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The Body Snatchers: The NWO’s Eugenics Agenda

Posted by M. C. on May 3, 2022

To reach the level of a perfect race—and ultimately immortality (which they believe they can achieve)—the unfit will have to go. And through psyops and distorted propaganda the body snatchers will convince the masses that eugenics, euthanasia and mass murder is compulsory for a squeaky-clean environment. Will humanity step in and stop the extinction of their own species, or allow it? Time will tell.

By Dr. Igor Shepherd

The body snatchers are here, and they are coming for you, me, and the rest of society—all under the guise that eugenics is necessary to contain scary viruses, end climate change, and protect the planet from pollution caused by overpopulation. We are entering a new world order where euthanasia, mandatory birth control, genetic screenings, genetic engineering, marriage restrictions, racial and mental health segregation, and abortions will be the new normal.

Eugenics is derived from ancient Greek and means “good genes,” which involves the practice of planned breeding in order to bring about better genetic traits for future populations. But to make a better race always involves elimination of those who do not have “good” genes.

What most people are not aware of is that the current ruling oligarchy follow a godless belief system called social Darwinism which they believe grants them the power to choose who lives and who dies. Legalizing eugenics allows these mad hatters to get away with mass murder.

The theory of social Darwinism promotes the belief that all species are related and gradually change over time through natural selection, which means that because of genetic variations certain individuals are born with greater genes, allowing them the rights to prevail over those bloodlines who are deemed less suitable. Charles Darwin’s premise that mankind evolved from earlier primates allows those who feel they are superior to drag the rest of the human race down to the level of animals, undermining natural law and contesting the long-held Biblical teachings that God created humans in His sacred image and likeness.

In 1859, Darwin published a daring book entitled, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Through Darwin’s philosophies social Darwinism took root and spread throughout the world, promoting the crude concept that only the “survival of the fittest,” those people who carry powerful positions in society, should be allowed to live and rule because they genetically evolved better than others. The rest of society are viewed as unfit, lazy and stupid, and this is why eugenics, racism, inequality and imperialism became a big part of the social Darwin thought-process.

This is why world leaders and members of the smokescreen organization, the World Economic Forum (WEF), have labeled themselves as the “elite” (survivors of the fittest) and propagate Darwinist theology in their writings and conferences. They are gung-ho in trying to condition the world to accept eugenics and the necessity of bulk depopulation.

In 2014, the 44th annual WEF meeting held in Davos, Switzerland, was named “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for our Society, Politics and Business.” Microsoft nerd Bill Gates and global-warming guru, Al Gore, unmasked their radical thoughts on ridding the world of the “unfit.” Both men proposed that depopulation of the world was a necessary channel with which to end climate change, and that contraception was the key in making sure high climates did not harm the world. Gates blabbed that birth control was needed because too many people “generated” pollution, which in turn created abnormal changes in the weather. Boy, what a load of doo-doo. No wonder this guy was a Harvard dropout. He cannot differentiate between real science and science fiction.

The excrement does not end when it comes to propagating eugenics as something necessary to save the world from burn-everyone-alive out-of-control weather. A few years earlier, Professor Matthew Liao, from New York University, became peanut butter and jelly for the Darwinian mindset, and put out a research paper claiming human engineering and eugenics were necessary to put a lid on climate change. His bizarre suggestions included the following:

– Gene editing to create smaller-sized people so that people ate less food.

– Genetic modification to bring about night vision capabilities so that people used less energy.

– Utilizing various methods to generate a meat-intolerant population so that gas emissions would be lowered.

– Revise women’s cognitive abilities so that birth rates nose-dived.

– Convince populations into taking pro-social hormones so as to reset their brains and get them to collectively cooperate with the climate change agenda.

And if these human hijackers can collectively brainwash the masses to accept climate change through pro-social hormone treatments, you can imagine what other mind control horrors they have up their sleeves for the lazy and stupid populace.

Marketing the acceptance of eugenics through gene editing has been ongoing for quite a long time. This is why Harvard’s Professor Michael Sandel spoke at the University back in 2004, under the headline banner, “The New Eugenics? The Brave New World of Designer Children, Bionic Athletes, and Genetic Engineering.”

Sandal is a liberal political philosopher and professor for Harvard’s law school, and has no educational background in biology or medicine. And yet he was chosen to speak on the subject of genetic engineering. Could it possibly be because he promotes social Darwinism and is labeled as an anti-market Marxist? I think so.

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