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12 Parallel Economy Businesses You Can Start Today

Posted by M. C. on August 9, 2022

Business Ideas to Free People from Corrupt Institutions

The Daily Bell

Millions of people are quickly realizing that they cannot trust the institutions they rely on daily.

Inflation threatens your savings, drives up costs, and puts the dollar’s powerful status at risk.

Crime is skyrocketing, with local authorities unable or unwilling to respond—while the FBI focuses its efforts on angry parents who want a say in their children’s education.

If you question the public health officials or demand basic human rights, you’re considered a domestic terrorist. You could be cut off from your bank account and banned from communicating online. They might even turn off your power and water.

If we want to continue to live in a functioning modern society then it is time to take matters into our own hands.

Every level of government, big tech, big pharma, the corporate media, and the faceless nameless “experts” cannot be trusted to provide the goods and services that keep society running.

In fact, they have become the biggest threats to your freedom and security.

But even if we depend on what these legacy institutions provide, we don’t have to be dependent on the institutions themselves.

It’s time to take back control, by rebuilding the foundations of the economy and society at the local (and backyard) level, from the ground up.

This is what it means to build a parallel economy.

Below is a list of 12 ideas to get you thinking about the types of businesses that will help build this parallel economy.

It is far from exhaustive. As you read, it may spark other ideas of services and products you could offer, to give people alternatives, and make money in the process.

1.   Teach Classes that Offer Independence

Help people build skills and become more independent by offering training in your area of expertise.

There are many people who don’t want to rely on banks, grocery stores, or the power grid.

Training in anything from growing the maximum calories on the smallest land, building solar and rainwater systems, or using DeFi (Decentralized Finance) tools to maintain custody over your own funds should be in high demand.

You want to market to your customers by showing them the benefit they will receive.

For example, don’t say How to Use Cold Storage Crypto Wallets, offer How to Securely Save Money Without Banks.

It’s not: How to Grow the Most Calorie Intensive Crops. It’s: Never Worry About Empty Grocery Stores Again.

2.   Job Training and College Alternatives

Lots of people are thinking about how to work for themselves, or at least NOT work for a large corporation which doesn’t even respect their basic bodily autonomy.

Can you teach people how to start a certain business, or a skill that could allow them to freelance?

Think about any expertise you have which could help others boost their job or income prospects.

If you are training people to become part of the parallel economy, even better.

But even just providing people with skills to work from home increases individual independence, and therefore increases population-wide resilience, thus strengthening the parallel economy.

In fact, after you establish any parallel economy business, you might earn side income by training people to create something similar.

Or you may run training courses to recruit new talent, and offer the best students a chance to work for you.

This figures into the type of parallel economy business I am working on…

Most universities are just overpriced propaganda factories where Marxist professors indoctrinate young impressionable adults into believing harmful, destructive ideologies.

They no longer provide training that will help students succeed in the modern economy, and it’s becoming harder to meet lifelong friends and valuable connections amid the woke censorship.

My college alternative will allow young people to come together to live in a campus atmosphere to work on a self-determined project, paired with successful mentors who can guide them in their specific fields.

This self-directed learning coupled with expert guidance will be much less expensive, while providing more exposure to skills which matter today.

You’ll be hearing much more on this topic from me soon.

3.    Mutual Aid Societies

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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