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The Real Threat Of 15-Minute Cities | ZeroHedge

Posted by M. C. on March 7, 2023

To many, I’m sure FMCs sound incredibly cool. But don’t be fooled by the name. FMCs are actually “smart cities.” As I have noted elsewhere, the word “smart” is really just a synonym for surveillance. These ultra-modern, tech-saturated monstrosities use hundreds of thousands of sensors to vacuum up copious amounts of personal data.

Tyler Durden's Photo


Authored by John Mac Ghlionn via The Brownstone Institute,

Big Lies, Big Data, and the Rise of Bigger Brother

The Guardian’s Oliver Wainwright recently discussed a new “international socialist conspiracy” that has taken the world by storm. “Fringe forces of the far left,” he noted, “are plotting to take away our freedom to be stuck in traffic jams, to crawl along clogged ring roads and trawl the streets in search of a parking spot.” The name of this “chilling global movement?” he asked, sarcastically and somewhat contemptuously: The “15-minute city.”

Wainwright believes these cities are simply part of a “mundane planning theory.”

He’s wrong.

A few days after Wainwright’s piece was published, three academics called 15-minute cities (FMCs) “the hottest conspiracy theory of 2023.” In a truly elitist manner, they poked fun at those who dared to question the motive behind FMCs.

One needn’t be a card-carrying QAnon member to have fears over these Trojan-like creations. Before going any further, it’s important to get our definitions in order. As the political scientist Kelly M. Greenhill has noted, not all conspiracy theories are wacky, and not all conspiracy theories are wrong. Take the Watergate conspiracy theory, for instance, or the fact that Edith Wilson made most of the executive decisions after her husband, President Woodrow Wilson, suffered a stroke. Quite often conspiracy theories turn out to be accurate.

See the rest here

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Technology and Transhumanism

Posted by M. C. on January 7, 2023

Klaus Schwab’s so called Great Reset and his fourth industrial revolution, is not an external revolution. It is internal. It is about changing what it means to be human. It is not technological advancement or societal evolution. The essence behind the flowery language is a chilling message. It is about the extermination of the human race.

Dr. Joseph Sansone

Technology wins wars. The technologically advanced civilization generally wins out over the less advanced civilization. The almost cliché example of this is the Spanish Conquistadors rapid conquest of central American civilization. The Conquistadors were greeting like gods as they emerged from the sea. Disease played a tremendous part too, but it was gun powder and steel that won day.

The bronze age weaponry and technology gave way to iron age civilizations as iron swords sliced through bronze swords. Alexander’s phalanx steam rolled less organized armies. The military technology and engineering of the Roman legions marched through the Mediterranean world. The advanced technology of mounted soldiers replaced the infantry as most evidenced by the Mongolian Hordes mastering the bow and arrow while mounted. Cross bows replaced long bows and gun powder replaced the bow and arrow. Artillery gave way to trench warfare, which gave way to mechanization, and on it goes.

Tecumseh’s fate is a lesson in technology. It has been said that if Tecumseh was a European, he would have been an American Caesar, a Washington, or Napoleon. In the early 1800s this dynamic leader of the Shawnee was facing annihilation by European expansion and he knew it. Tecumseh adopted European fighting technology. Tecumseh embraced the rifle and fought fiercely. While Tecumseh was away rallying southern Indian tribes in an effort to form a confederacy, his brother known as the ‘prophet’, disobeyed his orders and engaged an attack with the Americans. The ‘prophet’ provided an elixir that was supposed to repel bullets. Naturally this didn’t work and Tecumseh’s fate was altered. Technology won over the prophet’s magic. This event undermined Tecumseh’s strategy. Tecumseh’s efforts of unifying Indian tribes to stop American westward expansion, never materialized.

Technology is not merely a military adaptation. All areas of life are impacted by new technology. Technology created surplus time, which led to more creativity and innovation. Camp fires evolved into candles, and then oil lamps, and then light bulbs. Just as steam engines evolved into combustion engines. Technology enhances civilization and improves quality of life. From early technological innovations like creating fire at will, and the wheel, to advanced transportation and distribution of products and services, quality of life increases. At least, theoretically, this is true.

