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NEW VIDEO: Is Private Money the Only Way to Stop the Great Reset?

Posted by M. C. on July 22, 2022

The last installment of What Has Government Done to Our Money? looks at the most important issue in the world today: the future of money.

Inspired by the corruption of Wall Street bailouts and the recklessness of the Federal Reserve, a man known only as Satoshi Nakomoto created a new tool to fight central bankers: Bitcoin. A decade later, Bitcoin became the best-performing asset in the world—without the support of any government and despite attacks from some of the world’s largest banks.

At the same time, some states in the US rediscovered their constitutional right to promote gold and silver. Texas went so far as to create its own gold bank.

Now in 2022, global inflation is the highest in recent memory and the elites are determined to weaponize currency against the public. These same people who brought us lockdowns, supply-chain disruptions, and rising inflation now want to remake the monetary system to control and track every aspect of our lives.

Is Private Money the Only Way to Stop the Great Reset? might be the most important video of the series because it focuses on the future of money in the twenty-first century: should money be political or private?

Learn more about this with the complete nine-part animated series What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Thanks to Jim Kluttz who made this series possible.
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