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Scamdemic: NY Gov Hochul Awards Megadonor With $637 million in No-Bid Covid Contracts

Posted by M. C. on July 20, 2022

I wonder how much of this is CARES (your tax) money? Covid is about the money for common scum like Hochul, but, for those at the top like Klaus Scwab it is about control.

Worse than Cuomo?

By Jordan Schachtel
The Dossier

For the average New Yorker, the economy is in shambles. However, if you happen to be connected to the New York political elite, business is booming.

Governor Kathy Hochul’s health department has awarded a stunning $637 million in no-bid contracts to a company led by one of her major donors, for the supply of junk COVID products like tests, masks, and other “medical” devices.

Hochul megadonor Charlie Tebele, who has contributed some $300,000 to her campaign, has scored major business from COVID Mania, securing some hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds. Before securing the money from offices controlled by his sponsored politicians, Tebele transformed his electronic device outfit (a company called Digital Gadgets) into a COVID-19 business.

The Albany Times Union reports that Tebel received “$637 million in taxpayer funds to provide the state Department of Health — an agency controlled by Hochul — with at-home COVID-19 test kits,” adding, “the huge expenditure was made without the agency conducting competitive bidding.”

According to OpenBookNY, the democrat megadonor has received all of the $637 million over the course of the last 7 months, over 29 separate payments.

The timing and nature of the deal gives off the stench of massive corruption in Hochul’s office.

One month prior to the no-bid contract being awarded, Hochul signed an executive order suspending “competitive bidding for certain contracts as well as the normal contract review and approval process conducted by [the New York Department of Health], which oversees state government spending,” the Times Union adds.

Tebele’s business is far from “essential,” as the company does not even manufacture the “COVID PPE” products that it supplies, which are likely made in China. It only acts as a “wholesaler,” or really, a middleman, for the goods. Before pivoting into COVID-19 as a business, his company sold electronic gadgets like hoverboards.

Under Kathy Hochul, New York has become fully committed to embracing COVID Mania. In ordering countless rounds of lockdowns and other mandates, Hochul has routinely outed herself as a power drunk authoritarian menace. Now we know she’s both corrupt and tyrannical.

Read the Whole Article

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The Centralization of Nations: What Does This Mean for You?

Posted by M. C. on July 16, 2022

Both men have bragged openly about creating a new genetically-engineered breed to replace the human race. I have some Jewish blood in me from my dad’s side, and I have to say, hearing a Jewish professor like Harari utter such scorn for humanity is no different than the extreme hatred Hitler had toward the Jews—which led to genocide, by the way. Obviously, Harari does not practice traditional orthodox Judaism, and will be as happy as Hitler to see “genetically impure” humans shrink in numbers.

By Dr. Igor Shepherd

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
― J. Edgar Hoover

The majority of the populace living in the free nations remind me of stiff white bowling pins. They see the big black bowling ball of globalism hurling down on them, knowing it will eventually take them out in one strike, and yet they remain woefully willing to take on whatever dreadful fate it renders. I believe part of this apathy stems from their inability to grasp just how destructive that rolling globe will be to their lives once it knocks them over. If there is any chance of stopping this global takeover before the year 2030 bears down on us, the despondent “pins” of the world need a very honest dousing of reality on what sort of life awaits them.

There is no easy way to talk about what we are all about to face, and so I am going to get down and dirty with the nitty-gritty cold hard facts behind the running engine of this one world centralized government. China’s present cushy communism or the ruthless Soviet communism I grew up under is a spit in the sea compared to the dictatorial government coming into power. Remember, a global government has never ruled the world before, and if we look back at history, we see that the quests for globalization always commenced under repressive rulers, such as Alexander the Great and Napoleon, to name a few. But those past despots do not come close to the evil plans the elite have for humanity under the upcoming global Great Reset of nations.

The global autocrats undermining every nation today did not pop up a few decades ago and decide to turn the world upside down and form a global government while drinking tea with the heads of the United Nations. The pursuit for globalization has been going on for ages, and originated way back in history, and strengthened in ideology during the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people in 597 BC. Because the Babylonian culture and rule was steeped in occult practices, many of the captured Jewish priests ended up compromising their beliefs in the God of Israel and embracing the occultic teachings they observed around them. This included adopting the philosophy that they were superior over the rest of the Jews who upheld the worship of one God. That “elitist” mindset turned into a lifelong mission to rule the world and enslave the peoples of every nation whom they considered beneath them.

Jesus exposed this minority of subverters in the New Testament, when He cursed the Sanhedrin (Jewish priests and elders who allied with the teachings of mysticism) and told them that they ‘outwardly appeared righteous, but within were full of hypocrisy and iniquity’ and ‘one with their father the devil.’

