the right conditions, especially where people gather closely together.

If health experts find restrictions can be safely tweaked, they should be. But returning to normal capacity, even with distancing measures, might pose too much risk at this crucial time when cases in the South and Midwest are on the rise. The sooner we control the virus, the sooner we recover the economy.

A tailored approach seems ill-advised.

Rural areas have fewer cases. They also have less capacity to respond to an outbreak.

Outdoor dining is helping some establishments survive, but winter is coming and so must government relief, now.

One measure on the table, the Restaurants Act, has bipartisan support in Congress. It would offer $120 billion to restaurants, bars, food trucks and more. Grants would cover lost 2020 revenues and could be spent on payroll, benefits, rent, mortgages, protective equipment and supplies. More solutions might be fashioned at the state level, as well.

Some COVID-19 relief legislation rushed through Congress previously did not reach those most in need and lacked adequate transparency. Make sure legislation to support the restaurant trade does not repeat those mistakes and get it out the door.

Our restaurant and tavern owners face uncertainty and loss through no fault of their own. Their pain and sacrifice protect the health of others. Remember the flavor, delight and society they add to our lives.

Don’t leave them hanging.

Be seeing you

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Culprits Behind Covid-19 Coronavirus Epidemic Reveal Their Destructive Agenda – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 13, 2020

By Bill Sardi

The culprits behind the contrived COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have come out of hiding.  Oh, they are not going to throw up their hands and admit they have been caught, but they certainly don’t want the current COVID-19 pandemic to vanish.  They have a hidden agenda that won’t be fully revealed till January 2021.

The COVID-19 planned-demic must continue for their confabulation to unfold.  Nay on any newly discovered medicine or preventive for COVID-19.  Nix any idea of that, be it 37-cent per pill hydroxychloroquine, zinc or vitamin D, which must be squelched.  The Centers For Disease Control and the world’s news press will see to that.



See the rest here.

Be seeing you

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Coronavirus Crisis Reopens 150-Year-Old Controversy – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on April 20, 2020

Epidemiologists busily debate the pros and cons of lockdowns and masks in controlling the spread of the virus, but I have yet to see a single report of anyone who has thought to compare the serum vitamin D levels of those who succumbed, versus those who recovered, versus those who have never become infected. This is the sort of data they should be looking at, but imbued with the germ-theory mindset, they are allowing this valuable information to slip away.

By Karen Selick

I look at the coronavirus crisis differently from most people. To me, it’s the reopening of a 150-year-old scientific controversy that much of the western world has forgotten.

French scientist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) is widely celebrated as “the father of germ theory”— the idea that we become sick when our bodies are invaded by foreign organisms such as bacteria, molds, fungi, and of course viruses. Although the idea had been circulating long before Pasteur achieved eminence, his laboratory work in the 1860s appeared to provide the scientific proof that had previously been missing.

What’s not widely known is that other French scientists working in the same field in that era held somewhat different beliefs, known as the “terrain theory”. They believed that the most important factor that determines whether or not a person becomes ill is not the presence of a germ, but rather the preparedness of the body’s internal environment (the “soil” or terrain) to repel or destroy the germ.

One of  the main terrain-theory scientists was Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908). Pasteur and Béchamp were bitter rivals over several scientific issues. The book Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter (R. B. Pearson, 1942) even suggests that Pasteur plagiarized some of his work from Béchamp—no doubt a sore point with the latter, who ultimately died in obscurity. Pasteur, by contrast, became a skilled self-promoter who literally managed to make his name a household word long past the time of his death.

The other main proponent of the terrain theory was Claude Bernard (1813-1878), who (notwithstanding their differences of opinion on scientific issues) was a close friend and associate of Pasteur’s. At the end of his life, Pasteur is said to have recognized the importance of what Bernard had been trying to tell him, remarking, “Bernard avait raison. Le germ n’est rien, c’est le terrain qui est tout.” (Bernard was right. The germ is nothing, it’s the soil that is everything.)

In 1982, French scholar Marie Nonclercq published her doctoral thesis on Béchamp, alleging that Pasteur was not only a plagiarist but also a fraud and falsifier of experimental data. But regardless of Pasteur’s character, and regardless of whether he recanted at the end or not, what lives on after him is the mindset, clearly visible amongst most of today’s medical professionals and health care bureaucrats, that it is the germ (formally designated SARS-CoV-2) that has to be tracked down, isolated, avoided, and eradicated—and that’s all that matters. The “terrain”, to conventional modern thinkers, is nothing.