On the flip side, technology may be contributing to chronic conditions that are contrary to good health and well being. Lack of physical exercise, poor eating habits, which contribute to poor health, are the result of technological advancement. Poor eye sight is certainly attributable to technology. First books, then computer screens. The advanced technology of media has created constant fight or flight, which damages physical and mental health. Attention span issues are enhanced by technology. Cultural rot can be attributed to enhanced technology via mass media.  

It is when technology is no longer our servant and we become slaves to technology that problems arise. The technology influences who we are rather than freeing us to discover or develop who we are.

Competition drives technology and technology drives competition. It is the competitive edge that draws many to the latest technological innovation. Where this approach will likely take a devastating turn is in the world of transhumanism. This modernized eugenics, which is a technology of sorts, poses a serious threat to humanity.

On one end there are those transhumanists that are experimenting on humanity to create a viable shell to house consciousness, and AI enhanced consciousness, ostensibly forever. On the other end there will be the willing fools or ‘lab rats’ seeking the competitive advantage. The military advantage of hybridized soldiers is an obvious sell. Then there will be the helicopter parent seeking to give their child the competitive advantage, with advanced microchip technology allowing immediate access to the internet and archives of information at instant recall. An enhanced IQ, let alone the ability to create a hive mind and synchronized thoughts. I guess there would be no need for mass media brainwashing and censorship if everyone is ‘connected’….

See the rest here

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After World Realizes He Was Right About Everything, Alex Jones Appointed As New Head Of CDC

Posted by M. C. on November 16, 2022

Article Image

ATLANTA, GA – Alex Jones has been appointed as the new CDC director after everyone realized he was right about everything all along. 

“We have been startled by the uncanny accuracy with which all his conspiracy theories have come true,” said former director Robert Redfield. “Everything from the Wuhan lab leak to the Great Reset initiative was predicted by Mr. Jones. Eventually, we just said, ‘Welp, this Jones guy seems to know something we don’t know.’ We thought it might be best to just let him run this whole operation.”

“We should probably just let him run the WHO as well.” 

Dr. Anthony Fauci has loudly protested the appointment of Jones. Sources say he has been forced to shut down his secret “Gay Frog Initiative” and mutant vampire lizard experiments in Wuhan before Jones discovers what he has been up to.

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Tyranny looms as digital IDs and currencies roll out around the world – LifeSite

Posted by M. C. on November 7, 2022

And even Ukraine has an all-encompassing government app called Diia, an acronym for “the State and me,” which already combines digital identification with passports, licenses, social welfare benefits, COVID “vaccination” records, etc. 

I wonder what the New California (Pennsylvania) has in store.


(LifeSiteNews) — By now, you probably know about the plans for digital IDs and digital currencies. But how far along are these plans exactly in various places around the world? What steps are being undertaken right now? Why are digital “identities” so problematic? And what are possible solutions? We will explore these questions in this article. 

Digital “identities” are problematic 

The process of rolling out digital IDs worldwide began years before the COVID fiasco and the publication of Klaus Schwab’s book “COVID-19: The Great Reset.” 

The United Nations’ project ID2020 launched in 2016; its goal is to provide every person in the world with a digital identity. But the European Union created the legal framework for the introduction of a European digital ID even earlier than that, in 2014. 

This March my colleague Ashley Sadler wrote a great article about how world elites are quietly preparing digital IDs to put a global surveillance state in place. 

When we look at Europe, we can see that digital IDs are already used by most of the population in many countries, like ItalyAustriaDenmarkFrance, the NetherlandsNorway, and Sweden.  

And even Ukraine has an all-encompassing government app called Diia, an acronym for “the State and me,” which already combines digital identification with passports, licenses, social welfare benefits, COVID “vaccination” records, etc. 

During its ongoing war with Russia, the government even added a feature with which citizens could inform the state about the location and equipment of Russian troops. Bizarrely, the app also contains a game where users can destroy Russian tanks with drones they control. 

I would argue that the very term “Digital Identity” is problematic, as it suggests to people that their identity, their entire being, could be stored on a cloud server. 

In a 2016 presentation called “A Blueprint for Digital Identity”, the World Economic Forum defined the term “identity” in the following way: 

Identity […] is a collection of individual attributes that describe an entity and determine the transactions in which that entity can participate. 

The World Economic Forum’s reductionist understanding of identity is a problem of our technocratic age, which is ruled by the dictates of a nihilistic materialism that sees the human being as nothing more than a collection of attributes or a “clump of cells” that moves through time and space without an ultimate end or meaning. In our digital age, we can be tricked into believing that a collection of digital data points about us is our identity.  