In order to conceal their esoteric views and gain a foothold in leadership positions, the compromising Jews of this underground sect continued observing and participating in the customary orthodox Jewish tradition. Today the principles of this faction are promoted through Kabbalah, secret societies, and communism.

This is why the Soviet-controlled organization, The Communist International, initiated in 1919, stated that their objective was world domination and that they would “struggle by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie {capitalism} and the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the state.”

This same mindset to destroy capitalism and globalize is now being passed on through social Darwinism, which is the belief system of today’s elite, whom foolishly assert that their genes are purer than the rest of humankind.

Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum and author of the book the Great Reset, and his advisor Professor Yuri Harari, who demoralizes the human race in his speeches and published book, Homos Deus, are both globalists who view themselves as superior to the rest of humanity. Both men have bragged openly about creating a new genetically-engineered breed to replace the human race. I have some Jewish blood in me from my dad’s side, and I have to say, hearing a Jewish professor like Harari utter such scorn for humanity is no different than the extreme hatred Hitler had toward the Jews—which led to genocide, by the way. Obviously, Harari does not practice traditional orthodox Judaism, and will be as happy as Hitler to see “genetically impure” humans shrink in numbers.

See the rest here

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The Making of a Global Dictator

Posted by M. C. on June 1, 2022

During a 2018 presentation at the annual World Economic Forum meeting, titled, Will the Future Be Human? Harari said he sees a future where info-tech and bio-tech merge, allowing the hacking of humans.

Harari claims the algorithms will know humans better than they know themselves.

The WEF philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari, says “humans are [good] for nothing and elites need to surveil them digitally.

By M Dowling
Independent Sentinel

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is a former member of the UN Advisory Board on Sustainable Development. He is also the leader of “The Great Reset”, and sees himself as the dictator of the new world order.

The WEF meets annually in Davos, Switzerland, and includes CEOs, cultural and political leaders, billionaires, and other globalists of renown.

They discuss gender equality, climate change, and the reworking of capitalism into a more feudalistic economic system they call stakeholder capitalism.

The WEF website states, “The non-profit organization’s aim is to engage the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”

Transitioning Capitalism Into Socialism

The “Great Reset” is a term coined in a 2011 book by economist Richard Florida and enthusiastically embraced by Schwab in the context of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030.

They plan to determine “the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models, and the management of the global commons.” They plan to transform the social, economic, and political structure of the world’s “operating systems” – capitalism, the free market, and democracy.

“Stakeholder capitalism” – with the private sector tightly controlled by the government – will replace capitalism. The free market is considered unfair and skewed to the advantage of an exploitive business class. Democracy is regarded as an inefficient political arrangement. It fails since it relies on the incapacity of the common man to know what’s best for him.

Dictators are arrogant.

The WEF philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari, says “humans are [good] for nothing and elites need to surveil them digitally.

During a 2018 presentation at the annual World Economic Forum meeting, titled, Will the Future Be Human? Harari said he sees a future where info-tech and bio-tech merge, allowing the hacking of humans.

Harari claims the algorithms will know humans better than they know themselves.

Read the Whole Article

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The Body Snatchers: The NWO’s Eugenics Agenda

Posted by M. C. on May 3, 2022

To reach the level of a perfect race—and ultimately immortality (which they believe they can achieve)—the unfit will have to go. And through psyops and distorted propaganda the body snatchers will convince the masses that eugenics, euthanasia and mass murder is compulsory for a squeaky-clean environment. Will humanity step in and stop the extinction of their own species, or allow it? Time will tell.

By Dr. Igor Shepherd

The body snatchers are here, and they are coming for you, me, and the rest of society—all under the guise that eugenics is necessary to contain scary viruses, end climate change, and protect the planet from pollution caused by overpopulation. We are entering a new world order where euthanasia, mandatory birth control, genetic screenings, genetic engineering, marriage restrictions, racial and mental health segregation, and abortions will be the new normal.

Eugenics is derived from ancient Greek and means “good genes,” which involves the practice of planned breeding in order to bring about better genetic traits for future populations. But to make a better race always involves elimination of those who do not have “good” genes.

What most people are not aware of is that the current ruling oligarchy follow a godless belief system called social Darwinism which they believe grants them the power to choose who lives and who dies. Legalizing eugenics allows these mad hatters to get away with mass murder.

The theory of social Darwinism promotes the belief that all species are related and gradually change over time through natural selection, which means that because of genetic variations certain individuals are born with greater genes, allowing them the rights to prevail over those bloodlines who are deemed less suitable. Charles Darwin’s premise that mankind evolved from earlier primates allows those who feel they are superior to drag the rest of the human race down to the level of animals, undermining natural law and contesting the long-held Biblical teachings that God created humans in His sacred image and likeness.

