Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint

That Grinding Sound

Posted by M. C. on August 10, 2022

How does printing a $billion for yet another government program and making government bigger going to reduce inflation. Right! It won’t.

How will doubling the size of the IRS be of benefit to you? Right! It won’t.

Deciding that the proletariat are all honest taxpayers, giving the IRS nothing to do, ain’t gonna happen. Just as a district attorney’s job is to get convictions and will lose his/hers/it’s job if “they” don’t put people in jail…the IRS person won’t get promoted nor get to keep their job if they don’t put the hurt on a lot of people and collect a lot of fines. The bigger the fines the better. The more big time headlines of “offenders” handcuffed and entering the big house the better. “Look at us doing our job.”

I’ll bet they will have their own SWAT teams.

That grinding sound you hear is your, family’s and your friends names being engraved on the headsman’s ax.

Be seeing you

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