See the rest here

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The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset

Posted by M. C. on October 26, 2022

At this time Strong was co-chairman of Klaus Schwab’s Davos World Economic Forum. In 2015 on Strong’s death, Davos founder Klaus Schwab wrote,

“He was my mentor since the creation of the Forum: a great friend; an indispensable advisor; and, for many years, a member of our Foundation Board.” [xv]

Before he was left UN over an Iraq Food-for-Oil corruption scandal, Strong was member of the Club of Rome, Trustee of the Aspen Institute, Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and Rothschild Foundation.  Strong was also a director of the Temple of Understanding of the Lucifer Trust (aka Lucis Trust) housed at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City,

“where pagan rituals include escorting sheep and cattle to the alter for blessing. Here, Vice President Al Gore delivered a sermon, as worshippers marched to the altar with bowls of compost and worms…” [xvi]

By F. William Engdahl
Global Research

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Important to understand is that there is not one single new or original idea in Klaus Schwab’s so-called Great Reset agenda for the world. Nor is his Fourth Industrial Revolution agenda his or his claim to having invented the notion of Stakeholder Capitalism a product of Schwab.

Klaus Schwab is little more than a slick PR agent for a global technocratic agenda, a corporatist unity of corporate power with government, including the UN, an agenda whose origins go back to the beginning of the 1970s, and even earlier.  The Davos Great reset is merely an updated blueprint for a global dystopian dictatorship under UN control that has been decades in development. The key actors were David Rockefeller and his protégé, Maurice Strong.

In the beginning of the 1970s, there was arguably no one person more influential in world politics than the late David Rockefeller, then largely known as chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank.

Creating the new paradigm

At the end of the 1960s and into the early 1970s, the international circles directly tied to David Rockefeller launched a dazzling array of elite organizations and think tanks. These included The Club of Rome; the 1001: A Nature Trust, tied to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF); the Stockholm United Nations Earth Day conference; the MIT-authored study, Limits to Growth; and David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission.

Club of Rome

In 1968 David Rockefeller founded a neo-Malthusian think tank, The Club of Rome, along with Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King. Aurelio Peccei, was a senior manager of the Fiat car company, owned by the powerful Italian Agnelli family. Fiat’s Gianni Agnelli was an intimate friend of David Rockefeller and a member of the International Advisory Committee of Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank. Agnelli and David Rockefeller had been close friends since 1957. Agnelli became a founding member of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission in 1973. Alexander King, head of the OECD Science Program was also a consultant to NATO.  [i] That was the beginning of what would become the neo-Malthusian “people pollute” movement.

In 1971 the Club of Rome published a deeply-flawed report, Limits to Growth, which predicted an end to civilization as we knew it because of rapid population growth, combined with fixed resources such as oil. The report concluded that without substantial changes in resource consumption, “the most probable result will be a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity.”

It was based on bogus computer simulations by a group of MIT computer scientists. It stated the bold prediction, “If the present growth trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food production, and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limits to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next one hundred years.” That was 1971. In 1973 Klaus Schwab in his third annual Davos business leader meeting invited Peccei to Davos to present Limits to Growth to assembled corporate CEOs. [ii]

In 1974, the Club of Rome declared boldly, “The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.” Then: “the world is facing an unprecedented set of interlocking global problems, such as, over-population, food shortages, non-renewable resource [oil-w.e.] depletion, environmental degradation and poor governance.” [iii] They argued that,

‘horizontal’ restructuring of the world system is needed…drastic changes in the norm stratum – that is, in the value system and the goals of man – are necessary in order to solve energy, food, and other crises, i.e., social changes and changes in individual attitudes are needed if the transition to organic growth is to take place. [iv]

In their 1974 report, Mankind at the Turning Point, The Club of Rome further argued:

Increasing interdependence between nations and regions must then translate as a decrease in independence. Nations cannot be interdependent without each of them giving up some of, or at least acknowledging limits to, its own independence. Now is the time to draw up a master plan for organic sustainable growth and world development based on global allocation of all finite resources and a new global economic system. [v]

That was the early formulation of the UN Agenda 21, Agenda2030 and the 2020 Davos Great Reset.

David Rockefeller and Maurice Strong

By far the most influential organizer of Rockefeller’s ‘zero growth’ agenda in the early 1970s was David Rockefeller’s longtime friend, a billionaire oilman named Maurice Strong.