In 1859, Darwin published a daring book entitled, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Through Darwin’s philosophies social Darwinism took root and spread throughout the world, promoting the crude concept that only the “survival of the fittest,” those people who carry powerful positions in society, should be allowed to live and rule because they genetically evolved better than others. The rest of society are viewed as unfit, lazy and stupid, and this is why eugenics, racism, inequality and imperialism became a big part of the social Darwin thought-process.

This is why world leaders and members of the smokescreen organization, the World Economic Forum (WEF), have labeled themselves as the “elite” (survivors of the fittest) and propagate Darwinist theology in their writings and conferences. They are gung-ho in trying to condition the world to accept eugenics and the necessity of bulk depopulation.

In 2014, the 44th annual WEF meeting held in Davos, Switzerland, was named “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for our Society, Politics and Business.” Microsoft nerd Bill Gates and global-warming guru, Al Gore, unmasked their radical thoughts on ridding the world of the “unfit.” Both men proposed that depopulation of the world was a necessary channel with which to end climate change, and that contraception was the key in making sure high climates did not harm the world. Gates blabbed that birth control was needed because too many people “generated” pollution, which in turn created abnormal changes in the weather. Boy, what a load of doo-doo. No wonder this guy was a Harvard dropout. He cannot differentiate between real science and science fiction.

The excrement does not end when it comes to propagating eugenics as something necessary to save the world from burn-everyone-alive out-of-control weather. A few years earlier, Professor Matthew Liao, from New York University, became peanut butter and jelly for the Darwinian mindset, and put out a research paper claiming human engineering and eugenics were necessary to put a lid on climate change. His bizarre suggestions included the following:

– Gene editing to create smaller-sized people so that people ate less food.

– Genetic modification to bring about night vision capabilities so that people used less energy.

– Utilizing various methods to generate a meat-intolerant population so that gas emissions would be lowered.

– Revise women’s cognitive abilities so that birth rates nose-dived.

– Convince populations into taking pro-social hormones so as to reset their brains and get them to collectively cooperate with the climate change agenda.

And if these human hijackers can collectively brainwash the masses to accept climate change through pro-social hormone treatments, you can imagine what other mind control horrors they have up their sleeves for the lazy and stupid populace.

Marketing the acceptance of eugenics through gene editing has been ongoing for quite a long time. This is why Harvard’s Professor Michael Sandel spoke at the University back in 2004, under the headline banner, “The New Eugenics? The Brave New World of Designer Children, Bionic Athletes, and Genetic Engineering.”

Sandal is a liberal political philosopher and professor for Harvard’s law school, and has no educational background in biology or medicine. And yet he was chosen to speak on the subject of genetic engineering. Could it possibly be because he promotes social Darwinism and is labeled as an anti-market Marxist? I think so.

See the rest here

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Will Psychopaths Control the Future? Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, and the World Economic Forum

Posted by M. C. on April 24, 2022

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Exclusive Klaus Schwab Tell All interview!

Posted by M. C. on April 10, 2022

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The Fabian Society, Eugenics and the Historic Forces Behind Today’s Systemic Breakdown

Posted by M. C. on March 16, 2022

Now Russia and China, both encircled by the U.S. military industrial complex, have released a powerful  joint statement establishing a manifesto for a new operating system that enshrines the principle of sovereign nation states, and activities that promote win-win cooperation and population growth as a bedrock of order.

So when Guterres wets his pants complaining about the danger of two opposing systems now emerging, or when Biden’s handlers promote democracy summits that exclude all the nations of the world who don’t want to be sacrificed on the alter of Gaia, you can be sure that it is because something compatible with human dignity has emerged.

Matthew Ehret

The financial system is clearly careening towards a point of dissolution.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the collapse itself has already happened and we simply have not yet felt the full brutal force of the shockwave accelerating toward us. This process is comparable to a tectonic snap deep in the crust under the ocean. The snap happens and a tsunami has begun. It will hit the beach front with devastating consequences and only by breaking the habit of living in the myopic “moment” might those on the beach have a chance to get to safer ground before it is too late.

The question isn’t “will the system collapse”, but rather when will the full tsunami hit?

Additionally, WHAT will be the operating system that is brought online to replace the chaos of supply chain meltdowns, hyperinflation, scarcity and violence that will ensue?

