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Posted by M. C. on February 24, 2023

Five crucial scientific and public policy measures we can take to keep the insanity of the last three years from ever happening again

Alex Berenson

I had coffee yesterday with someone who’s been a behind-the-scenes Team Reality advocate since 2020 – a doctor who figured out early on that Covid’s risks were far overblown. No, not Jay Bhattacharya , though as it happened we also talked yesterday and the conversation confirmed this one.

We should be optimistic, this doctor said. People get it now, no one’s taking the vaccines, it’s over. (He’s a surgeon, not an epidemiologist, thus his sunny demeanor. It takes a special kind of confidence to cut your fellow humans open. Plus surgery, unlike public health, actually works most of the time.)

And you know what? He’s right. Half-right, anyway. The Covid jabs are dead. All over the world people are voting with their arms. Fewer than 1 in 100 Americans will get an mRNA jab this month.

But the threat that Covid exposed is not over. Not the threat of the virus, which had an average age of death of maybe 82 or 83. Not even the threat of government orders like school closures and lockdowns. Those are awful, but they’re reversible and we seem to have rejected them resoundingly, at least in the United States.

No, I mean the scientific threats that the pandemic has exposed. Covid has revealed how out of control the public health establishment and its handmaiden virologists and immunologists have become. Drug companies too, although their corruption of medicine is less of a surprise.

So, without further ado, here are five scientific and/or public policy proposals that can help bring us back on track. Three are directed directly at the mRNA jabs, while the other two are larger. All face an uphill battle, but none are impossible, especially with public uneasiness about the jabs continuing to rise.

They’re presented in order of approvability – which, unfortunately, roughly corresponds to reverse order of importance – with a short explanation of each. Feel free to add your own…


  1. An IgG4 registry.Even mRNA advocates acknowledge they did not expect the fact that many people have a Covid immune response centered around less potent IgG4 antibodies after multiple mRNA shots and infections. We need to prospectively track a large group of those people, 20,000 or more, to see what their health outcomes are over the next few years.

See the rest here

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