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Elon’s Folly

Posted by M. C. on June 13, 2022

Instead of trying to save a dying Marxist bird, the richest man in the world should spend $44 Billion to take a flame thrower to the agenda of Global Tyrants.

The Good Citizen

A Serious Man?

There has been much debate about Elon Musk’s stance on the Great Reset, UN Agendas, Technocracy, and Posthumanism, which I partly addressed in a previous post 40 days ago. He was listed as a 2008 World Economic Forum “Young Global Leader”. Almost every prominent figure in business or politics has been associated with this organization over the last thirty years, so it’s no guarantee of anything. Take Putin for example. He is likely no longer working for or with this international tyrannical order, no matter how many domestic Russian planemic policies align with the Rockefeller lock-step plan.

Musk is also the founder of a company that is researching and developing AI and brain implants, and presumably not just for those whose disabilities could be remedied with techno-assisted chips that reactivate defunct neuro-motor functions. This path is a slippery one, adored by post-humanist technocrats seeking to play God and merge the biological and technological. All of this and more must be taken into consideration of Musk’s motivations and positions on the Global tyranny agenda.

This piece’s premise might be false, as it assumes Elon Musk is a serious man intent on exposing the lies and corruption of globally interconnected corporate states and their social engineering agendas. These agendas depend on censorship to manipulate the masses as Elon has identified, but they also require transforming democracies and republics into corrupt vassal states that march in lock-step formation to carry out new world orders.

Why does Elon assume restoring “free speech” on one dying Marxist platform will help anything? It’s possible Musk never intended to purchase Twitter, only to expose its litany of flaws including political censorship. And even if he is a puppet of global technocrats let this piece serve as a guide to how much less than $44 Billion could be utilized to smother the NWO and Great Reset agenda on the dozens of different fronts required to make a meaningful impact. It’s not the ideal people-first grassroots decentralized solution needed, but in a world where money dominates, and those in powerful positions all have a price, it might be the best thing we have at the moment. If he’s a serious man, here’s how he should spend that money instead.

Bird Brains

For those who missed it, Our Fren Elon, from 40 days ago warns of putting faith in the richest man in the world to “save free speech” on a censorious attention network platform run by Marxist lunatics that we should have all let die a public and undignified death years ago. The only good Marxist lunatic attention network platforms are dead ones.

Celebrating this as some game-changing event is misguided and myopic. This is the equivalent of missing the forest for a tiny branch, on a larger branch of a single tree. The masses who have witnessed the tyranny of mass censorship of specific political views and are now desperate for some semblance of justice, any tiny straw they can grasp. They know the state has colluded with Twitter and other platforms to control online speech and manage narratives, funneling acceptable micro-discourse into a tiny range of corporate-state approved insipid and fallacious perspectives.

The platform is part of the controlled narrative managers’ toolbox. Millions of conservatives, independents, and libertarians recognized this years ago and departed for alternatives that advertised a dedication to free speech and expression online. This resulted in the balkanization of microblogs with tribes retreating to their preferred echo chamber platforms.

Digital Balkans

Those who understood the importance of free speech online have gone to Gab, which has done its best to ensure the values it proclaims to respect are upheld on the platform. The establishment mud wrestlers did their best to associate the platform with at first the “alt-right”, then “white supremacists”, “nazis”, “fascists” and other terms that will soon be meaningless in the west when uttered by the usual liars and propagandists of the corporate state.

Gettr, one of the most boring platforms ever conceived collected the scraps of people who were booted from the corporate-state slain Parlour, and bought into a laughable slandering of Gab and so were too afraid to go there due to the taint.

The Trump fanatics were more recently swept up by the former President’s own network Truth Social, bogged down with technical issues and a slow rollout. Trump is there “truthing” his brains out to a tiny fraction of the followers he once did on Twitter.

We now have a digital universe where each platform is populated with people who all agree with each other and reinforce each other’s views. This used to happen on Twitter with algorithmically curated echo chambers, but at least the sheep were all in the same meadow, if not the same state. Being surrounded by those who constantly agree feels good but advances nothing, unites nobody, provides no stimulating debate or conversation, and only further divides an already partisan world by sealing people into tighter and narrow tunnels of accepted information. When anything challenging or contradictory penetrates this tunnel, they are overwhelmed with a range of emotions that act as a buttress to this new information, psychologically blocking it from any consideration, especially if upends months or years of previous digital performances that garnered respect from their coveted tribe of followers.

This is one of many flaws of centrally controlled and manipulated top-down, center-out networks powered by AI and algorithms written and tuned by biased if not malicious humans with no allegiance to objective truth or the free flow of ideas and opinions that might help engender an environment where truth is valued and persued over showing off for tribes, piling on, “owning”, “destroying”, and other shallow performative self-aggrandizing digital gestures to increase “reach” and followers. Another reason we should all let these networks fail as soon as possible by abandoning them and ignoring the odious people using them to control narratives. There is no greater insult in the universe than to ignore those who demand attention.

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