Two Systems Clash

Already we can clearly see two opposing patterns that have taken form, illustrated in the remarks recently made by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who said:

“I fear our world is creeping towards two different sets of economic, trade, financial, and technology rules, two divergent approaches in the development of artificial intelligence—and ultimately two different military and geo-political strategies. This is a recipe for trouble. It would be far less predictable and far more dangerous than the Cold War.”

Guterres is speaking of two divergent paradigms, so what are they?

On the one hand, there is the ideology that Guterres himself devoutly supports which has taken on the title in recent years of “The Davos Agenda”, or “The Great Reset”.

Guterres even went so far as to sign UN-WEF integration treaty in June 2020 uniting both globalist bodies into one Borg-like operating system, announcing: “The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call. We must build more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change and the many other global changes we face.”

While the Great Reset professes to use the current pandemic to push through a complete overhaul of human society under a technocratic world government, the opposing system driven by those nations not invited to the recent “Global Democracy summit” and labelled “authoritarians” by Soros and the Davos clique wish to avoid being sacrificed.

Where one system is premised on a scientifically managed depopulation agenda from the top, the other system asserts the right of sovereign nations to continue as the only legitimate basis for international law and scientific progress to be the basis of economic ideology. The terms of the new system were recently re-emphasized throughout the 5000 word Russia-China Joint Statement on the terms of the New Era now emerging.

Putin himself recently laid out these terms stating: “Only sovereign states can effectively respond to the challenges of the times and the demands of the citizens. Accordingly, any effective international order should take into account the interests and capabilities of the state and proceed on that basis, and not try to prove that they should not exist. Furthermore, it is impossible to impose anything on anyone, be it the principles underlying the sociopolitical structure or values that someone, for their own reasons, has called “universal”. After all, it is clear that when a real crisis strikes, there is only one universal value left and that is human life, which each state decides for itself how best to protect based on its abilities, culture and traditions.”

What a breath of fresh air!

Compare that to Klaus Schwab’s infamous “you’ll own nothing and be happy”.

From where did the dystopic world order of the Davos Crowd emerge?

H.G. Wells’ Open Conspiracy

It might surprise you, but to answer that question, we will need to jump back nearly one century into the past and meet an ageing misanthropic social engineer named Herbert George Wells who wrote a 1928 opus called The Open Conspiracy: Blueprint for a World Revolution calling for world government, and depopulation saying:

“The Open Conspiracy rests upon a disrespect for nationality, and there is no reason why it should tolerate noxious or obstructive governments because they hold their own in this or that patch of human territory.”

Wells was a member of an organization called The Fabian Society which itself was established in 1884 by a coterie of British eugenicists and Malthusians in order to promote a new social order designed to mold society into a new mechanized order run by a managerial elite of “social scientists” from above.

See the rest here

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Dr. Klaus Schwab or: How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Posted by M. C. on March 12, 2022

On Thermonuclear War had an instant and lasting impact, not only on geopolitics, but also on culture, expressed within a few years by a very famous movie. 1964 saw the release of the Stanley Kubrick classic, Dr Strangelove, and from the moment of its release, and ever since, Khan has been referred to as the real Dr. Strangelove. When quizzed about the comparison, Khan would tell Newsweek, “Kubrick is a friend of mine. He told me Dr. Strangelove wasn’t supposed to be me.” But others would point out the many affinities between Stanley Kubrick’s classic character and the real life Herman Kahn.

The World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn. This is the amazing story behind the real men who recruited Klaus Schwab, who helped him create the World Economic Forum, and who taught him to stop worrying and love the bomb.

byJohnny Vedmore

The World Economic Forum’s recorded history has been manufactured to appear as though the organisation was a strictly European creation, but this isn’t so. In fact, Klaus Schwab had an elite American political team working in the shadows that aided him in creating the European-based globalist organisation. If you have a decent knowledge of Klaus Schwab’s history, you will know that he attended Harvard in the 1960s where he would meet then-Professor Henry A. Kissinger, a man with whom Schwab would form a lifelong friendship. But, as with most information from the annals of the World Economic Forum’s history books, what you’ve been told is not the full story. In fact, Kissinger would recruit Schwab at the International seminar at Harvard, which had been funded by the US’ Central Intelligence Agency. Although this funding was exposed the year in which Klaus Schwab left Harvard, the connection has gone largely unnoticed – until now.

My research indicates that the World Economic Forum is not a European creation. In reality, it is instead an operation which emanates from the public policy grandees of the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixonian eras of American politics; all of whom had ties to the Council on Foreign Relations and the associated “Round Table” Movement, with a supporting role played by the Central Intelligence Agency.