For instance, on the Ontario government’s website telling its citizens what to do about COVID-19, its advice consists entirely of measures designed to prevent people from coming in contact with the virus: stay home, wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, maintain physical distancing and wear a mask when you have to go out.

No mention is made of any measures individuals can take to ensure their immune systems are operating at peak efficiency (or as the French scientists would have put it, their terrain is well prepared to mount a defence). It’s almost as though the Ontario government doesn’t believe human beings have immune systems or that they’re of any use whatsoever. The only hope, Ontario seems to believe, is for a pharmaceutical company to patent a vaccine, because that is the only way that human beings can defend themselves against a virus, or acquire immunity.

In fact, Ontario and Canada have gone out of their way to discourage people from looking for methods of helping themselves. Ontario’s website says “there is no specific treatment” for COVID-19. End of story. Canada’s government-owned broadcasting company, the CBC, recently published this article denouncing “bogus cures” including vitamin C, zinc, medicinal mushrooms and oil of oregano.

This official attitude is utter nonsense—there is actually an abundance of scientific evidence supporting various nutritional supplements as being instrumental in preparing people’s immune systems to repel or overcome viral infections.

Take zinc, for example. Many COVID-19 patients have mentioned as symptoms the loss of their senses of smell and taste. According to the BBC, these symptoms affects as many as 18 percent of infected patients. This CNN article says that some people  will take days or weeks to recover these senses after having the virus, while others may take months or years.

But the loss of these senses is a well-established symptom of zinc deficiency, a fact not mentioned in either of the two articles cited, and apparently not known to most of the mainstream medical community. Yet here is a PubMed study connecting zinc deficiencies with “smell and taste disturbances”. Here’s one specifically connecting “older patients” with zinc deficiencies and loss of acuity in the senses of taste and smell. Both of these studies also mention that zinc deficiencies lead to impaired immune function or an increased risk of infection. Can medical “experts” and governments not connect the dots?

Vitamin D is another nutrient (a hormone, actually) well recognized by scientists to have antiviral benefits. Google Scholar lists 3,670 research reports published in 2020 alone containing the words “vitamin D” and “virus”.

But rather than recommending adequate amounts of vitamin D to Canadians, Health Canada has for many years discouraged people from supplementing with it. “Most Canadians are getting enough vitamin D” says this government website, recommending only that people over 50 might want to take the paltry amount of 400 international units (IU) daily. Other Canadian governments pages recommend slightly more—this one, for instance, which says adults over 70 should take up to 800 IU daily. Never do their recommendations come even close to those of the Vitamin D Society, a consortium of scientists who study this subject. Their FAQ brochure recommends at least 4,000 IU daily to maintain a healthy serum vitamin D level.

But it gets worse. Vitamin D is actually free, if people would only go outdoors in the summer and expose their skin appropriately to the sun. These days, there are even cell phone apps that tell you when the sun is in the right position for your location, how long you should stay out, and how much of your body needs to be exposed in order to get the right dosage. The apps can also be used to determine how to prevent a burn.

Instead of telling Canadians how to get this free vitamin, Health Canada has told them for years to do exactly the opposite: to slather on sunscreen every time they go outdoors in summer and never to expose their skin to the sun.

How many Canadians have died, and will continue to die, of unnecessary health ailments (including COVID-19) because their government has given them this extraordinarily bad advice?

Americans are no better off. The National Institutes of Health fact sheet on vitamin D recommends the same 800 IU maximum that Canada recommends. And it says, “The American Academy of Dermatology advises that photoprotective measures be taken, including the use of sunscreen, whenever one is exposed to the sun.”

That’s no surprise, really. The US government is bedded down even more cozily than the Canadian government with the pharmaceutical companies who will eventually be licenced to produce the sacred vaccine.

But while Pasteur’s germ-theory mindset reigns in officialdom, savvy consumers seem to be following Béchamp and Bernard, without ever having heard of them. Vitamin C, zinc lozenges, and more exotic supplements such as monolaurin (a derivative of coconut oil which in laboratory tests destroys the viral envelope in a manner similar to soap) have been flying off store shelves. Online sellers can’t keep them in stock as word spreads among the public that there’s more they can do than merely trust their governments.

Epidemiologists busily debate the pros and cons of lockdowns and masks in controlling the spread of the virus, but I have yet to see a single report of anyone who has thought to compare the serum vitamin D levels of those who succumbed, versus those who recovered, versus those who have never become infected. This is the sort of data they should be looking at, but imbued with the germ-theory mindset, they are allowing this valuable information to slip away.

I hope this article will change that.

Be seeing you







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