Canadian Maurice Strong was one of the key early propagators of the scientifically flawed theory that man-made CO2 emissions from transportation vehicles, coal plants and agriculture caused a dramatic and accelerating global temperature rise which threatens “the planet”, so-called Global Warming.

As chairman of the 1972 Earth Day UN Stockholm Conference, Strong promoted an agenda of population reduction and lowering of living standards around the world to “save the environment.”

Strong stated his radical ecologist agenda:

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” [vi]

This is what is now taking place under cover of a hyped global pandemic.

Strong was a curious choice to head a major UN initiative to mobilize action on the environment, as his career and his considerable fortune had been built on exploitation of oil, like an unusual number of the new advocates of ‘ecological purity,’ such as David Rockefeller or Robert O. Anderson of Aspen Institute or Shell’s John Loudon.

See the rest here

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Can Britain Break From Feudalism or Will King Charles’ Great Reset Go Unchallenged?

Posted by M. C. on September 12, 2022

On his official website, the Prince launched the project saying “Today, through HRH’s Sustainable Markets Initiative and the World Economic Forum, The Prince of Wales launched a new global initiative, The Great Reset”.

Was there any doubt? The UK is now officially (more) screwed.

The new incoming King of England has taken on the worst traits and dispositions of oligarchism and probably won’t willfully make any positive changes.

“London Bridge is Down” were the code words delivered by the Queen’s Private Secretary Edward Young to high ranking officials upon the death of Queen Elisabeth II.

This code was selected as part of a larger protocol dubbed strangely enough “operation Unicorn” for reasons beyond the wildest imagination of this author and which sets into motion a set of actions culminating in the anointing of Prince Charles as the new King of Britain and the Commonwealth.

For Canadians who had thought they would no longer be forced to endure watching their Prime Minister slavishly declare his oaths of fealty (and oaths of secrecy) to an inbred monarch sitting on the other side of the ocean as had occurred in 2017 they will be very disappointed. Canada’s Parliamentary Oaths Act of 1866 demands that both houses of Parliament are required to take pledges of allegiance after the deaths of all sitting monarchs. That’s right, every single member of the supposedly “elected and democratic” government of Canada must declare their oaths of fealty not to the people or non-existent constitution, but to some inbred family bloodline on the other side of the world.

Similar oaths will be read by elected officials across every other Commonwealth Five Eyes member state.

It is thus worth asking, is this institution of hereditary powers which Charles has inherited just a ceremonial gig with no real substance or influence behind it?

Although the majority of citizens including British subjects believe this to be the case, the facts point to a very different reality. And while I addressed this matter herehere and here, a few additional remarks must be added to this important matter below.

Prince Charles Just Became the World’s Largest Property Owner

This may surprise you, but the British Crown happens to be the world’s largest property owner clocking in possessions amounting to 6.6 billion acres across Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Canada, Great Britain and the Falkland Islands.

On top of the “Crown Lands” and “Crown Corporations” which are legally owned by the monarch of Britain, an organization called ‘The Crown Estate’ is one of the world’s largest property groups. Describing the institution which sends 25% of its earnings directly into the Monarch’s purse every year, Die Welt Business had this to say:

“The Crown Estate owns property all across the UK, from castles and cottages to agricultural land and forests plus retail parks and shopping centers. It owns more than half the UK’s entire seashore, giving it hugely valuable auction rights for offshore commercial activity, such as wind farms.”

The Crown controls nearly the entire seabed (and half the seashore) around the UK with any business wishing to build offshore windmills as part of the Green New Deal forced to rent their sea beds from the Crown Estate. It was noted by Byline Times that the Crown will stand to become “the biggest beneficiary of UK’s Green Agenda” which recently unveiled a 10 point plan for a “green revolution” and full decarbonization by 2050. For anyone confused about the exploding prices of inefficient energy sources across England, they wouldn’t get far without appreciating the tax-payer subsidized boondoggle of windmill farms.