There were three extremely powerful and influential men, Kissinger among them, who would lead Klaus Schwab towards their ultimate goal of complete American Empire-aligned global domination via the creation of social and economic policies. In addition, two of the men were at the core of manufacturing the ever present threat of global thermonuclear war. By examining these men through the wider context of the geopolitics of the period, I will show how their paths would cross and coalesce during the 1960s, how they recruited Klaus Schwab through a CIA-funded program, and how they were the real driving force behind the creation of the World Economic Forum.

Henry A. Kissinger

Heinz Alfred Kissinger was born in Bavaria, Germany, on 27 May 1923 to Paula and Louis Kissinger. The family had been one of many Jewish families fleeing the persecution in Germany to arrive in America in 1938. Kissinger would change his first name to Henry at 15 years old when arriving in America by way of a brief emigration to London. His family would initially settle in Upper Manhattan with the young Henry Kissinger attending George Washington High School. In 1942, Kissinger would enroll in the City College of New York, but, in early 1943, was drafted into the US Army. On 19 June 1943, Kissinger would become a naturalised US citizen. He would soon be assigned to the 84th Infantry Division where he would be recruited by the legendary Fritz Kraemer to work in the military intelligence unit of the division. Kraemer would fight along Kissinger during the Battle of the Bulge and would later become extremely influential in American politics during the postwar era, influencing future politicians such as Donald Rumsfeld. Henry Kissinger would describe Kraemer as being “the greatest single influence on my formative years”, in a New Yorker article entitled, The Myth of Henry Kissinger, written in 2020.

The writer of that article, Thomas Meaney, describes Kraemer as:

A Nietzschean firebrand to the point of self-parody—he wore a monocle in his good eye to make his weak eye work harder—Kraemer claimed to have spent the late Weimar years fighting both Communists and Nazi Brown Shirts in the streets. He had doctorates in political science and international law, and pursued a promising career at the League of Nations before fleeing to the US in 1939. He warned Kissinger not to emulate “cleverling” intellectuals and their bloodless cost-benefit analyses. Believing Kissinger to be “musically attuned to history,” he told him, “Only if you do not ‘calculate’ will you really have the freedom which distinguishes you from the little people.””

Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab and Ted Heath at the 1980 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

During World War II, whilst Kissinger was serving in the U.S. Counter-Intelligence Corps, he would be promoted to the rank of sergeant and would go on to serve in the Military Intelligence Reserve for many years after peace was declared. During that period, Kissinger would take charge of a team hunting down Gestapo officers and other Nazi officials who had been labeled as “saboteurs”. After the war, in 1946, Kissinger would be reassigned to teach at the European Command Intelligence School, a position he would continue to work in as a civilian after officially leaving the army.

See the rest here

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Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

Posted by M. C. on March 7, 2022

Choose bravery over weakness

Klaus Schwab is bringing you the great reset. And not only will it be great, it’ll be a fantastic reset! The folks at the World Economic Forum are busy helping protect you from climate change and disease. Yet some people still ask, is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the World? Get the full picture along with everything they DON’T want you to know in this video!

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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is tied to Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, and other global elites

Posted by M. C. on March 4, 2022

Like Trudeau, Zelenskyy is an acolyte of the World Economic Forum.


(LifeSiteNews) – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was one of the reasons he got into politics.

After leaving his career as a comedian and entertainer and becoming Ukraine’s president in April 2019, Zelenskyy hailed Trudeau as “one of those leaders who inspired” him “to join politics,” when he became Ukraine’s president in 2019.

@JustinTrudeau was one of those leaders who inspired me to join politics.

— Володимир   (@ZelenskyyUa) July 2, 2019

While Zelenskyy has shot to stardom from relative obscurity from the perspective of the West since the Russo-Ukrainian conflict became international news last week, his admiration for Trudeau comes as less of a surprise when looking into his background.

Like Trudeau, Zelenskyy is an acolyte of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, the globalist organization behind the now-infamous “Great Reset” agenda, which tells the world that by the year 2030, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

The ubiquitous support for Zelenskyy by the elite, including support from “defund the police” and Black Lives Matter leftist mega-donor George Soros, Trudeau, American President Joe Biden, and all sides of mainstream media, has led many to question the true motivation behind the West’s condemnation of Russia and a concern that a push for yet another foreign war involving the West is underfoot.

On Tuesday, for example, Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk made an emotional demand to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking him to instruct NATO to enter the war in Ukraine. After the event was praised in Western media, reports surfaced showing that Kaleniuk is not just a journalist, but a member of the WEF and runs initiatives backed by Soros throughout Eastern Europe.

While many are skeptical of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his former ties to the KGB, scrutiny of the other side of the conflict seems absent in mainstream outlets which has worried many considering the radical nature of the WEF and their Great Reset goals.

See the rest here

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