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Principles of PanarchismThe philosophy of political coexistence Elaborating on John Zube’s Panarchist Vision

Posted by M. C. on August 9, 2022

Panarchism means the extension of freedom into all spheres as long as the same freedoms are fully respected in others.  Panarchists expect to achieve through this extension of liberty (which includes the freedom to choose a society of prohibitions and restrictions) at least the same kind of advantages that can be derived from freedom of action in other spheres of life.  In other realms of choice, such as religious faith, life partners, friends, and careers, diversity is already accepted as the norm, and each proceeds on his own path, not imposing his choices on others.  Here, mutual tolerance is taken for granted.

As consistent anarchists and libertarians, panarchists want to realize freedom of action in the more important spheres of politics, economics, and social arrangements.  Without the freedom to disassociate oneself individually and to associate in exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, there is not sufficient freedom in our political, economic, and social arrangements.  In its insistence on voluntary consent and freedom of action in all spheres of life, panarchism is simply a consistent and highly evolved form of liberalism, democracy, libertarianism, and anarchism.

Panarchism is based upon the difference between collectivist, territorial, monopolistic, and imposed laws – and exterritorial, diverse, individually and freely chosen laws.

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