See the rest here

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The Cult of Globalism: The Great Reset and Its “Final Solution” for “Useless People”

Posted by M. C. on August 9, 2022

By Timothy Alexander Guzman

Klaus Schwab’s protégé, Yuval Noah Harari

Harari is saying that under a scientific, technocratic world order, the state will be your sole provider for everything, so basically, he says that families are not needed in this new world they are creating for us, in other words, having a family will be a thing of the past:

The idea of the Great Reset derives from the New World Order which is still alive in the minds of the establishment or who we can call the globalists from people like Henry Kissinger to the current US president, Joe Biden.  Of course there are many others on the top levels of the pyramid whose ideas range from establishing a police state, to implanting microchips the day we are born to track and trace us, to depopulating the planet.  I know it all sounds insane but that’s what the globalists have planned for us for a very long time.  

Klaus Schwab’s protégé, Yuval Noah Harari, is an Israeli born intellectual who authored a popular bestseller titled ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ and is also a professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Harari once asked a disturbing question, “what to do with all these useless people?”  Harari is an intelligent man, there is no doubt about that, but his intelligence has led him to the level of insanity. 

Harari is an influential member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) who supports the idea of creating a dystopian society managed by a handful of globalists who will rule over every human being on earth from the day they are born.  According to Harari, planet earth is overpopulated:  

Again, I think the biggest question in maybe in economics and politics of the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people? The problem is more boredom and how what to do with them and how will they find some sense of meaning in life, when they are basically meaningless, worthless?

My best guess, at present is a combination of drugs and computer games as a solution for [most]. It’s already happening…In under different titles, different headings you see more and more people spending more and more time or solving the inner problems with the drugs and computer games both legal drugs and illegal drugs…

They also want people to stay home connected to the Metaverse world, a virtual reality simulation and at the same time get them addicted to all sorts of drugs.  The kind of world they are trying to create for us is pure lunacy. Wired, a monthly magazine describes the metaverses as a combination of the digital and physical worlds that creates a virtual reality as in the Hollywood film, ‘Ready Player One,’ The article What is the Metaverse, Exactly?’ answers that question, 

“Broadly speaking, the technologies companies refer to when they talk about “the metaverse” can include virtual reality—characterized by persistent virtual worlds that continue to exist even when you’re not playing—as well as augmented reality that combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds.”

See the rest here

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How the Big Banks Enslave Humanity

Posted by M. C. on July 25, 2022

By Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV

The Bank of China told their depositors that their savings accounts are now investment products and can no longer be withdrawn.

The New World Order is just the old world order: a cabal of parasite crime families feeding off of humanity and if we fail to take control of our own destiny now, then the New World Order will succeed and mankind will be eradicated. The choice is ours and there won’t be a second chance.


The Bank of China told their depositors that their savings accounts are now investment products and can no longer be withdrawn.

And to stop the people from trying to withdraw their money, the CCP deployed tanks.

Banks all over the world are imploding and within this Great Reset, there is great opportunity for mankind, so long as we realize who the real perpetrators are.

The word, “apocalypse” simply means “the lifting of the veil”, the revelation of truth or in modern terms, “The Great Awakening.”

Mankind is now awakening to the fact that we have been lied to and exploited as chattel for, at the very least, our entire lifetimes.

And one of the most valuable truths to be gleaned from the Great Awakening, as far as human civilization is concerned is who is responsible?

It’s crucial to identify who is responsible so that we can stop it from happening again, because the enemy likes to hide.

There is nothing new under the Sun and all we have to do is follow the money, which leads us directly to the Federal Reserve Banking System and their conglomerate of associates known as the Big Banks.

We can trace the Big Banks back to Mayer Rothschild, who famously said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”

And he was likely speaking about the usury laws, that for centuries prevented people from charging interest on loans, because it was considered theft.

If all men are created equal, then the banks should be acting more like a service industry, not profiting off other peoples’ debt.

But Mayer Rothschild was able to bypass these usury laws, because the Rothschild banking dynasty was merely a front for the royal bloodlines as the Old World Order adapted their schemes for the Industrial Revolution, the Rothschild banking dynasty began running central banks for kings throughout Europe.

See the rest here

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NEW VIDEO: Is Private Money the Only Way to Stop the Great Reset?

Posted by M. C. on July 22, 2022

The last installment of What Has Government Done to Our Money? looks at the most important issue in the world today: the future of money.

Inspired by the corruption of Wall Street bailouts and the recklessness of the Federal Reserve, a man known only as Satoshi Nakomoto created a new tool to fight central bankers: Bitcoin. A decade later, Bitcoin became the best-performing asset in the world—without the support of any government and despite attacks from some of the world’s largest banks.

