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Ukraine: The War Between Germany & The United States Continues

Posted by M. C. on July 26, 2022

By Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV

With the US bleeding Ukraine out, just keeping them alive, they will get what they want – Ukraine begging for permanent US bases. Putin keeps agitating, demanding Berlin keep to its end of the deal. He will be valuable as a cudgel to keep Europe in line and US bases in the region. A big ‘Growly Bear’, though we can debate whether he is toothless and clawless in comparison to US technology. As long as he growls, thats ok.

Australian YouTuber, Brendon O’Connell states that the psychological operations being inflicted on our society, from the Drag Queen Story Hour to the fake pandemic and death shot, while these may be dangerous and even lethal, they are all distractions from the global realignment into the Multipolar World Order.

He says, “This is not a war between Russia and NATO – otherwise known as The United States. This is a war between the United States and ultimately Germany, looking to make itself what Adolf Hitler came so close to achieving – ruling the Eurasian landmass and therefore, ruling the world. WWII is not over, it did not end, it started in 1914 and has been ongoing ever since.”

The US, which has been the capital of the banksters’ (Rothschild, City of London, East India Trading Company, Khazarian Mafia) global financial empire for much of the past century is now being replaced by the Multipolar World Order of the pan-Eurasian superstate trading block of Russia and China, with Israel at the center of it.

O’Connell claims that China is not leading the Belt and Road Initiative, Israel is; Israel is supplying China with the technology, much of which it has been systematically stolen from the US. Israel is to have a central role as the data collection point for the fiber optic cables that will cross from Europe, North and South Asia and Africa, which will be vital for the future of Artificial Intelligence – as in, the autonomous Boston Dynamics robots and armed drones that, in ten years’ time, will be deployed to exterminate survivors of the biowarfare and economic collapse – unless we stop these plans.

He says, “The plan was always, always under Donald Trump – Kissinger & Associates got him in…He gets in what was his job? Pull back out of NATO, bring the United States out of Eurasia, out of Afghanistan and the Middle East and bring it back home, redevelop the United States, build critical infrastructure, allow Israel in, as they’re still doing right now.

“That was the plan and they would build North America, South America with the North American Union – and it’s already being talked about, right now…

“Remember, turn the United States into a welfare state, use its energy to set up the international banking cartel central bank, smash the place up…then, reintroduce this rebuilding program, under a Roosevelt-style rule-building program and of course, introduce Communitarian Law, the UN Smart Cities program, lock people up…

See the rest here

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