At the same time, some states in the US rediscovered their constitutional right to promote gold and silver. Texas went so far as to create its own gold bank.

Now in 2022, global inflation is the highest in recent memory and the elites are determined to weaponize currency against the public. These same people who brought us lockdowns, supply-chain disruptions, and rising inflation now want to remake the monetary system to control and track every aspect of our lives.

Is Private Money the Only Way to Stop the Great Reset? might be the most important video of the series because it focuses on the future of money in the twenty-first century: should money be political or private?

Learn more about this with the complete nine-part animated series What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Thanks to Jim Kluttz who made this series possible.
View Now

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The Centralization of Nations: What Does This Mean for You?

Posted by M. C. on July 16, 2022

Both men have bragged openly about creating a new genetically-engineered breed to replace the human race. I have some Jewish blood in me from my dad’s side, and I have to say, hearing a Jewish professor like Harari utter such scorn for humanity is no different than the extreme hatred Hitler had toward the Jews—which led to genocide, by the way. Obviously, Harari does not practice traditional orthodox Judaism, and will be as happy as Hitler to see “genetically impure” humans shrink in numbers.

By Dr. Igor Shepherd

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
― J. Edgar Hoover

The majority of the populace living in the free nations remind me of stiff white bowling pins. They see the big black bowling ball of globalism hurling down on them, knowing it will eventually take them out in one strike, and yet they remain woefully willing to take on whatever dreadful fate it renders. I believe part of this apathy stems from their inability to grasp just how destructive that rolling globe will be to their lives once it knocks them over. If there is any chance of stopping this global takeover before the year 2030 bears down on us, the despondent “pins” of the world need a very honest dousing of reality on what sort of life awaits them.

There is no easy way to talk about what we are all about to face, and so I am going to get down and dirty with the nitty-gritty cold hard facts behind the running engine of this one world centralized government. China’s present cushy communism or the ruthless Soviet communism I grew up under is a spit in the sea compared to the dictatorial government coming into power. Remember, a global government has never ruled the world before, and if we look back at history, we see that the quests for globalization always commenced under repressive rulers, such as Alexander the Great and Napoleon, to name a few. But those past despots do not come close to the evil plans the elite have for humanity under the upcoming global Great Reset of nations.

The global autocrats undermining every nation today did not pop up a few decades ago and decide to turn the world upside down and form a global government while drinking tea with the heads of the United Nations. The pursuit for globalization has been going on for ages, and originated way back in history, and strengthened in ideology during the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people in 597 BC. Because the Babylonian culture and rule was steeped in occult practices, many of the captured Jewish priests ended up compromising their beliefs in the God of Israel and embracing the occultic teachings they observed around them. This included adopting the philosophy that they were superior over the rest of the Jews who upheld the worship of one God. That “elitist” mindset turned into a lifelong mission to rule the world and enslave the peoples of every nation whom they considered beneath them.

Jesus exposed this minority of subverters in the New Testament, when He cursed the Sanhedrin (Jewish priests and elders who allied with the teachings of mysticism) and told them that they ‘outwardly appeared righteous, but within were full of hypocrisy and iniquity’ and ‘one with their father the devil.’

In order to conceal their esoteric views and gain a foothold in leadership positions, the compromising Jews of this underground sect continued observing and participating in the customary orthodox Jewish tradition. Today the principles of this faction are promoted through Kabbalah, secret societies, and communism.

This is why the Soviet-controlled organization, The Communist International, initiated in 1919, stated that their objective was world domination and that they would “struggle by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie {capitalism} and the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the state.”

This same mindset to destroy capitalism and globalize is now being passed on through social Darwinism, which is the belief system of today’s elite, whom foolishly assert that their genes are purer than the rest of humankind.

Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum and author of the book the Great Reset, and his advisor Professor Yuri Harari, who demoralizes the human race in his speeches and published book, Homos Deus, are both globalists who view themselves as superior to the rest of humanity. Both men have bragged openly about creating a new genetically-engineered breed to replace the human race. I have some Jewish blood in me from my dad’s side, and I have to say, hearing a Jewish professor like Harari utter such scorn for humanity is no different than the extreme hatred Hitler had toward the Jews—which led to genocide, by the way. Obviously, Harari does not practice traditional orthodox Judaism, and will be as happy as Hitler to see “genetically impure” humans shrink in numbers.

See the rest here

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